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Christmas Coupon Codes for Air Pro, Air Plus, Air Mod, Air starter kit, Suorin Shine, Suorin Ace, Trio85, Trident, Vapejoy

Christmas Sale Coupon Codes for Air Pro, Air Plus, Air Mod, Air starter kit, Suorin Shine, Suorin Ace, Trio85, Trident, Vapejoy:

Coupon Date
Christmas Sale 15% OFF Sitewide CM15 12.8-12.14
20% OFF Over $100 CM20 12.8-12.14
Regular Price Discounted Price
Air Pro YM1 $24.99 $19.99
Air Plus YM2 $31.99 $19.99
Air Mod YM3 $36.99 $24.99
Air starter kit YM4 $21.99 $17.99
Suorin Shine YM5 $23.99 $19.99
Suorin Ace YM6 $27.99 $21.99
Trio85 YM7 $37.99 $29.99
Trident YM8 $46.99 $34.99
Vapejoy YM9 $14.99 $9.99

Vapejoy 5% disposable vape review: premium 1500 puff vaping experience

Vapejoy 5% disposable vape is a small, light and beautiful disposable pod rolled out by Youme Group recently. Compared to other disposable vapes like Air Bar, HQD, Kangvape, etc, Vapejoy disposable looks best in appearance with the metallic luster and glass-like pod shell, taste and smell better with the compounded vegetable glycerin e-liquid base, and is more durable with a 1000mAh battery and 5.5ml pod volume.

Vapejoy 5% disposable vape review: 1500 puff premium vaping experience

Vapejoy 5% disposable vape specifications

Battery: 1000mAh
Capacity: 5.5ml
Puffs: 1500
Vape juice ingredient: Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Nicotine, Natural & Artificial Flavor

How to use Vapejoy 5% disposable vape

Take out the Vapejoy pod from the transparent box, remove the lid on the top, and another lid under the bottom. The lid under the bottom is very tiny. However, there won’t be any vapor when drawing if you forget to take it out.

Then start vaping with the mouthpiece. Not like box mod vapes, it’s fool-proof, convenient, and extremely easy to use.

Vapejoy 5% disposable vape highlights

What we got is the Vapejoy energy drink flavored disposable, and according to the 1-week use of this delicate disposable, we summarized the following highlights from outside to inside.

  1. Cool appearance. The shining and glittering pod shell is absolutely attractive in the eyes of most people. This beautiful look is splendid and glamorous.
  2. Ergonomics mouthpiece design. Comparing the Vapejoy mouthpiece with the traditional Yooz, RELX pod system mouthpiece, Vapejoy is smaller and it reduces the contact surface between your lips and the pod, which is more sanitary, and more like smoking the conventional cigarette.


3. Strong throat hit with smooth and comfortable vaping experience. As we know VG base vape juice produces thicker and richer vapor, while PG base e-juice generates more throat hits and buzz feeling when the nicotine content level is constant. Vapejoy combines the merits of both kinds of vape juices to realize a perfect balance in taste and satisfaction, bring an optimal vaping experience.

4. Smaller vaping resistance and good smell. The vaping resistance of Vapejoy is small while the vapor is large, suitable for both direct-to-lung and mouth-to-lung vaping, making it a versatile disposable. Meanwhile, it comes with a natural, pleasant and vivid smell of Red Bull energy drink when opening the box, leaving the vapers a very good first impression.


Vapejoy 5% 1500 puff disposable vape is a decent and durable device for a premium vaping experience. It’s produced by Youme Group, which is the owner of the famous and popular Air Bar brand under Suorin’s flag, so the quality and taste of the new device would be an improved edition based on the prestigious old model. The price $12.99 for retail and $8.99 for wholesale, are twice of the classic model, while the performance and service life are three times of the classic model, which is absolutely more cost-effective. Obviously, I would choose Vapejoy if I were the buyer. Forget about other disposables with Vapejoy in hand.

Vapejoy 5% disposable vape review: premium 1500 puff vaping experience
Vapejoy 5% disposable vape review: premium 1500 puff vaping experience

Here comes good news at the same time, Vapejoy under Youme Group is holding Cyber Monday sales from November 29th to December 3th. Free shipping, $50 off coupons, buy 2 and get 1 free, etc. In a word, it’s the best time to grab it at the lowest price of the year.

Tap this link to view and buy Vapejoy disposable at a discounted price:

Vapejoy 5% disposable vape review: premium 1500 puff vaping experiencevapejoy cyber monday sales

YouMe Group about to invest 4 million yuan more in Jinjia Group’s subsidiary

On January 12, Jinjia Group announced that it intends to sign the “Investment Agreement on Shenzhen Jinjia Technology Co., Ltd.” with Shenzhen YouMe Network Technology Co., Ltd. and the yet-to-be-established employee stock ownership platform partnership.

