Who is the best vape manufacturer in the world

Nowadays, Huaqiang North has emerged many specialty cabinets selling electronic cigarettes. “Most of them are special cabinets set up by factories. Many electronic cigarettes at home and abroad are produced in Shenzhen.” Most of the electronic cigarette factories in Shenzhen are OEMs, which receive orders from Germany and the United States. But now there are more and more orders in China. “Now the third generation of electronic cigarettes spare parts production technology is very mature. As long as the purchase of a production line, anyone can begin to assemble electronic cigarettes.Five or six assembly line workers can assemble nearly ten thousand electronic cigarettes a day in a small factory that manufactures electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes have directly promoted the transformation of many generations of factories: “Our factory has only fully transformed into electronic cigarettes factory in the last six months, and has been producing electronic lighters before.”

There aren’t any technical barriers between enterprises,  the electronic cigarette products on the market, regardless of appearance or internal structure, they are almost the same. “This is a capital and marketing-driven industry,” Zhang Jian said, an experienced vape seller in vape field. “It’s just like beating a trumpet competing who’s making a louder sound to reach more customers.” That’s also why famous capital companies like IDG, invest the vape companies whose leaders are mostly good at marketing and sales without hesitation but refuse to invest the high tech company like Hangsen.

90% of the world’s e-cigarette equipment is made in China, or more exactly, Shenzhen. More accurately, it is mainly concentrated in Shajing and Songgang Streets in Baoan District of Shenzhen City, which is only 20 kilometers away from the old site of the destruction of opium in Humen. There are about 600 electronic tobacco manufacturers and parts suppliers.

Continuous domestic orders make Huaqiang North size factories overjoyed. The electronic cigarettes produced in factories in Huaqiangbei and placed in the corner of the shopping mall are sold on their own. However, they are more like a “wild” genre, apparently not in line with the lively capital market in front of us.

Unlike small workshop factories, Hangsen located in Shenzhen is one of the three major traditional manufacturers of marketers in China. It has always been in the traditional production and marketing business of electronic cigarettes since the beginning of vapes. Now, Yao Haofeng, who has left Hangsen, has stood on the new tuyere. COV can only rely on Hangsen’s capital, production equipment and process. Famous brand products like Relx, Flow, Gimme, IJoy etc are all manufactured by this company.

“The workshop of Hengxin system is a GMP workshop of 100,000 grade (a kind of operation standard). Only in a highly clean environment can cross-infection be avoided and reliability and consistency of products be guaranteed.” Yao Haofeng’s remark is also aimed at the phenomenon that a large number of new electronic cigarette brands are now choosing to use small factories for labeling and OEM production.

In a world, Hangsen is the best vape manufacturer.

Official site: https://www.hangsen.com/

OEM customer site: https://www.hkhangsen.com/Company.html

Smok and Hangsen are Sponsored Over 4 Million by Shenzhen Government

Incredible. The ecigarette technology innovation projects of Smok and Hangsen Technology Group were respectively awarded RMB 3 million and RMB 1.39 million from the Shenzhen Economic and Trade Commission

On September 27th, Shenzhen economic trade and information commission announced on the official website “Notification of the 2018 shenzhen industrial design innovation breakthrough achievement transformation and application grant scheme”. The list of 54 high-tech enterprises to be funded under the scheme is published in the notice, all of which are planned to receive a total of 69.91 million yuan. Among them, two companies in the e-cigarette industry were included in the proposed funding, and the total amount of funds to be funded was 4.39 million yuan.smok

Among them, one is Shenzhen Aiweipusi (Smok)Technology Co., Ltd. The project name is “Intelligent e-cigarette and Accessories Design and Achievement Transformation”, and it is planned to receive RMB 3 million. Established in 2010, Shenzhen Smok technology co., ltd. is an operator of an e-commerce platform focusing on the design, development, production, sales, service and Internet social network of steam smoke products. In 2015, the company successfully listed the new three board, stock code: 834285. The products are sold well in more than 40 countries and regions around the world. In Europe and America, SMOK has become synonymous with e-cigarettes.hangsen

In addition, the other is Shenzhen Hangsen Technology Co., Ltd., the project name, “Intelligent e-cigarette design innovation research results transformation application”, is planned to receive funding of 1.39 million yuan. Shenzhen Haoxingxiang Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hengxin Technology Group, which is engaged in the technology development, production and sales of tobacco flavors and fragrances, e-cigarette smoke liquids and e-cigarette products.

E-cigarettes are mainly exported overseas, especially in Europe and America. In recent years, the e-cigarette industry has developed rapidly and the global market has grown in size. As the center of R&D, production and sales of the global e-cigarette industry, Shenzhen directly benefits from the development of the e-cigarette industry in terms of foreign exchange income and job creation.

This time, two well-known enterprises in the e-cigarette industry have received funding, which also shows the Shenzhen government’s concern and support for the development of the e-cigarette industry, and hopes that the e-cigarette industry will develop quickly and well.

Attachment: The public table of the proposed financial aid plan for the transformation of industrial design innovation achievements in shenzhen in 2018

Note: The source of the Shenzhen Economic and Trade Commission, compiled and edited by the China e-cigarette Information Platform, is for reference only.


