Philippine President must urgently sign pro-vaping act

The Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates (CAPHRA) has written to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte asking him to urgently sign the Vaporized Nicotine Products Regulation Act into law.

Both the Philippine Senate and House of Representatives have ratified the harmonized version of the act which will regulate the use, manufacture, importation, sale, distribution and promotion of vaping and heated tobacco products. It now awaits the President’s signature or veto.

“The weight of the scientific evidence shows that potentially thousands of Filipino lives can be saved by making this act the law of the land,” wrote CAPHRA, backed by its expert advisory group and member organizations throughout the Asia Pacific region.

CAPHRA told the President when enacted the legislation will provide 16 million Filipino smokers with the world’s most effective smoking cessation tool, saving the lives and enhancing the health of millions of Filipino smokers and their families, friends, and co-workers.

“Hundreds of peer-reviewed international scientific studies have found innovative smoke-free products such as e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products to be far less harmful than combustible tobacco and offer the best options to make smokers switch or quit. The act will ensure the regulation of these products, so that they meet government standards to protect consumers and will contribute revenue, via taxation,” wrote Nancy Loucas, Executive Coordinator of CAPHRA.

The letter said signing the act into law and giving Filipino smokers the option of choosing less harmful alternative nicotine products will create an enduring presidential legacy. It will prove to the world that Mr Duterte is a leader who put the health and well-being of his people, based on science, above the special interests of foreigners.

The Asia Pacific advocacy group explained that the use of non-combustible nicotine products is at the core of Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR) – a public health strategy designed to address the smoking problem by making available less harmful alternatives that do not produce smoke – the main source of toxic chemicals that cause cancer and chronic pulmonary heart diseases.

With Public Health England concluding that vaping is at least 95% less harmful than combustible cigarettes, “we believe that the use of less harmful alternatives to traditional cigarettes will save about 100,000 Filipinos who die every year from smoking-related diseases,” CAPHRA wrote.

The letter noted that once signed into law, the Philippines will join 67 countries around the world that have regulatory frameworks on vaping. Further, those countries that have legalized vaping and the use of other smoke-free products such as heated tobacco have since registered a dramatic decline in smoking prevalence.

Enclosing an extensive bibliography of scientific information, CAPHRA concluded by respectfully asking the President to urgently sign the Vaporized Nicotine Products Regulation Act into law.

Last year, CAPHRA member organization Vapers PH commissioned ACORN Marketing & Research Consultants to conduct ‘A Survey of Attitudes Among Adult Tobacco & Nicotine Users in the Philippines’. A staggering 94% of respondents agreed that the Philippine Government should enact policies to encourage adult smokers to switch to less harmful alternatives to cigarettes.

A global collaboration of THR consumer groups, sCOPe has launched a comprehensive library of online panel discussions and presentations. In November 2021, sCOPe broadcast around the clock during COP9 – the 9th Conference of Parties for the World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC). To access sCOPe’s online library visit

Boasting over 14,000 testimonials, CAPHRA is calling on those who’ve quit cigarettes through smoke-free nicotine alternatives to tell their story

For a free digital media repository on tobacco harm reduction in Asia Pacific – including media releases, images and graphics – please visit

What do you need to make your own vape juice

DIY e-liquid, or mix your own is the perfect way to fully control your vaping experience. You get to make your e-liquid to your exact specifications and you can even save some money.


  1. Diluents – There are two main diluents used during e-liquid production. Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG). These both perform different functions and are both important when it comes to mixing your own e-liquid. PG carries the flavour and provides the throat hit, while VG is responsible for your clouds of vapour, thickness and a little sweetness.
  2. Flavouring – This is technically optional. Some vapers don’t want to taste anything when they are vaping, they just want to replicate the sensation of smoking. But most vapers will want a flavour to their e-liquid and there are lots to choose from, not to mention the endless combinations you can create. So flavouring or flavour concentrate is highly recommended when making e-juice.
  3. Nicotine – Again this is optional. You can make a zero-nicotine e-liquid with all of the other ingredients, minus the nicotine. But if you are adding nicotine you can completely tailor your nicotine strength.
  4. DIY e-liquid accessories – There are some accessories you will need. Empty bottles, syringes, measuring cylinders, scales, gloves and tissue are all things you may need, depending how you are going to mix your e-liquid.


Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of DIY e-liquid.