According to the announcement, YouMe Group intends to increase the capital of Shenzhen Jinjia Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jinjia Group, by RMB 4 million. After the transaction is completed, it will hold 8% equity of Jinjia Technology; the partnership intends to increase its capital by RMB 15 million for Jinjia Technology. , After the completion of the transaction, it holds 30% equity of Jinjia Technology.

YouMe Group about to invest 4 million yuan more in Jinjia Group's subsidiaryAfter the completion of the aforementioned transaction, Jinjia Technology’s registered capital increased to 50 million yuan, Jinjia Group holds 62% of Jinjia Technology’s equity, Jinjia Technology is the holding subsidiary of Jinjia Group, and will not cause changes in the scope of the consolidated statement.

It is reported that YOUME GROUP, established in 2014, started with e-cigarette system solutions and deployed Suorin, idols, YouMe HNB, VAPEJOY, F&D, and other brands, covering heat-not-burn and e-cigarette devices, core patent technology, etc.

A few years ago, it stood out with Suorin Drop and Suorin Air. After gaining recognition in the international market, accelerate the planning of new tobacco segments. The plan to increase the capital of a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jinjia Group this time could be an important step in the strategic layout of the entire category.

Suorin Ace Pod review – DirtyCheck No.85

Compared with the era of mod vapes in the past few years, the impact of the pod vapes on the entire market is undoubted. Today I bring you the Ace Pod vape produced by Suorin.

Suorin Ace Pod review

Check it

The rectangular design of 71mm*45mm*16mm is delicate,
The weight of 80g is not heavy nor light, with a certain sense of weight,
1000mAh battery capacity,
It’s a comparative advantage at this level.
Compared with similar products with 800mAh battery, Suorin Ace Pod is more durable.
15w power output is a conventional configuration.
It is a pity that there is no gear setting.
The capacity of the cartridge is conventional 2.0mL.
1.0ohm resistance is kind of embarrassing.
There is no richness of 0.8ohm or exquisiteness of 1.2ohm
This resistance parameter is not proper enough at this time.

Suorin Ace Pod review

Suorin Ace Pod user experience

The weight feel in hand is good.
The texture is very good.
The charging hole of Tpye-C is a bit awkward,
And the location of the opening needs to be studied.
The corners are treated smoothly,
It makes the whole machine particularly full and rounded.

Suorin Ace Pod review

In terms of cartridges, there are certain problems with the conductivity of cotton, regardless of the proportion of vape juice.
The cartridge connection is tight.

Suorin Ace Pod review

In terms of taste
The taste of Ace is empty,
Not very comfortable with the adjustment of the vaping resistance,
The vaping of the e-liquid still needs adjustment,
The selection of heating coil or production of various resistance cartridges is an important thing to vapers.

Suorin Ace Pod review


No surprises in this Suorin Ace Pod experience,
Not disappointed neither.
In terms of pod workmanship,
ACE is a very mature and good device.
But in terms of taste experience and use,
Suorin needs to improve to make the taste richer.
Looking forward to later improvements, I am Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy Suorin Ace Pod 

Suorin official site:

Suorin Ace Pod review Suorin Ace Pod review Suorin Ace Pod review

Suorin vape submits PMTA in august 2020

In August 2020, YOUME subsidiary vape brand Suorin has submitted a PMTA application to FDA.

What is PMTA

PMTA is abbreviation for “Premarket Tobacco Product Applications for Electronic Nicotine Delivery System”, which initiated by FDA on June of 2019. Essentially a PMTA involves compiling and submitting a detailed product dossier of information to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In doing so, companies are required to demonstrate that marketing of a particular tobacco-containing product is appropriate for the protection of public health (APPH). As ENDS products are tobacco-derived, the requirement for a PMTA applies to this sector.

Applicable Scope of PMTA

Simply speaking, PMTA is applicable to the company who manufacture the ENDS products.

PMTA requirement not only relate to new products being brought onto the market, but also applicable to the existing product which modified after market.

Companies who involves in any one of the categories are required to submit a PMTA:

  • • Companies producing e-liquids
  • • Companies producing e-cigarettes
  • • Companies producing combined ENDS products
  • • Retailers that modify products, or that are engaged in the manufacture, preparation, compounding or processing of products.

Deadline for PMTA

The PMTA deadline has been brought forward to September 9, 2020

Meaning of PMTA

FDA require details of well-controlled investigations and valid scientific evidence to evaluate the products and determine whether or not to issue a marketing order. For meeting the requirement of PMTA, the ENDS company must make a through consideration from the beginning of designing, which make a high requirement on product’s concept. Also, the company shall take environmental impact into consideration, which will be reflected from the marketing plan, on which FDA will determine whether the product is APPH or not. PMTA also have requirement on the whole production process, for which the quality and safety be assured.

YouMe HNB for traditional cigarette

YouMe HNB product is a device for traditional cigarettes. According to the statistics of the WHO, the number of deaths due to smoking in the world is as high as 6 million every year, and the death toll from second-hand smoke also reaches an alarming number of 600,000. Under the circumstance of smokers’ steady smoking habits, we can curb the harm induced by traditional cigarettes to a minimum with YouMe HNB device.

youme hnb

You might be curious about this new device, how does it work?

