With A Wide Range of Options, We Can Serve Your Needs for Vape Cartridge Boxes

As we have seen the package used to package these items, the vape cartridge boxes by TheSpeedyPack are impressive. We have been impressed that these boxes have included security features for children, which we think is pretty amazing. It might seem odd to say, but there are times when these kinds of circumstances are manufactured to attract the maximum amount of people to certain situations. Many organizations and subtleties are engraved on the sides of these buildings, including logos of various organizations.

Our primary service is the design and manufacture of high-quality boxes to meet a wide range of specifications. Packaging Forest LLC is a full-service packaging company dedicated to designing and manufacturing high-quality boxes. Our business model allows us to use various products commensurate with the application’s function, selecting the features that match that particular scenario and ensuring that the product is compared to that scenario.

Special Offers for Custom Product Packaging for Your Vape Items:

It’s no secret that vaping is experiencing increasing popularity around the world. This is not just because of the growing number of companies who produce them, but also because of the ever-increasing number of people who use this technology. To ensure that your Vapes in every possible way follow your specifications, we will do everything we can to make sure that they meet your standards. Packaging Forest LLC is happy to offer its free container design recommendations. This is to ensure that when you choose them as your container supplier, your business will expand in an entirely appropriate way.

With A Wide Range of Options, We Can Serve Your Needs for Vape Cartridge Boxes

Having your company name printed on specially designed vape boxes can give your company an edge over your competition. This is because it gives your company a competitive advantage over your competitors. Packaging Forest LLC, a company dedicated to offering customized printed products, can assist you in doing this. It may be a good idea to promote your products to a broader audience to gain exposure from a wider range of consumers who will most likely discover your products among the plethora of other vape products available to them.

Safer Vaping for The Whole Family: Use Child Proof Vape Boxes

A great deal of skill and creativity are required by the manufacturers of great products, and product packaging boxes are one of the most important aspects of ensuring that consumers enjoy the products they purchase. Providing goods in proper packaging offers an additional benefit of allowing customers to protect their interests and integrate them into their overall visual appeal by covering them with a suitable package. The rest of the website provides more information on what you are searching for, so if you are curious about more information, please feel free to read through it. We have adopted a reliable, safe, and flexible solution that we use across the board, and that is what we depend on a day-to-day basis.

Among the various ways that adults can package vape cartridges securely and safely for children, surprisingly few options are both practical and safe. There is no doubt that vape cartridge boxes make one of the safest and most reliable vapable product options. Working with a company of such high quality is truly a delight, and customers can choose from a wide range of packaging options. The product is also hard to damage because we use double-layer tubes to protect it, making it hard to damage and hard to hurt by water. A second feature of the product is that it is hard to damage because we use double-layer tubes.

With A Stylish Design, You Can Personalize Disposable Vape Boxes:

With A Wide Range of Options, We Can Serve Your Needs for Vape Cartridge Boxes

When we look at the fact that creative minds are working together with marketers to stand out and engage consumers in marketing and branding, this type of mix of creativity and imagination can be effective. When you have achieved success, the packaging system of your product is one of the most significant factors contributing to customer sales. It also builds the brand name for your business.

Additionally, vaping is a connection between a sense of style and a sense of dependency and being a habit. It is imperative to smokers and drinkers that the packaging they use while drinking and smoking are convenient and attractive. This makes it worthwhile to invest in packaging that they find suitable and appealing. This packaging company, Packaging Forest LLC, provides stylish disposable vape boxes and distinctive color combinations to support the brand names of vape brands. These boxes will encourage potential customers to purchase by using their products.

Here’s Where You Can Get the Best Vape Cartridge Boxes:

As our company’s commitment to providing our clients with a variety of customized options, we also offer some cool labels that they can use for their products. We strive to provide the most reliable, durable, and eco-friendly packaging for our customers. A wide range of shapes and sizes of Custom-made Vape Boxes Wholesale with Logo imprints can be customized based on the customer’s requirements. As a leading company for top-quality packing and printing, Packaging Forest specializes in a wide range of products combined with innovative custom-made packaging designs.

Let Me Conclude

With A Wide Range of Options, We Can Serve Your Needs for Vape Cartridge Boxes

Our company strives to make your company stand out from your competitors, so we design Child Resistant Vape Cartridge Boxes using the highest quality materials at an affordable price. Your box will be crafted by a team of trained professionals that will complement your brand’s style. Due to the advancements, we have included in our boxes, we have been able to help companies increase sales by providing them with the packaging they need.