  1. Convenience – Like many things, mixing your own e-liquid can seem complicated at first, whereas it’s as easy as following a recipe. Once you get into the swing of things it means you can make large batches of your favourite e-liquids, meaning you only have to think about it once every few months.
  2. Control over your vaping experience – Want thicker clouds of vapour? Feel like you need more throat hit? Want to add some menthol to your favourite fruit flavour? All of these can be controlled if you mix your own e-liquid.
  3. Endless flavour opportunities – The flavours is one of the fun parts of vaping. Mixing your own allows you to become an expert mixologist. There are endless flavour combinations and you can easily discover your new all day vape.
  4. Value for money – Depending on the nicotine strength of your e-liquid, you can save a lot of money compared to buying your e-liquid already prepared.
  5. Bottle size – No more having to worry about only have a 10ml bottle. You can mix as much as you want.



  1. None suitable flavourings – You shouldn’t ever be using a flavouring that hasn’t been specifically designed for e-cigarettes. While ‘flavourings’ may be suitable for other things, such as cooking, it does not mean that they are suitable for inhaling. Only use specific e-liquid flavourings from a reputable source.
  2. Ultra-high nicotine strength – Make sure you are controlling the strength of the nicotine in your DIY e-liquid. If you make your nicotine strength too high it is easy to vape too much.
  3. Essential oils – Oils have no place in e-liquid and should never be used under any circumstances.
  4. Water / Vodka – Back in the early days of DIY vape juice, the method of using water or vodka as a base was popular. This was to thin the e-liquid and enhance the flavour. It really isn’t needed nowadays and I wouldn’t recommend it. If you want an e-liquid with a slightly thinner base, instead of VG use Aqueous Glycerine (AG). This is a diluent with a mix of VG and distilled water. Vodka as a base just isn’t required, if you want to minimise the use of PG in your e-liquid, DIY means you can use almost all VG and you can still get a great e-liquid.


There are a lot of great, reliable e-liquid calculators out there. All you need to do is plug in the numbers you want to mix to and it will show you the exact ratio of ingredients.

You need to know what flavours you are using and how many. What ratio of diluents you want to use and how strong you want your flavouring to be.


There are a few different ways to mix your own e-liquid.

Some people use measurements of volume, such as ml’s. Others will use scales and mix via weight.

To mix safely, especially when nicotine is involved, it is always best to wear gloves. This is because nicotine can be taken up through your skin (think of a nicotine patch).

As mentioned above depending on how you are going to mix, you will need some accessories. If you are mixing by volume you will need syringes or measuring cylinders. If by weight you will need scales, and both methods require empty bottles.

Make sure everything is prepared and in place before you are going to start mixing and make sure you have tissue handy in case of any small spills.


How to mix e-liquid by volume:

  1. Choose your e-liquid mixing bottle (e.g. 30 ml) and add the required volume of flavour concentrate(s) using a pipette or syringe.
  2. Add the required volume of PG & VG diluent using the 10 ml syringe & blunt needle, or into a measuring cylinder.
  3. Add the required volume of nicotine using the 10 ml syringe & blunt needle, or into a measuring cylinder.
  4. Replace dropper & cap on e-liquid mixing bottle. Shake thoroughly.

How to mix e-liquid by weight:

  1. Place your empty bottle on the scales and then press tare.
  2. Add the required weight of flavourings, then press tare.
  3. Add the required weight of diluents, then press tare.
  4. Add the required weight of nicotine.
  5. Add the cap to your bottle and shake thoroughly.

The debate about steeping has raged as long as e-liquid has been available. What is steeping, it is essentially leaving your e-liquid in a cool, dark place (for a few weeks) so the flavours can fully ‘mix’ together and the full flavour of the e-liquid is available.

But some vapers don’t think that steeping does anything. So, the advice here is to make sure the e-liquid is shaken well, then try it and see what you think. Most flavours will taste great as soon as they are mixed. All e-liquid is perfectly fine to vape as soon as it is mixed.


In short no, you can’t. PG and VG are essential components in e-liquid, as they make the liquid ‘vapeable’. What you can do when you mix your own e-liquid is control the ratio of these two diluents.

If you want an e-liquid with a strong throat hit and more intense flavour, then you want to favour PG in your mixing ratio.

If you want a thicker e-liquid, maybe for sub-ohm vaping or for thicker clouds of vapour, you want to add more VG when you are mixing.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to DIY e-liquid, but what is great is the freedom you get to completely control your vaping experience.