YouMe HNB takes the use of 315 ° low-temperature tar eliminating technology.
Constant temperature control and surround heating technology keep the traditional cigarette temperature constant and stable at 315 °. And harmful substances such as heavy metal elements and tar of cigarettes remain in the ash at this temperature.

youme hnb

Moreover, YouMe HNB’s intelligent temperature control system can intelligently heat cigarettes according to the temperature of the product. It prevents excessive heating caused by continuous heating and prevents the production of more harmful substances.

youme hnb

What’s more, YouMe HNB is equipped with a laboratory-grade purification system. It comes with food-grade high-temperature-resistant materials, built-in dual high-efficiency purification layers, and an ultra-long U-shaped airway, which can directly purify the precipitated harmful substances and moisture effectively.

youme hnb

Safety is the first concern of many customers when purchasing high power devices like box mod vapes. YouMe HNB comes with a double protection mechanism. Its heating compartment and the battery are separated from each other, and the battery is fundamentally isolated from the heating source. The built-in smart shutdown chip works instantly when the battery temperature rises to 70 °. This design keeps the battery and you safe when smoking.


Cigarettes are still the most popular tobacco products today while harming smokers significantly.

YouMe device takes the lead to heat traditional cigarettes and reduces the harm of cigarettes for 1 billion smokers in the world. It’s a must-have device for every smoker.

Not like IQOS selling its own HEETS (HeatSticks) cartridges, YouMe skips the cartridge design and production. This new device is designed for common cigarettes, and it’s compatible with cigarettes. So it doesn’t hurt the state tobacco revenue and will thrive.


Buy YouMe HNB samples here:

YouMe HNB for traditional cigarette

YouMe, known as Apple’s royal manufacturer, raised 73.6 million yuan for HNB pruduction

Shenzhen YouMe Group has received 73.6 million yuan investment at the first angel round financing recently. And as Apple‘s most important manufacturer, YouMe Group won the top capital support this time mainly relying on its super R&D strength.

Due to the restriction of core technology barriers, the vape products on the domestic market are mostly alike, which makes it difficult for the manufacturers in China to form a famous brand like JUUL.

An early venture investor said: “Now many teams with mobile phone background and new media background are making e-cigarettes. I prefer to choose a team with e-cigarette factory background.” He said. “Because on the one hand, such a team is guaranteed in the supply chain and design side, and can quickly iterate on the original basis to truly solve the real problems like common e juice leakage, core dry burning, ect. On the other hand, some brand operators already have great market operation and sales channel capabilities, and have the experience of bringing products overseas.”


As a high-end vape enterprise driven by technology and innovation, YouMe Group has a R&D team from Xiaomi and Huawei. Its R&D leader is a senior expert in the industry. And he has nearly ten years’experience in electronic cigarette research and development. What’s more, he has designed PCBA solutions for many world-renowned electronic cigarette brands, and many of them have become classic designs.

The founder of YouMe Group has the background as Apple’s designated manufacturer, and its strength is outstanding. On the breakthrough of core technology, YouMe Group has built four technical barriers: 1.deep baking and tar reduction technology at 315 °C ,2. top-level smoke purification system, 3. separate design 4. intelligent temperature control system.

Previously, YouMe Group mainly distributed its products overseas markets, and its Suorin electronic cigarette is also the pioneer of the open pod systems. It ranks top 3 in the category of “open pod system” in the U.S. electronic cigarette market for many years. At present, Suorin products have covered all over the world, including more than 90 countries and regions such as the United States, EU member states, Britain, Russia and so on. With strong R&D strength and operational experience, YouMe Group began to shift its strategy to domestic market.

At present, the product portfolio of YouMe Group includes four full-class flag products in different stages of development and commercialization, heat not burn products represented by YouMe Jingyanbao, and vape products represented by Suorin and Idols.

Among them, “YouMe Jingyanbao”, a high technology product which claims to have made breakthroughs in key technologies in the field of heat not burn, was officially launched on the mainland in April this year.

YouMe Group’s latest Jinyanbao – heat the traditional cigarettes

YouMe Jingyan Bao does not need cartridges, which can adapt to all kinds of traditional cigarettes on the market, innovative low-temperature roasting at 315 degrees and tar reduction purification technology, which can effectively filter 90% of harmful substances. It not only can improve the health of smokers, but also retains the original taste of cigarettes, which make it popular among older smokers.

After this round of financing, YouMe Group will focus on the research and development of core technologies and the market development, which will finally bring better product experience to smokers, while taking the lead in the initial stage of the domestic e-cigarette market.

I believe that with strong capital support and product technology innovation, YouMe Group will inject more vitality into the e-cig market.

Vape hk shop YouMe introduction:

YouMe HNB for traditional cigarette