Huawei Mate40 will be released in September


Time is flying fast, and June is fleeting. Today’s Chinese smartphone manufacturers are working hard to plan their own design and mass production of new phones in the second half of the year. There is no doubt that the long-awaited one is naturally the Huawei Mate40 series, and I look forward to being able to bring us unlimited surprises as a representative of Chinese technology manufacturers. However, from the current news, it can be described as full of surprises.

Huawei Mate40 Pro has recently reported that it will use under-screen camera technology, which has matured. In addition to Huawei, there will be a number of Android flagship models that will use under-screen camera technology. In addition, Huawei Mate40 Pro is the top flagship, will use E3 Samsung AMOLED screen, excellent display effect, and a true full screen, will certainly be sought after by users.


In addition to the point of view of the camera under the screen, Huawei Mate40 Pro will make a greater breakthrough in camera this time. In terms of camera, this Huawei Mate40Pro adopts the design of the rear five-camera. The rear five-camera continues the design concept of Huawei Mate30Pro, but the arrangement and combination have been adjusted to a certain extent, so the entire camera module looks very beautiful. . In terms of parameters, it is reported that the machine uses a rear five-shot combination of 50 million + 40 million + 12 million + 8 million + ToF lenses. Although the specific parameters of the camera are not currently known, if this is the case, I believe the camera takes a picture Compared with Huawei Mate30Pro, there will be an unprecedented improvement.


The most exciting thing is that the long-awaited Hongmeng system has finally come to our eyes. According to reliable sources, at the Huawei Mate40 series press conference, Yu Chengdong will release a product with a cross-epoch significance-Huawei Mate Watch. This watch will be equipped with Huawei’s latest Hongmeng system. The appearance of this product will completely revitalize the product planning of Hongmeng System. This product is a high-end positioning product in the Mate series, which basically improves Huawei’s 5G smart IoT platform. And it also means that the product layout equipped with the Hongmeng system has basically been realized. Another smartphone equipped with the Hongmeng system can be announced to the world: Huawei Hongmeng has got rid of the constraints of Google GMS!

Recently, Huawei suddenly launched the latest update of HMS. In the update, the service not only added many new features, but also granted more privileges to developers. The most important thing is that Huawei has also launched the Huawei AppGallery store, Huawei maps, and petal search. It can be said that Huawei’s HMS service has been basically improved, and it officially provides services in overseas regions.


In the next HMS Core5.0, service capabilities such as audio, video, image, graphics engine, computer graphics, and augmented reality engine are added. And Yu Chengdong said that Hongmeng OS system will become the main support point of Huawei’s 2020 strategy. It can be seen that the Hongmeng system may be only a few months away from a truly comprehensive commercial application.

The reason why Google’s status may be shaken is that in recent years, only two camps, iOS and Android, exist in the system market. iOS does not show the meaning of expanding outward and allowing other mobile phone manufacturers to use the iOS system. Therefore, more markets are forced to relentlessly occupy Android for a long time. But as Google’s revenue expectations are getting higher and higher, more and more pre-installed software must be built into the mobile phone system. This greatly affects the experience of mobile phone users. However, Hongmeng will not have such a problem. Hongmeng OS will keep the system simple and low memory usage. The user range that can be applied to the system that is virtually expanded. Can help Hongmeng OS quickly occupy the market.

On the other hand, the incentive bonuses of the developer programs of Huawei HMS and Huawei Hongmeng are very attractive. The bonus amount is up to 1 billion, and there is still a trend of improvement. This is undoubtedly the most direct temptation for software developers. With Huawei’s huge financial strength and back-end technical service capabilities, there is no doubt that the latest HMS will become a developer’s paradise. Not only can you get rich rewards, but also like the freedom of exaltation that Android does not have. This may become an important start for HMS to better serve users. Once there is a successful start, Hongmeng, who is holding the HMS, will directly rush into the Android base camp. Give Google the heaviest blow.

In general, Huawei has shown the determination and momentum of three points with iOS and Android, but I believe this will definitely not be the end of Huawei’s Hongmeng system. I believe that in the future, Huawei will use a better system to fight back against Google. And Google, which originally chose to be a cocoon, may have regretted that it has cultivated one of the most terrible enemies!