How to getting started with refillable box mod electronic cigarette


Congratulations on purchasing your new electronic cigarette. We hope you enjoy vaping with it. E-cigs are a fast-growing industry, and they have been increasing in popularity for years because they offer a smoke-free alternative to cigarettes. You are joining millions of others who have chosen this alternative to smoke. This booklet is meant to offer a brief introduction to your e-cigarette, how to use it, and how to maintain it. As you become more familiar with this technology, you may decide to take your customizable vaping experience to the next level by building your own mechanical MODs, rebuildable atomizers (RBAs), or rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDAs). If you do, we look forward to helping you make the right purchases if you intend to mix your own flavors, Magical Flavour has over 100 on website, as well as a recipe book that will give you some awesome ideas. Don’t forget to check it out! Well, you must be very excited, so let’s get to it. Happy vaping!


Getting Started

If you have just bought a modern electronic cigarette starter kit, it most likely comes in three parts. These are the battery, the customizer, and the mouthpiece.If you have bought an older device, you may have more
parts to deal with, which we will introduce you to shortly. Your starter kit probably looks something like this:

Your starter kit probably looks something like this:

Figure 1 – Parts of an Electronic Cigarette

1 – Wicks/coils and Atomizers

2 – Battery Charger

3 – Mouthpiece

4 – Battery

5 – Clearomizer

If your kit looks something like this, all you have to do to start vaping is:

1) Screw the battery into the charger (clockwise) and plug it in to charge it.

2) Add liquid to the customizer carefully at a 45° angle along the outside wall of the tank. Avoid getting e

the liquid inside of the air nozzle (see fig. 2 and 3).

Avoid getting e   the liquid inside of the air nozzle (see fig. 2 and 3).

3) Screw in or insert the mouthpiece securely.

4) Wait about one minute for the coils to absorb the liquid. Firing a dry atomizer can damage it.

5) Screw in the battery, securely.

6) If your battery is manually activated (if it has a button on it), you may need to turn it “on.”If so, click the button five times to do so.

7) Push the button of the battery five times to activate, and while holding the button down, inhale, as with a cigarette.

8) Enjoy!

Push the button of the battery five times to activate, and while holding the button down, inhale, as with a cigarette.


Full Disassembly

To disassemble a customizer:

1) Empty the tank of all remaining liquid.

2) Hold the tank securely in one hand.

3) Unscrew (counterclockwise) the base of the customizer (the part that connects to the battery)to free it from the tank.

4) Unscrew the atomizer to remove it from the base.

5) You can now clean or replace any of these parts.

To reassemble your customizer follow these instructions in reverse. Note that most disposable customizers are not meant to be disassembled, and should not be. Replace these when necessary. We recommend using customizers with replaceable coil heads because they will save you money in the long run.



Atomizers/Coils and Wicks: to clean your atomizer, remove it from its mounting, blow out any liquid and set it on a paper towel to dry. To wash your coil, soak it in distilled water, propylene glycol or pure grain alcohol.

Do not use rubbing alcohol.

If you notice a reduction in vapor production or the flavor of your e-liquid tastes burnt, it may be time to clean or replace your atomizer. Replacing just a wick in a MOD requires experience is a lot of work, although it is a common practice when rebuilding an RBA. For recommended for beginners, because atomizer/wick combinations are inexpensive, it is easier to replace burned-out parts. Depending on use, atomizer coils tend to can have a life span between 2-4weeks and 3 months, so you should keep a few spares on hand, just in case.

Batteries: the life of your battery will depend on its capacity, how often you use it, and your recharging patterns. If your battery will no longer hold a charge, you should consider replacing it with a new one. Most batteries have a lifespan of 200 charges or about 6months.

Clearomizer Tanks: to clean your tank, remove the mouthpiece and atomizer assembly, then soak it in warm distilled water, vodka, propylene glycol, or pure grain alcohol, blow out any remaining liquid, then set it on a paper towel to dry. Do not use rubbing alcohol. Ensure no liquid remains in the center tube. Tanks should be replaced if they begin to leak regularly. Cleaning your tank before switching your e-liquid flavor keeps it from mixing with residue from your last one, making each e-liquid taste better!


Adapters come in two kinds, threading adaptors, which can be used to connect together e-cigarette parts of different circumferences, and sleeve adaptors, which will give your e-cigarette a sleeker look.

Atomizers: Also known as heating coils or heaters, atomizers are the part of the e-cigarette that vaporizes your e-liquid. Bottom coil-style tanks and atomizers are the least likely to leak and the easiest to repair.

