jouz 20s and jouz 12s new product launch is held in Seoul, Korea in 2019

jouz held a new product launch in 2019 at Sunroe Hotel in Seoul, South Korea on June 26, local time in Korea. Two HNB products, jouz 20s and jouz 12s, were released in a blockbuster manner, and the pre-sale was officially launched on the official website of jouz in South Korea.

jouz 20s and jouz 12s product launch

Two new products, jouz 20s and jouz 12s, will go on sale in 9,000 convenience stores in 7-11 Korea and 460 stores in Himart, the largest household appliance chain in Korea.

jouz 20s and jouz 12s product launch

Jouz 20s and jouz 12s adopt the third generation composite ceramic heater. Compared with the first two generations, the bending strength and heat resistance temperature are increased by two times and 50 degrees respectively.

jouz 20s
jouz 20s

At the same time, the wide temperature range, stable heat and pure fragrance make the taste of jouz 20s and jouz 12s lingering and richer.

Based on the new technology platform – jouz PrimeTaste Heating Platform, users can also adjust through mobile app, easily realize the intelligent switching of elegant and delicate, smooth and balanced, strong and mellow 3 heating mode, and enjoy their own exclusive taste at will.

jouz 20s

Jouz Primetase heating platform bears Jouz’s third-generation heating sheet, which is composed of oxide and alumina, slice-level precise temperature control system and 360 degree suction airway. It promotes Jouz’s new products in high temperature resistance, continuous vaping, temperature control, heating and other aspects.

Jouz officially entered the first duty-free shop LOTTE in South Korea

Following April 8, Jouz held a global new product launch in Tokyo in 2009, released the world’s first flip-flop electronic cigarette Jouz S, and a brand-new upgraded Jouz 20 Pro HNB product, here comes a new big move from Jouz.

Jouz S debuts in Tokyo, Japan

On April 20, jouz officially entered the No. 1 duty-free store in Korea, including its products like jouz 12, jouz 20 and the newly released jouz 20 Pro.

jouz south korea

On the day of the news, the jouz counter of LOTTE DUTY FREE duty-free shop in Korea has been crowded by many Korean consumers and the world Korean agent buyers.

jouz south korea

Many people may wonder why the first duty-free shop in Korea chose jouz to stay in the context of the fierce competition in the global electronic cigarette market. Through analysis, it is believed that this is related to the market performance of jouz before .

In 2018, as soon as the jouz product was launched, it won the first place in Amazon’s best-selling list in Japan in 2018 and became one of the most popular e-cigarette brands among consumers. After entering South Korea for only half a year, jouz ranked the top three in the natural search index, and the sales market was often short of stock. In addition to the rising market in Japan and Korea, jouz is also popular in Russia, exported to more than 100 countries and regions such as Europe and the United States.

jouz south korea

This time, jouz enters Korea’s No. 1 duty-free shop, providing a new sales channel for global users, which will surely set off a worldwide reselling boom. While providing more choices for domestic consumers in Korea, it will also lead to new business opportunities in the global electronic cigarette market.

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Jouz S debuts in Tokyo, Japan

The major vape brands launch new products frequently in 2019. And they develope businesss actively at home and abroad market.

On April 8, the luxury brand Jouz, adhering to the minimalist design concept, held the Global New Product Launch Conference 2019 in Tokyo, and launched two flagship products: Jouz S vape kit and Jouz 20 Pro heat not burn product.

It is reported that Jouz has launched two products, Jouz 20 and Jouz 12, as the flagship of heat not burn, which sell well in Japan, South Korea, Russia and other places, and have repeatedly occupied the best-selling list of Amazon‘s similar products in 2018. Among them, Jouz 20 won the German iF Design Award in January this year, creating a brilliant peak at product launch.

At this Tokyo conference, Jouz launched a new Jouz S electronic cigarette, as a new generation of flipZ design flip-over cartridge replacing electronic cigarette carrying hidden multi-color vape cartridges. This device is made of medical grade stainless steel, the thinnest part of the vape is only 0.5mm, delicately balancing texture and aesthetic. And Jouz takes the use of the meticulous 12-month researched e-liquid and the industry’s leading chip-level process when producing the atomization core.

Jouz S

As an upgraded version of jouz 20, jouz 20 Pro’s heat not burn products are also eye-catching. On the basis of retaining all functions of jouz 20 HNB products, and its details are more delicate – using high-quality leather finishes, pure hand-made, showing luxurious and light texture; seamless integrated design, hiding USB charging interface, showing minimalist taste; and it’s with single-button operation, adjustable temperature, customizing different tastes; it can also control temperature by connecting with mobile phone through Bluetooth. It comes up with a brand new sense and experience in vaping. One time charge can be used for 20 consecutive times.

Jouz S

Speakers at the conference revealed that Tokyo was the pioneer stop of jouz’s “New Product Release in 2019”. Under the influence of global electronic cigarette, jouz is expanding its international market, and has landed in Korea, Russia and other places to help global consumers enjoy the most comfortable vaping experience.

Compared to the Chinese 6 dollar pod vape kits similar to Jouz, Jouz is much more expensive sold at 70 dollars detailing price.