The Taylex Group, exhibition stand design and build supplier for vape brands and factories

The Taylex Group is a leading global exhibition stand design and build supplier, offering the pinnacle of building and design solutions since 2007. Our family-owned and operated business specialising in high-quality custom solutions.

The Taylex Group, exhibition stand design and build supplier for vape brands and facotries

Our clients benefit from our full range of exhibition stand services, managed under one roof, from design right through to installation and dismantle, our teams are qualified, experienced and love what they do.


We pride ourselves on delivering truly personalised services from start t

o finish, working to design, craft, and install to the highest standard, thinking differently, working to develop your brand objectives into an eye-catching and memorable exhibition stand. There is no job too big or too small for our experts, we use state of the art 3D technologies to assist in the design, construction, and installation processes.


Thanks to our loyal clients such as Kawasaki, Royal Enfield, Olympus and many international organisations, we have bounced back stronger and busier post pandemic. Following the return of live events, we now offer a diverse range of services, all with the hallmark of quality that has become synonymous with the Taylex name.


Our services included:

  • Custom and Modular Exhibition Stand Construction
  • Creative Experiential Design
  • Worldwide Project Management & Event Management
  • In-house Experienced Production Team and Facilities
  • Worldwide Installation including Transport & Logistics
  • Graphic Design & Production
  • Audio Visual, Lighting and Sound
  • Point of Sale, Event Display Features and Shop Fitting Services
The Taylex Group, exhibition stand design and build supplier for vape brands and facotries
Our Workshop
The Taylex Group, exhibition stand design and build supplier for vape brands and facotries
Our Work


The Taylex Group, exhibition stand design and build supplier for vape brands and facotries
Our Work
The Taylex Group, exhibition stand design and build supplier for vape brands and facotries
Our Work
The Taylex Group, exhibition stand design and build supplier for vape brands and facotries
Our Work
The Taylex Group, exhibition stand design and build supplier for vape brands and facotries
Freight and Shipping
The Taylex Group, exhibition stand design and build supplier for vape brands and facotries
Our Team

Our Homepage https://taylex.co.uk/

Contact our team today to schedule your consultation chen@taylex.co.uk

The Taylex Group, exhibition stand design and build supplier for vape brands and facotries

How to Understand Weed’s Legal Status in Your State

In recent years, public opinion on the legality of marijuana has shifted drastically. According to Norml.org, over sixty percent of Americans are now supportive of marijuana legalization, the highest amount on record. Furthermore, roughly three-quarters of Americans support lessening legal ramifications for marijuana possession by making a fine the most severe outcome of such a minor offense. This major attitude shift toward a more positive outlook on cannabis use has been reflected in state policies as well, with many states opting for full legalization, medical marijuana certification, and decriminalization. Other locations still remain skeptical and simply maintain marijuana’s illegal status. Compounds derived from the complex marijuana plant further complicate matters, as less psychoactive forms of the drug, such as CBD and delta 8, have varying legality depending on which state in the U.S you find yourself in.


Varieties of Legal Status


Considering that there are many possible legal classifications that exist in relation to marijuana and compounds derived from the plant, here is a quick list of what each classification means to help clarify any confusion. In order to find a convenient representation of which locations condone marijuana use, or maintain it as an illegal substance, take a look at this listing of cannabis laws state by state.


1.) Recreational  Legality – This classification exists in places like California, Alaska, and Washington, to name a few, and they have the most lax outlook on marijuana. While regulations may vary slightly from state to state, this classification allows for possession of sizable amounts of marijuana, as well as the recreational use of the plant.


2.) Medical Legality – The medicinal marijuana classification requires that those who use marijuana carry a card that is provided by a medical professional. Medical marijuana cards are obtained by individuals when they have an illness or condition that can be treated with marijuana. Access to weed dispensaries is typically contingent on the possession of said medical marijuana card, as this document is also required to avoid persecution for possession or use in areas where weed is not fully decriminalized.


3.) Decriminalization –  When weed is decriminalized in a state, it indicates that punishments for possession and use of marijuana are greatly reduced, if not entirely eliminated, as long as the amount held does not exceed the state-sanctioned limitation. In locations where weed is decriminalized, open sale in public places is typically not allowed, and places like weed dispensaries are lacking.


4.) Legal CBD and low THC products – This classification applies only to products derived from marijuana which isolate specific compounds, such as CBD or Delta 8, and does not sanction marijuana use as it exists in nature. Many can benefit from the less psychoactive compounds found within marijuana, and as a result, many states that are typically seen as conservative, such as Georgia, Alabama, and Oklahoma, to name only a few, have allowed these compounds to be sold legally.