Batteries: This is the part of the e-cigarette that supplies power to your atomizer. Battery capacity is measured in mAH (milliampere/hour).

Battery Chargers are used to recharge your e-cig batteries, usually via USB cable and/or an optional wall charger.

Bottles are incredibly useful to have around if you are making your own e-liquid.

ClearomizersCartomizer technology that combines a tank and an atomizer that usually includes user-replaceable wicks and coils.

Flavor is the fun part of DIY vaping. Mix your own flavors and enjoy the taste!

Drip tip: Mouthpieces that are removable and allow you to place the liquid directly on the coil.

Nicotine is usually available suspended in propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), or a mix of the two. It is an active ingredient in cigarettes.

WARNING: Nicotine is addictive, and e-cigarettes are not recommended for use by non-smokers.

PG / Propylene Glycol is a liquid commonly found in numerous food products such as food colorings, syrups, and sauces. When vaporized, PG is responsible for the“hit” on your throat when you take a puff from your e-cig.

Syringes and eye droppers help you measure liquid volume when mixing your own e-liquids.

Tanks: Sometimes also called cartridges, these hold your reservoir of e-liquid, and will be attached to the mouthpiece, the battery, and the atomizer.VG / Vegetable Glycerin is a liquid, found in numerous food products like soft candies, condiments, and sauces.VG is what produces the smoke-like vapor when you exhale after taking a puff from your e-cig.

Wicks: Wicks draws the e-liquid from the reservoir into the atomizer. Many people refer to these as coils.


DIY E-Liquid

Making your own e-liquid, using your favorite flavors, or developing your own recipes can be a lot of fun! This is a brief guide on developing your own DIY e-liquid.

1) Choose your PG/VG ratio. Standard ratios are50/50 and 70/30. MOD users tend to prefer high-VG e-liquids.

2) Find a well-ventilated workspace. If you’re often clumsy, wear a pair of latex gloves. Work on the anon-porous surface like glass.

3) Using a syringe or eyedropper, mix your PGand VG in an empty bottle to your desired ratio. Using the same nicotine strength pre-mixed PGand VG liquids are recommended for beginners.12-18mg/ml is roughly equivalent to the nicotine from light cigarettes, while A 10 ml bottle of 24mg/ml e-liquid contains the same amount of nicotine as a carton of regular cigarettes.

4) Choose your flavor(s). These are often concentrated liquids. Beginners are recommended to use only water-soluble flavors and to avoid flavors containing diacetyl. Until you gain experience, limit the flavor contentto10% of your e-liquid solution.

5) Shake your flavor mix and let it “steep” for about a day before vaping.

Note that nicotine adds a slightly bitter taste to e-liquid. Keep this in mind when developing recipes. Some e-liquids change color over time, due to oxidation. If you have any questions about the behavior of your e-liquid, please contact us on this page, and our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.


DIY e-liquid Calculator

If you are mixing your e-liquid using an eyedropper,1ml is the equivalent of approximately 20 drops. We recommend using a graduated cylinder for more precise measurements. For a quick-and-dirty DIY e-liquid recipe, you want to use something like this.

E-liquid Calculator

This recipe will make 30 ml of 16mg RY4 tobacco flavored e-liquid, a very common flavor, and a very delicious one, too! Depending on the brand of flavoring you use, most e-liquids require a flavor content between 10-20% of the total volume. You can check out the online e-liquid calculator here:

Say NO to Smoking With The Loved and VOOPOO

Valentine’s Day is a day full of love. On the most romantic day of the year, the VOOPOO UK field force team took roses in to major stores in London, Manchester City, Birmingham, Liverpool, and Cardiff to share love with stores and consumers, and bring them a little warmth in this cold winter.


VOOPOO has been deeply involved in the electronic cigarette industry for many years, they know their mission well, and are committed to helping people choose a healthier lifestyle. With this belief, VOOPOO UK invites consumers to say no to smoking! While loving relatives and friends, you should also love yourself, get rid of the habit of smoking, and help smokers quit smoking permanently and restore their bodies to a healthier state. This is one of the ways VOOPOO expresses love.