PS:2018 Shenzhen Industrial Design Innovation and Application Public Sheet

序号 申报单位Company 项目名称Project Name 拟资助金额/万元 Funding amount / 10 thousand
1 深圳市金威澎电子有限公司 创意型移动电源及数码产品配件设计及成果转化 27
2 深圳市瑞凌实业股份有限公司 智能脉冲MIG焊机系列(400A-600A)工业设计成果转化应用项目 36
3 深圳市联赢激光股份有限公司 动力电池模组自动化组装系统设计及成果转化 3
4 深圳市台电实业有限公司 新一代无纸化多媒体会议终端工业设计及成果转化应用 6
5 深圳市超频三科技股份有限公司 半导体芯片散热系列产品研发设计及成果转化 23
6 深圳市巨鼎医疗设备有限公司 银医通系列一站式医疗自助服务终端设计创新攻关成果转化应用 64
7 深圳奥尼电子股份有限公司 智能安全预警行车记录仪设计成果转化 59
8 深圳高科新农技术有限公司 HY-B-15L型植保无人机工业设计创新攻关成果转化 34
9 深圳市创益通技术股份有限公司 高频高速电子连接器设计创新攻关成果产业化 52
10 深圳市东明炬创电子有限公司 4K HDBaseT(高分辨率软件)矩阵切换器的设计创新攻关成果转化应用 46
11 深圳市兴日生实业有限公司 喷泉式活氧净化宠物饮水器设计及成果转化 19
12 深圳市光祥科技股份有限公司 全天候多用途LED舞台屏设计及成果转化 54
13 深圳京柏医疗科技股份有限公司 JPD-FR系列智能红外电子体温计设计及成果转化 66
14 深圳市至高通信技术发展有限公司 A系列移动金融一体机设计及成果转化 209
15 深圳市古古美美实业有限公司 E系列无线智能音箱设计及成果转化应用 30
16 深圳市大盘珠宝首饰有限责任公司 龙凤传绮系列珠宝设计创新攻关成果转化应用 300
17 深圳乐行天下科技有限公司 乐行V3智能平衡车设计创新攻关成果转化应用项目 50
18 深圳金立翔视效科技有限公司 金立翔彩屏3设计及成果转化应用 34
19 深圳市中电照明股份有限公司 H9防火天花筒灯设计成果转化 42
20 深圳市豪恩光电照明股份有限公司 LIA140R8C1C11A系列新型时尚创意节能环保LED面板灯设计及成果转化 268
21 深圳市创世纪机械有限公司 台群玻璃精雕机B-800系列产品设计应用与成果转化 62
22 深圳市麦士德福科技股份有限公司 环保瓶盖模具工业设计成果转化应用 291
23 深圳市吉祥腾达科技有限公司 腾达家用高端路由器设计创新攻关成果应用 300
24 奇酷互联网络科技(深圳)有限公司 1509-A00系列360手机产品设计及成果转化 300
25 深圳市迈锐光电有限公司 锐尚系列户外租赁屏设计及成果转化 27
26 深圳市金之彩文化创意有限公司 高端酒类系列浮雕盒产品工业设计及成果转化 152
27 宇星科技发展(深圳)有限公司 YX-VOCs挥发性有机物在线监测分析仪设计攻关成果转化应用 271
28 深圳市华宝新能源股份有限公司 便携移动储能设备工业设计创新攻关成果转化应用项目 56
29 深圳市智美达科技股份有限公司 Pivot智能管家工业设计成果转化项目 162
30 深圳市艾维普思科技股份有限公司 智能电子烟及其配件设计及成果转化 300
31 深圳瀚星翔科技有限公司 智能型电子烟设计创新攻关成果转化应用 139
32 深圳市倍斯特科技股份有限公司 交互式移动电源设计及成果转化 251
33 周大生珠宝股份有限公司 “LOVE100”系列钻石工业设计创新攻关成果转化应用 164
34 深圳市虚拟现实科技有限公司 沉浸式虚拟现实头盔设计成果转化 154
35 日月元科技(深圳)有限公司 高效4KW混合单相并网逆变器设计项目成果转化 69
36 海能电子(深圳)有限公司 移动智能终端装置NFC移动支付功能智能手表设计及成果转化 139
37 深圳市中视典数字科技有限公司 虚拟现实技术AR-Table系列产品设计及成果转化 75
38 深圳市洲明科技股份有限公司 UHQ系列创意型LED工业设计及成果转化 275
39 深圳市百泰国礼投资股份有限公司 超薄双面3D浮雕贵金属卡设计及成果转化 300
40 依波精品(深圳)有限公司 依波臻典系列1500 1501镂空机械表设计成果产业化项目 78
41 深圳天珑无线科技有限公司 基于铝合金镜面氧化工艺的手机智能终端产品设计及成果转化 104
42 深圳市鼎阳科技有限公司 X系列智能示波器设计及成果转化 107
43 深圳微步信息股份有限公司 Ultra系列OPS电脑工业设计及成果转化 215
44 茂硕电源科技股份有限公司 无风扇高防护等级模组化智能光伏逆变器设计攻关成果转化应用 300
45 深圳龙友科技股份有限公司 新一代工业连接器产品设计及成果转化 124
46 深圳市福瑞斯保健器材有限公司 4D立体多功能足部疗养按摩器产品设计及成果转化 198
47 深圳市豪鹏科技有限公司 防爆二次电池设计及成果转化 125
48 深圳市同为数码科技股份有限公司 CS23系列星光级红外高速球摄像机设计成果转化应用 214
49 深圳市银星智能科技股份有限公司 多功能智控式家用扫地机器人(C9)设计及成果转化 17
50 深圳市吉斯迪科技有限公司 丁克斯二代308nm准分子光治疗设计成果转化 51
51 深圳市迈腾电子有限公司 MT系列3G/4G创新型无线路由器产品工业设计及成果转化 243
52 深圳市开天源自动化工程有限公司 开天源智慧水务系统系列产品设计及成果转化 132
53 深圳市创显光电有限公司 AirMAG系列高清全彩磁吸维护LED显示屏转化应用 160
54 深圳市丰巨泰科电子有限公司 130万网络摄像机FG-CP130IP-R设计及成果转化 14
总计 6991