5.) Full illegality – In spite of growing public support, still many states maintain the criminal nature of marijuana possession and use, and the violation of these laws still holds serious sentences. Locations like Idaho, Kansas, and South Dakota, among others, all maintain their stance that possession and use of marijuana is a criminal offense.




Public opinion is shifting rapidly toward a more positive outlook on marijuana, and the plant’s growing legal status is a great representation of this perceptual shift. Still, just as many individuals still have their reservations about cannabis, many states hold differing levels of legality for the plant and compounds derived from it. Be sure to fully understand your state’s stance on marijuana so you can act responsibly in accordance with local regulations.

The Vapouround Awards Announces Its Return For 2022

Brought to you by the world’s leading vape trade magazine, the annual Vapouround Awards show is recognised across the globe as one of the most important and competitive events for the industry.

The Vapouround Awards Announces Its Return For 2022

After two challenging years for the vaping community – and the world as a whole – the Vapouround team is pleased to announce that the seventh annual awards ceremony will take place in Birmingham, UK – the home of the prestigious event.

On Friday May 27, the global vape industry will come to together for an unforgettable night of celebration, entertainment and networking, taking place on the evening of the first day of The Vaper Expo – one of Europe’s biggest and most popular vape exhibitions.

This show promises to be the biggest and most spectacular Vapouround Awards yet.

Patrick Griffin, Vapouround Magazine Editor said: “Our annual awards show has truly become the not-to-be missed event of the vaping calendar…a testament to the strength of our team and the community values of our industry.


“I am thrilled that we can, year on year, act as a hub for vaping excellence and inspire growth and innovation through our highly-sought after awards”.

There are a total of twenty-three titles to be handed out on the night, including everything from ‘Best Reviewer’ to ‘E-Liquid of the Year’ and the esteemed ‘Vapouround Hall of Fame’.

To mark the seventh annual Vapouround Awards’ ceremony, the team has added a brand-new category to its roster of prestigious awards – ‘Best Sustainable Initiative’.

This award aims to shine a light on the brands that are making a conscious effort to reduce their impact on the environment through sustainable products, conscious innovation or green initiatives.

Patrick Griffin highlighted that harm reduction has always been at the core of Vapouround, whether for smokers or for the planet.

He said: “With this award, we want to inspire harm reduction of a different kind. We want to encourage brands to consider their impact on the environment and make changes that will better serve smokers and the world around us”.

This year, the Vapouround Awards welcomes a new panel of independent judges who will be blind testing all the e-liquid and hardware entries. All vape brands, regardless of size, are invited to submit their products for the awards before the deadline on April 8, 2022.

The Readers’ Awards are open for nominations in the following categories, ‘Best Newcomer’, ‘Best Branding and Marketing’, ‘Best Vape Shop’, ‘Best Online Vape Retailer’, ‘Best Reviewer’ and ‘Advocate of the Year’ (formally known as ‘Vaper of the Year’).

The winners of the Readers’ Awards are decided by the vaping community through an online public vote, which closes on May 6, 2022. Everyone in the community is invited to have their say by casting their vote for the business or individual they think deserves to win.

All winners and runners-up of the Vapouround Awards 2022 will be announced at the live awards ceremony at the National Conference Centre, Birmingham and results will be published on the Vapouround Awards website in the days following.

The Vapouround Awards 2022 is sponsored by leading global vape brand and e-liquid manufacturer, Vampire Vape.

To find out more about this exclusive industry event including how to enter your products, as well as general ticket enquiries, please visit vapouroundawards.co.uk.

SURGE Pioneers Ultrasonic Technology in Vaping Devices

The vaping industry is constantly evolving. SURGE Vapor seeks to revolutionise the consumer experience with new ultrasonic technology.

Typical vaping devices use a coil made of resistance wire. The wire is heated with an electrical current, turning e-liquid into vapour. Due to the heating process of traditional coils, they need to be replaced frequently and can produce unpleasant “dry hits” or burnt flavours.

The SURGE engineering team looked for a solution to this longstanding problem. The result is a new implementation of ultrasonic technology. The SURGE ultrasonic vaping chip vibrates 3 million times per second, splitting e-liquid into a cloud of vapour, without the use of a traditional heating wire.

Ultrasonic heating creates smaller vapour particles, delivering nicotine content more efficiently for increased satisfaction. Since no wires are heated to produce vapour, “dry hits” and burnt flavours are eliminated from the vaping experience. Additionally, the lower working temperature of the ultrasonic process reduces potential toxin emission and maintains the chemical stability of the e-liquid.