VOOPOO UK field force team, with love and concern for users, expressed their holiday wishes to every consumer who came to the store. They used the camera to record users being wrapped in love at the moment. As the most caring partner to users on the way to quit smoking, the VOOPOO team brought and delivered the satisfying MTL products VINCI Q and VINCI POD ROYAL, allowing users to experience the VOOPOO Style and express their care to the closest users with the latest smoking cessation products. After thousands of designs and adjustments, each product appears in the hands of users in the best and safest manner first time, delivering users beautiful designs and a quality experience just for them. At the same time, there were small gifts from VOOPOO, such as a couple’s signature pen or a couple’s necklace. These love-filled gifts express VOOPOO’s emphasis on user experience. Users said that while loving themselves, they were also feeling loved.


It is worth noting that the VOOPOO UK team is gradually expanding, and more and more partners are joining. They gather together with the same belief. This is a professional team formed with love. Every time they walk into people’s field of vision, constantly record the most authentic user experience and accumulate experience from it.


As you can see, VOOPOO has devoted more attention to its products and user experience because of its respect and love for users, and it is also loved and grown by users, which motivates VOOPOO to maintain a more professional and rigorous state to support the health of users. This series of chain effects allows us to see that beauty exists between people and exists throughout this world.

How to stop smoking in 2022

The start of a new year is often a time when people make resolutions and strive to adopt healthier habits. One goal you might have is to give up smoking. But, once you commit to quitting, how can you ensure you stick with it throughout the year?

Why do many smokers see the New Year as an opportunity to give up?

Addiction specialist Michael Gregory says the start of a new year is often a time of increased psychological motivation, as many aim to leave the old behind and embrace new goals.

“Many smokers are daunted by the prospect of attempting to quit smoking, as they are expecting it to be a struggle. They have often experienced the bitter disappointment of attempting to quit smoking and not succeeding several times. Therefore, New Year can provide that extra motivation to try again,” he says.

Is it realistic to set quitting smoking as a resolution?

Research indicates that smokers who give up in January are more likely to be successful than those who quit at other times throughout the year. This is largely due to the motivational boost the start of a new year can create. Your resolution can be combined with support and guidance from your GP or local pharmacist.

Gregory explains that planning a manageable approach to quitting smoking, with support from a healthcare professional, is much more likely to be successful than going ‘cold turkey’.

“If you think of how we ordinarily handle problems in our work or life, we first try to understand the cause of the problem. Then, we assess if possible solutions will fix it. Interestingly, when it comes to giving up smoking, smokers behave very differently. They often just pick an option at random that they haven’t tried yet, without really understanding the challenges they may face, such as cravings or changing long-term habits.”

It can be useful to set small, achievable goals when starting your journey to giving up smoking. For help setting these goals, you can speak with your local GP or local Stop Smoking Service.

How to stop smoking

Medical director Dr Earim Chaudry suggests a helpful way to keep your non-smoking goals long-term is to download money-saving apps that monitor how much you are saving by not buying cigarettes. This can be very motivational for some people when giving up smoking.

Smokefree veterans say people smoke tobacco for many different reasons, and stress the importance of learning why you use tobacco in the first place. Then, you can think about the reasons you want to give up smoking.

Some of the reasons people smoke tobacco include:

  • Stress relief.
  • Peer pressure.
  • Social situations.
  • Habit.

Understanding addiction

Smokefree explains that smoking is highly likely to become an addiction because smoking contains nicotine.

“Nicotine is a drug that affects many parts of your body, including your brain. Over time, your body and brain get used to having nicotine in them. About 80-90% of people who smoke regularly are addicted to nicotine.”

Smokefree veterans say nicotine reaches your brain within 10 seconds of entering your body, which forces the brain to release adrenaline and create a buzz. This rush can fizzle out quickly though, leading you to crave it again.

The longer you smoke, the higher your body’s tolerance to nicotine becomes, meaning you will eventually need to smoke more to experience that initial buzz.

Dealing with withdrawal

It’s also important to be aware of the potential withdrawal symptoms as your body adapts to giving up smoking.

Withdrawal symptoms may include:

  • Low mood.
  • Irritability.
  • Disturbed sleep.
  • Trouble concentrating.
  • Inability to sit still.
  • Feeling on edge constantly.
  • Reduced heart rate.
  • Increased appetite.
  • Weight gain.

Cravings and withdrawal symptoms can be reduced with the help of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). NRT is widely available in pharmacies and shops. It is also available on prescription via your GP or an NHS stop-smoking service if you’re currently smoking and want to quit. Alternatively, your GP or NHS service can prescribe a medication such as bupropion (Zyban), which can reduce cravings. And while e-cigarettes are not currently available on the NHS, they have a high success rate in helping people quit and are estimated to be at least 95% safer than cigarettes.

