Magical Flavour factory to make the ejuice that belongs to yourself only

Magical Flavour is a brand factory specializing in the production of flavors for e-liquids. We have been immersed in the e-cigarette industry for more than ten years and have unique insights and special innovations for various flavors.

Magical Flavour factory to make the ejuice that belongs to yourself only

There are many flavor factories in China, how does Magical Flavour stand out? Relying on a wide range of product lines, Magical Flavour can well meet the various taste needs of domestic and international clients. One taste, many innovative variants, to meet the specific needs of clients for sour, sweet, and coolness, there is always one suitable for you.

Magical Flavour factory to make the ejuice that belongs to yourself only

Taking into account the specific needs of different clients, Magical Flavour has single flavors to meet the liquid mixing needs of major e-liquid manufacturers, maximize the effect of their e-liquid recipe, and satisfy the interest of DIY ejuice players. We also have compound flavors, also called premixed flavors, and clients only need to make fine-tuning on this basis to bring the best-flavored e-liquid experience. The single fruit flavors of strawberry, blueberry, grape, and mango are popular in European countries, America, and Southeast Asia. We have Icy Grape Soda, Blueberry Raspberry Mix, Icy Mango Mix, Icy Blueberry Mix, Icy Strawberry Mix, Icy Raspberry Blackcurrant, and Grape Blueberry as the premixed flavors, which are also very hot selling among e-liquid manufacturers.

Magical Flavour factory to make the ejuice that belongs to yourself only

Excellent flavors are the foundation of Magical Flavour. In addition, in order to strengthen the brand image, we actively participate in various vape expos. In December 2021, our company attended the Shenzhen IECIE vape expo and brought a good experience to the exhibition visitors. Many of them tried to use our flavors and got their own e-liquid solutions. Magical Flavour will continue to participate in the Shenzhen IECIE vape expo in April 2022 and continue to bring innovative tastes to clients. Among the largest vape expo in Southeast Asia, Magical Flavour has booked the VapeFair expo in Jakarta, Indonesia, and the MIVAS in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Although the shows have been postponed due to the COVID, we hope to meet you there and bring our flavors to help promote your ejuice.

To learn more about Magical Flavour, please visit Magical Flavour official shop online:

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