Increasingly, smokers are looking for less harmful alternatives to combustible tobacco. SURGE Vapor hopes that their new approach to vaping technology can maximise harm reduction while increasing satisfaction.

SURGE Vapor’s first device is made for new vapers, with a lightweight design, automatic draw activation and pre-filled ultrasonic pods. The device launches with six flavours, which have been specifically developed to pair with ultrasonic technology.

In a statement, SURGE Vapor said: “Our mission was to create new vaping technology, which advances tobacco harm reduction and maximises satisfaction. After years of research and development, this is now a reality. We are excited for vapers around the world to experience the next generation of vaping with SURGE.”

You can find more information about Surge at surgevapor.com.

BYD Electronics launched the BEEM CORE for vapes

According to relevant sources, BYD Electronics has ushered in new progress in vaping technology development, and has launched its own ceramic atomization technology brand and planning technology brand logo BEEM CORE.

From the information obtained, compared with the leaded ceramic atomizing core of SMOORE FEELM, the BYD Electronics BEEM ceramic core adopts a leadless design. Because there are no metal solder joints, it also further avoids possible heavy metal pollution. This is the similar design to Silmo launched by ALD GROUP Limited in the industry.

It is learned from BYD’s cooperating brands that this ceramic technology has already begun to be applied to some brands cooperating with BYD.

BYD Electronics launched the BEEM ceramic atomizing BEEM CORE for vapes

At the same time that the BEEM ceramic technology brand is launched, BYD Electronics will launch the “BEEM CORE” technology logo. According to the company’s search, the current “BEEM CORE” trademark has been applied for by BYD Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. on July 2, and the current display status is still in “application for registration” status.

According to people familiar with the matter, the logo will be printed on the cartridges equipped with BEEM ceramic atomization cores to confirm the use of BEEM ceramic atomization technology products, similar to “FEELM inside” by Smoore.

Kirkcaldy E-Liquid manufacturer and vape supplier announces impressive growth plans

The family business, established in 2013, with dedicated retail operations throughout Fife, Scotland and a manufacturing facility in Kirkcaldy, also supplies other independent e-cigarette and vape retailers throughout the UK from its wholesale division.Kirkcaldy grandad’ lights up house to raise funds for charity after losing soulm…

The company is in the process of implementing a strategic plan that will see them grow their business over the next three years in line with the growth in this sector.

The e-cigarette and vape sector have welcomed recent positive comments from health organisations supporting vaping as a legitimate smoking cessation method – something the sector claims it has been crying out for over several years.

This represents a milestone for the sector and a breakthrough for tackling the health blight of smoking on the nation, industry representatives have said.

Janet Hughes, director of Cloud Vapours, said: “Like most retail businesses, we have taken the knocks that Covid has thrown at us.

“Through adversity we have seen opportunity, and this has enabled us to build a strong online offering, which together with our current retail offering and wholesale division will see us grow the business significantly over the next few years.

“As a previous long-term smoker of 20 plus cigarettes per day, I am a shining example of the effectiveness of vaping as a smoking cessation method. I started vaping and stopped smoking overnight and haven’t looked back since.

“The recent positive comments from the health organisations are going to prove transformational for our sector and our business.”

For more information about Cloud Vapours, please visit: www.cloudvapours.co.uk.

New e-cigarette brand Maxray enters the market

Over the course of few last years, we have a massive popularity rise for the e-cigarette solutions. After all smoking in general is very unhealthy and also quite a nuisance to your friends and family. With e-cigarettes you are getting a much better way to fuel your nicotine habit, while also not ruining your lungs and turning away cigarette smoke haters. There are already quite some established market names in this category, but we have to add one more name to the mix already. Because the newcomers Maxray look very promising.

The Maxray brand was founded in China and the company wants to carve a huge chunk of the market for themselves. The core of their strength lies in R&D and high manufacturing capacity. And the announced focus on innovation certainly sounds good. Even though the company is quite new, their R&D team has people with over 10 years of experience in the vaporization industry. And they are planning to commit 16% of the total revenue to the needs of the R&D department. Their own manufacturing means are also quite significant and up to highest FDA certification standards like GMP, ISO9001 or ISO4001.

Their first offered products is the BAR C600/1200 disposable e-cigarette kit with a minimalistic design. It should provide a solid vaping experience, either for 1200 puffs with 4ml of liquid and 700 mAh batter or 600 puffs with 2ml and 350 mAh. With plenty of rich flavors to choose from it’s a good start for the brand in the market. Maxray plan to work both in wholesale and OEM/ODM on the market and we will certainly hear more about them in the future.