While people are significantly more likely to quit successfully with smoking alternatives such as those above, combining this with help from a specialist smoking cessation advisor makes your chances of quitting successfully much still. You can refer yourself to an NHS stop-smoking service free.

Dr Chaudry adds that taking up new hobbies can make quitting smoking more manageable.

“Partaking in new activities will keep both your mind and body busy. It helps you focus on something else when urges to reach for a cigarette arise. A good place to redirect your energy is into fitness and keeping yourself active. Exercising or joining a gym can be a great hobby to take up, and can help you to feel healthier,” he says.

How can loved ones support someone wanting to quit smoking this year?

Gregory says you should try to encourage a friend, who is looking to quit smoking, to become more informed about finding a permanent solution to their addiction. You can then offer to be there for them in an interested and accepting way.

Dr Chaudry says collaboration can be key to helping a loved one quit, especially if you once smoked yourself.

“If you are an ex-smoker, you can draw from your own personal experiences of quitting and share tips, provided that is what someone wants.

“You should remind people how proud you are of them, since quitting can be a difficult and sometimes lonely journey. You should let them know you are there for them, and ask what they need.”

E-liquid can be imported into China normally again

On January 1, 2022, China’s import and export tariffs were revised. The customs code of e-liquid containing nicotine was changed from 3824999999 to 2404120000. At the same time, the regulation conditions added an automatic import license. So the e-liquid can’t be imported to China anymore. While the import tax rate remained unchanged.

As soon as the news came out, the e-cigarette industry got into deep despair and all were wailing.

E-liquid can be imported into China normally again

Because some Chinese buyers’ goods have been shipped from abroad and are still on the way, they cannot be imported in compliance without applying for an automatic import license. Some of them could not be imported to Shenzhen when they arrived at Hong Kong Airport or the mainland cargo terminal, and had no choice but to return the goods. Leave alone the losses such as freight, warehouse rental, etc., Chinese vaping factories start to lack core raw materials, which greatly affects the production and export of electronic cigarette-related products.

For more than a month since then, vapers and manufacturers have been waiting for the news of the latest policy, and finally survived to the moment today when e-liquid can be imported normally.

The VAPORESSO XROS NANO- Where Innovation Meets Urban Style

Is vaping a subculture? Sure, like any group of people, vapers come in all walks of life, with a wide variety of backgrounds, styles, interests and values.  Obviously we can’t speak for all vapers, but if you hang around enough vape shops or social groups you will start to see some common threads.

First off, many vapers have a very distinct sense of style.  Over the past few years we have seen the lines blur between urban fashion (also known as streetwear), and vaping culture.  Urban fashion’s rise coincided with the growing popularity of Hip Hop and R&B.  Now, as vaping creates a buzz, vaping’s influence on the style has become quite visible.  In recent streetwear fashion shows, you may even notice runway models carrying or wearing vape accessories or vape pens as a prop.  Sure, they may be paid to display their products, but make no mistake, this very much reflects the development of vaping culture’s role in shaping the trends of urban fashion.  Given the vaping community’s stylish reputation, there’s no denying that looks are as important as anything else when choosing a kit. 


The VAPORESSO XROS NANO- Where Innovation Meets Urban Style
Urban Fashion


 Enter the XROS NANO.  With a trendy, urban look VAPORESSO’s latest MTL device aims to capture the essence of the vaping community.  Available in 6 colors, its compact and bold look harkens to the vibrant streetwear style that has become the face of vaping culture.  The runway has even made its way to the streets with the inclusion of a lanyard.  Users can now further express themselves by wearing the device around their neck if they so choose, as a fashion accessory.  Keeping with its individualist spirit, for a limited time, vapers can even take a quiz to discover the XROS NANO color that most represents their personality, with the chance of winning a free XROS NANO kit of their own.


The XROS NANO comes in 6 different colors


In streetwear there are no rules- you can combine any style, print or color to express your personality, as long as what you’re wearing feels comfortable.  Really, it makes perfect sense that vapers have adopted and shaped urban fashion; like their attire, one’s vape device is an extension of their personality, and should seamlessly combine style and functionality.  

This brings us to our next observation of the vaping community:  Vapers love innovation.  If you’ve been to any of the aforementioned vape stores or social gatherings you would know that vapers love to share their experiences and impressions with each other. Whether it’s about quality and consistency of nicotine and flavor delivery, or some special high tech feature, it’s clear that most vapers care a lot about what goes on under the hood of their device.  As important as style is, it’s useless if there’s no substance to go with it.


