Need YOOZ vape pods in bulk/ for wholesale

A USA medicine company want to get all available YOOZ promotional materials for marketing purposes
(1) Yooz Device
(2) Yooz Pods

And the special offer price for the minimum order for importers and distributors.
Counting on the corporation.


Leave a reply below or contact us to reach the buyer.

Need Relx Pods to be wholesaler in Philippines

  • I am interested in buying relax pods at wholesale price in my country, Philippines. I am a relx user and I wish to also be a reseller. Could you direct me to one of your direct wholesale distributors.  January 2022
  • May i know the wholesale price of pods & devices?
  • interested in reselling relx here in the philippines. Could you please send me your pricelist and moq? Thank you!
  • would like to order minimum 100 boxes of relx classic cartridges & need more information for this product. Thank you!
Latest update note:
  • Suppliers found (Suppliers also ship to Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Australia and so on), see it in the comment below
  • Contact suppliers in the comment or Contact us to buy RELX with discount in the Philippines