University of Waterloo to help conduct $10-million study of e-cigarettes

The University of Waterloo says it will be one of several schools from around the globe taking part in a $10-million study on e-cigarettes and other new nicotine products.

The university says the five-year study, which is being funded by the United States’ National Cancer Institute, will look at the behavioural and long-term health impact of different regulatory approaches to e-cigarettes and other new nicotine products among youth and adults in seven countries.

“Understanding the use of these products among both youth and adults is critical to understanding which policies are the most effective in decreasing tobacco use and curbing youth uptake of e-cigarettes,” said professor David Hammond, who is leading a youth study in the area.

“The timing of this project is ideal since policies are still evolving in Canada and other countries.”

UWaterloo says the market for tobacco products has seen rapid expansion over the past few years with the advent of e-cigarettes and other new nicotine products joining old stalwarts such as cigarettes and cigars on store shelves.

It also notes that countries have used different options on how to regulate the market, with some governments going so far as to encourage those who are having a hard time quitting smoking cigarettes to transition to e-cigarettes.

The school says other countries have adopted more restrictive measures in an attempt to avoid having younger people get addicted to them.

Waterloo psychology professor Geoffrey Fong is one of the leaders of the study that will focus on the approaches to these types of nicotine products in the U.S., Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea.

“To date, there has been mostly speculation about the impact of policies on e-cigarettes and other new nicotine products,” Fong stated.

“This project allows us to compare the behavioural and potential future health impacts of different regulatory strategies being carried out in different countries with great potential to inform evidence-based approaches to e-cigarettes and other new nicotine products.”

Hammond, professor and university research chair in public health in the School of Public Health Science at Waterloo, will lead a survey of youth in the U.S., Canada and England that examines trends in smoking and vaping among youth who smoke and those who have never smoked.

Lumenary To Launch World’s First Laser Vaporizer The Beam Vape

The Beam is the world’s first laser vaporizer and pocket-sized low temperature dab rig, using light rather than metal and electronics to heat solid extracts and viscous concentrates, producing a pure, instant, and great tasting experience with no e-waste from spent cartridges.

Although extract vaping has benefits when compared to smoking, current technologies often involve the heating of metal alloys that can release lead and poisonous heavy metals. Heavy metal ingestion can cause high blood pressure, kidney disease, and brain damage (1). Further, studies have shown that terpenes naturally dissolve even high-quality metals, releasing heavy metal toxins.  As such, extracts containing terpenes have the potential to release significant levels of lead and other toxins into your lungs when exposed to metal coils or electronics, especially over longer periods of contact (2, 3).  Lastly, in addition to heating metals, many dab rigs – high temperature heating devices for solid/waxy concentrates – can reach temperatures of over 400-500 °C, hot enough for terpenes contained in extracts to be transformed into benzene and other dangerous poisons. These can cause cancer, blood disease, and immune system failure (4).

The Beam’s brand new technology is the key point of differentiation as it provides a completely new and cleaner way to vape by way of a visually stunning blue laser beam. The Beam’s all-ceramic wick heats, concentrates and extracts using only light to reach the point of vaporization, or about 200 °C. This removes the possibility of heavy metal leaching or corrosion and reduces terpene degradation, providing for an instant, clean, and great tasting vape experience. The Beam works with both solid extracts and thicker viscous material, the latter in proprietary serial-numbered and re-usable carts either filled by the user or pre-filled by select licensed extractors for distribution throughout legal jurisdictions. The Beam vaporizers are also verifiably serial numbered to ensure compliance, authenticity, and safety.


Olmedo et al. (2018). Environmental Health Perspectives 126(2): 027010; https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6066345/






Meehan-Atrash et al. (2017) American Chemical Society Omega, 2(9): 6112–6117

Introductory Pricing for The Beam Vape is $195. Available online at THEBEAMVAPE.COM as well as select dispensaries starting November 22, 2021.


About Lumenary:

Inventor Robbie Schneider was determined to find the best way to vaporize high-quality concentrates. Taking his first laser components from a disassembled Blu-ray player, progressing from living room to basement to warehouse to laboratory, Robbie began a years-long quest to invent the first commercial laser vaporizer. With a passion that compensated for a lack of formal training, Robbie and lead engineers Jake Davidson and Sam Scheiner developed the patented technology behind The Beam and Lumenary’s line of laser vaporization products.

The Beam vaporizes solid and viscous concentrates using only the power of visible blue light, with no dangerous metal residue to compromise the pure taste and enjoyment of the product. Launching in late 2021, The Beam will be the best way to vape high-quality concentrates. The Beam is designed and assembled in Petaluma, California by American craftspeople.