Style and substance in the same package


Always known for their innovation in their products, VAPORESSO has included their patented Pulse Mode in the XROS NANO, a first for pod systems in the industry. Powered by their AXON chipset, this mode allows for a consistently smooth performance through the whole puff, even at low battery life. One of VAPORESSO’s French partners stated, “The new XROS NANO is truly amazing in its flavor delivery.” As for battery life, the USB-C powered device boasts a 1000 mAh battery capacity, which is enough to get most vapers through the whole day.  Another +1 for innovation, vapers can also appreciate that the NANO is fully compatible with other pods in VAPORESSO’s XROS series.If you’ve been in the vaping community for long, chances are you’ve heard of VAPORESSO.  Founded in 2015 in Shenzhen, China under their parent company, SMOORE International, VAPORESSO is a company driven by constant innovation and consistent quality.  It should come as no surprise then that a company with such track record would also invest in making their products aesthetically pleasing for their customer base.

With the XROS NANO, VAPORESSO has sought to marry the two common threads that unite vapers- a sense of style and appreciation for innovation- in a compact, new and exciting package.

EU Parliament to endorse vaping as a way to quit smoking

The European Parliament on Wednesday became the first elected chamber anywhere in the world to endorse tobacco harm reduction.

Parliament adopted – by a margin of 652 votes to 15 – a report on Cancer prevention and Treatment which notes that “electronic cigarettes could allow some smokers to progressively quit smoking”. [1]

Parliament also rejected attempts by one political faction to water down the draft report’s important harm reduction declaration.

This is crucial because many studies have shown that vaping has a much lower potential for harm than smoking. According to Public Health England (PHE), e-cigarettes are 95 percent less harmful than tobacco and the risk of cancer drops by 99.6 percent. [2]

Dustin Dahlmann, President of IEVA, said:

“This is a landmark declaration by the European Parliament, which should go a long way to reassuring smokers of the health benefits that a switch to vaping can bring. We now encourage the other EU institutions – and in particular the European Commission – to take this on board and ensure that policy follows science, not the other way around”.

In addition to many important measures to reduce cancer incidence, the committee’s report places a special focus on the serious health effects of smoking.

The report also stresses the need for further research on vaping to be viewed in relative terms, given that tobacco smoking kills and vaping does not.

Vaping must remain attractive

The final text of the report also includes a mention of further assessment of flavors “particularly attractive to minors and non-smokers” and a possible ban on them in the context of the review of the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD).

The variety of flavors is one of the top reasons for adult smokers to switch to e-cigarettes and for vapers not to return to smoking. [3]

Dustin Dahlmann, President of IEVA: “Research into the impact of flavor bans shows that many vapers return to smoking as a result. This must be prevented. We agree that steps must be taken to curtail inappropriate marketing, while recognising the crucial role flavors play in helping smokers quit.”


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How to Understand Weed’s Legal Status in Your State

In recent years, public opinion on the legality of marijuana has shifted drastically. According to, over sixty percent of Americans are now supportive of marijuana legalization, the highest amount on record. Furthermore, roughly three-quarters of Americans support lessening legal ramifications for marijuana possession by making a fine the most severe outcome of such a minor offense. This major attitude shift toward a more positive outlook on cannabis use has been reflected in state policies as well, with many states opting for full legalization, medical marijuana certification, and decriminalization. Other locations still remain skeptical and simply maintain marijuana’s illegal status. Compounds derived from the complex marijuana plant further complicate matters, as less psychoactive forms of the drug, such as CBD and delta 8, have varying legality depending on which state in the U.S you find yourself in.


Varieties of Legal Status


Considering that there are many possible legal classifications that exist in relation to marijuana and compounds derived from the plant, here is a quick list of what each classification means to help clarify any confusion. In order to find a convenient representation of which locations condone marijuana use, or maintain it as an illegal substance, take a look at this listing of cannabis laws state by state.


1.) Recreational  Legality – This classification exists in places like California, Alaska, and Washington, to name a few, and they have the most lax outlook on marijuana. While regulations may vary slightly from state to state, this classification allows for possession of sizable amounts of marijuana, as well as the recreational use of the plant.


2.) Medical Legality – The medicinal marijuana classification requires that those who use marijuana carry a card that is provided by a medical professional. Medical marijuana cards are obtained by individuals when they have an illness or condition that can be treated with marijuana. Access to weed dispensaries is typically contingent on the possession of said medical marijuana card, as this document is also required to avoid persecution for possession or use in areas where weed is not fully decriminalized.


3.) Decriminalization –  When weed is decriminalized in a state, it indicates that punishments for possession and use of marijuana are greatly reduced, if not entirely eliminated, as long as the amount held does not exceed the state-sanctioned limitation. In locations where weed is decriminalized, open sale in public places is typically not allowed, and places like weed dispensaries are lacking.


4.) Legal CBD and low THC products – This classification applies only to products derived from marijuana which isolate specific compounds, such as CBD or Delta 8, and does not sanction marijuana use as it exists in nature. Many can benefit from the less psychoactive compounds found within marijuana, and as a result, many states that are typically seen as conservative, such as Georgia, Alabama, and Oklahoma, to name only a few, have allowed these compounds to be sold legally.


5.) Full illegality – In spite of growing public support, still many states maintain the criminal nature of marijuana possession and use, and the violation of these laws still holds serious sentences. Locations like Idaho, Kansas, and South Dakota, among others, all maintain their stance that possession and use of marijuana is a criminal offense.




Public opinion is shifting rapidly toward a more positive outlook on marijuana, and the plant’s growing legal status is a great representation of this perceptual shift. Still, just as many individuals still have their reservations about cannabis, many states hold differing levels of legality for the plant and compounds derived from it. Be sure to fully understand your state’s stance on marijuana so you can act responsibly in accordance with local regulations.

Why flavor concentrate is a must for making e-liquid on your own?

It’s not hard to make an e-liquid by your own hand nowadays, because the mixing process is simple, and there are a million guides online teaching you how to do it. In these guides, adding flavor concentrate is a process that no guide omits to talk about. Since the flavor concentrates determine what your juice will ultimately taste like, they become a must-have choice for almost every vaper.

Flavor concentrate make your vaping more pleasant

According to the author’s own experience, some disposable vape factories may forget to add the flavor into the low nicotine content e-liquid which they should have, and the vapor without flavor coming out from the device just like drinking water.

If you’re tired of those greasy flavors you vape every day, you’re tired of those overwhelmingly sweet blueberry-like flavors that are trying hard to cater to new customers, it might be a new untapped continent to leave the flavor concentrate alone.

Why flavor concentrate is a must for making e-liquid on your own?

However, we strongly don’t recommend it because vaping water-like e-liquid may cause overdose problems without the measurement from the flavor to our taste buds. Meanwhile, some VG or PG base is not of high quality, and I believe most vapers will add nicotine into the flavor, nicotine by itself had a bitter peppery flavor. Therefore, covering the irritating flavor from the VG/PG base liquid and nicotine with some high-end flavor concentrate would be the smartest move.

The famous French perfume was first invented to cover the stink smell on the body in the 18th century. And the flavor concentrate plays a similar role in making the e-liquid smell better today.

Flavor concentrate is easy and convenient to use

One of the great advantages of using flavor concentrates instead of flavorings from other sources is that they are specifically designed for vaping. Although most home mixers use food flavorings that are repurposed for vaping, the businesses that produce them do it in the knowledge that people will vape them.

Many professional flavor concentrates manufacturers like Magical Flavour have labs with advanced research & test equipment and clean room, and the flavor juices that come from them are specially designed and tested for vaping use. So adding these concentrates will make the e-liquid smell better without side effects from food flavoring.

Flavor concentrate is affordable and legal

On many occasions, we choose to buy something instead of another one is mainly because of the price, and it’s also the reason why we choose the flavor concentrate. A bottle of 30ml flavor concentrate is merely sold for 1 or 2 USD. We know a cartridge of a Relx vape pod is just 2ml, and it supports almost 3 to 4 days of normal use, 30ml flavor concentrate for 1 USD will last for not a short time indeed. And we trust every vaper is able to afford this low price.

Moreover, not like vapes, flavor concentrate is legal and can be found and purchased from most eCommerce sites like Amazon, eBay, or Walmart, etc.

Why flavor concentrate is a must for making e-liquid on your own?
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Final words

Observing from above 3 factors showing how important flavor concentrate is, now we can draw a conclusion that flavor concentrate is indeed a must for making e-liquid on your own. Start DIY your own e-liquid with some good flavor concentrate today!

PS: Wholesale or purchase flavor concentrate directly from  the GMP, ISO, HACCP certificated and qualified manufacturer Magical Flavor here: