Differences between tea cigarettes and traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes

In traditional cigarettes, the most important ingredient is nicotine, and it also includes more than 60 kinds of ingredients that are harmful to human health, such as tar and carbon monoxide.

The e-cigarette mainly heats the e-liquid through the heating coil and atomizes it into vapor for inhalation. Although harmful substances such as tar and suspended particles are reduced to a certain extent, nicotine still exists.

Tea cigarettes mainly use tea to replace the cut tobacco in traditional cigarettes, which is synonymous with health preservation in the public’s impression, so the merchants sell well all the way under the banner of “health” and “smoking cessation”. While the health benefits of it are unknown.

Zhu Yi, an associate professor at the School of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering, China Agricultural University, said that although tea cigarettes do not contain nicotine, they can also produce carbon monoxide, tar, and inhalable particulate matter during the burning process.

Differences between tea cigarettes and traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes

The main material of tea cigarettes is tea, which does not belong to tobacco products; at the same time, it does not belong to the category of food due to the use and other reasons. This makes the position of regulation slightly embarrassing, and neither a food production license nor a tobacco monopoly production enterprise license can be obtained.

Without these licenses, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of tea cigarettes produced, and there are certain safety hazards. The Shanghai Advertising Monitoring Center previously found out when testing some tea cigarette products:

Some tea cigarettes not only contain tar, but the content is not low, reaching 14.41mg/cig, which exceeds the national cigarette standard (in 2013, it was stipulated that it should not exceed 11mg, otherwise it would not be able to enter the market). It can be seen that tea cigarettes are not harmless as claimed.

Regarding the effect of tea cigarettes on smoking cessation, Xiao Dan, director of the Tobacco Diseases and Smoking Cessation Center of China-Japan Friendship Hospital, said: At present, there is no sufficient scientific basis to confirm that the test is helpful for smoking cessation. Inhaled particulate matter and other harmful substances will make long-term inhalation threaten health.

Although tea cigarettes contain beneficial ingredients such as theanine, tea polyphenols, and minerals, there is no sufficient evidence to show that it can be absorbed by the human body through puffing.

Thailand’s Digital Economy and Society Minister Wants to Legalize E-Cigs

This announcement comes despite strong opposition from local health activists and anti-smoking campaigners. The 13th Asia Pacific Conference on Tobacco or Health (APACT) which took place virtually from Bangkok earlier this month, presented a line up of speakers renowned for their irrational stance on tobacco harm reduction including the use of e-cigarettes as smoking cessation tools.

“APACT has wheeled out a totally predictable programme and line up of speakers who share an irrational and untenable position against safer nicotine products such as vaping. Also, in common is that many, if not most, are longtime Bloomberg grant recipients or indirect beneficiaries. Preaching to themselves in their echo chamber, they continue to ignore all the science and the harm they are causing consumers,” explained the Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates (CAPHRA).

“September marks the start of the secret season which sadly sees supposed ‘tobacco control experts’ playing up to their puppet masters and denying Asia Pacific’s 600 million smokers’ access to safer nicotine products,” said CAPHRA Executive Coordinator Nancy Loucas.

The MP believes in the potential of e-cigs for smoking cessation

Meanwhile, Minister Chaiwut was quoted by The Bangkok Post as saying that he believes vaping could be available as a safer alternative for those who are struggling to quit smoking. Moreover, he said, local tobacco growers and the Tobacco Authority of Thailand would benefit greatly if the tobacco industry were transformed into a more sustainable alternative.

On the contrary, the National Alliance for a Tobacco-Free Thailand (NATFT), has issued a statement calling on the government to increase efforts to protect the public from all forms of tobacco products. “Various elements of society, both government and non-government, have been working hard to reduce the number of smokers, so legalising e-cigarettes will only exacerbate the situation,” said NATFT chairwoman Dr Somsri Pausawasdi.

Thailand ranked the worst country for vape regulations

A 2019 survey released at the annual Global Forum on Nicotine (GFN) in Warsaw, ranked Thailand the worst country in the world to be an e-cigarette user in, and Australia the second worst.

In Thailand, a ban on the import, export, sale and possession of vaping products has been in place since November 2014. Anyone caught breaking this law will have their items confiscated and fined or sent to prison for up to 10 years if convicted.

“Thailand has a draconian approach with tourists as well as local people regularly getting arrested for vaping. Police often search vehicles at roadblocks for e-cigarettes and then use them to extract fines. This is not just terrible for Thai smokers who want to quit but also makes it a country to avoid for the tens of millions of tourists and business people around the world who vape,” said Asa Ace Saligupta who runs the Ends Cigarette Smoke Thailand (ESCT) consumer group at the time.

Study: Juul Pods Contain Caffeine. What’s It Doing There, And What Does It Do?

Juul pods have never been more boring and flavorless. This is thanks to President Donald Trump.

Once available throughout the United States in a cornucopia of varieties including cucumber, mango and crème brulee, under threat of a looming government, Juul pulled all flavors except from mint and tobacco from shelves starting in late 2019.

Ever since, flavor seekers have been forced to suffer through the earthy bitterness of “flue-cured” Virginia tobacco or seek illicit-market options, including buying forbidden Juul pods from “friends” in overseas locations where the flavor pods are still available, like Russia.

But according to a recent study, over the past few years, American Juul users might have found an extra kick in their pods regardless. According to an analysis published in the journal Frontiers in Chemistry in October, some Juul pods also contain trace amounts of an even more popular drug than nicotine. They also contain caffeine.

While some companies market pods that fit Juul devices that contain the extremely popular stimulant—and are advertised as such—Juul does not. According to the company’s website, Juul pods contain only four ingredients: nicotine, and the additives propylene glycol, glycerine, and benzoic acid, which serve as thickeners and preservatives.

This begs a question or two. Where’d the caffeine in Juul pods come from—and what does it do the user?

Researchers from Virginia Commonwealth University’s Department of Forensic Science analyzed the contents of 241 nicotine and cannabis vaporizer products found on the market over the past few years. In addition to vaporizer cartridges and e-juice, the researchers also investigated the content of Juul pods.

According to their paper “A Retrospective Analysis of Chemical Constituents in Regulated and Unregulated E-Cigarettes,” they found ten chemicals in Juul pods. These included caffeine, which appeared in concentrations averaging 23.5 micrograms per milliliter in Classic Tobacco pods, and averaging 9.3 μg/ml in Menthol-flavored pod.

Through a spokesman, Juul declined to comment (though it’s worth pointing out that the company no longer sells “Classic Tobacco” pods; “Virginia Tobacco” only, please.)

Would you like some caffeine with your vapor? AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES
Would you like some caffeine with your vapor? AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES

As per the researchers, caffeine that’s vaporized and then inhaled can be understood as more potent—the process increases caffeine’s bioavailability, meaning more of it is absorbed into the nervous system more easily than with, say, soaking ground coffee beans in extremely hot water and drinking the resultant brew.

As if nicotine weren’t addictive enough, in high enough quantities, added caffeine could also compel the user to crave a Juul pod, according to the researchers.

“The addition of caffeine to e-cig liquids could act as an initiation primer, leading to increased caffeine seeking and consumption and chances of caffeine addiction,” they wrote, noting that “caffeine consumption has been reported to increase the odds of smoking [and] the urge to smoke.”

Did Juul add caffeine to its pods in an attempt to make them more enjoyable, more stimulating, or more addictive? Highly unlikely, according to one expert, if for no other reason than it wouldn’t work.

According to Dr. Neal Benowitz, a researcher and professor emeritus at the University of California, San Francisco, the caffeine present is in levels too low for the user to notice.

“For comparison, a cup of coffee contains about 100 milligrams” of caffeine,” Benowitz said. At 25 micrograms per milliliter, “a bout of JUULing would deliver about 1/1000 of the caffeine in a cup of coffee,” he said. “Unlikely to have any significant effects.”

As for how it got there? Probably an accident, according to Benowitz.

“I can see no reason why they would add minute amounts of caffeine,” he added. “Most likely a contaminant in some flavor chemicals they purchased and did not know about.”

Nevertheless, as the Virginia Commonwealth researchers point out, if Juul knew that pods contained caffeine, they didn’t include it on the labels. And the findings come at a tricky time for Juul, which is still waiting to hear from President Joe Biden’s federal government whether its products can be sold in the United States.

The Federal Food and Drug Administration began removing tens of thousands of e-cigarette products from the market in August, about a year after it started evaluating product applications.

However, as a leading Democratic senator recently reminded the FDA, the agency is now more than three months behind ruling on Juul’s “premarket tobacco application.” There’s no clear sign when the agency will rule.

And as the Virginia Commonwealth researchers demonstrated, even Juul itself may not know what’s in store for Juul users the next time they go shopping for a pod.

FDA new report: e-cigarettes reduce harm by up to 95%

Since Public Health England released the conclusion that “e-cigarettes are at least 95% less harmful than cigarettes”, no other country in the world has been so positive about e-cigarettes. Especially under the repeated resistance of the WHO, the largest consumer market for e-cigarettes, the United States, which accounts for more than 50% of the world’s share, has gradually put pressure on e-cigarettes. However, the FDA has recently released an official paper, arguing that the harm reduction effect of e-cigarettes can reach up to 95%!

Recently, researchers from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), one of the world’s most authoritative public health agencies, published a research paper in the journal “Tobacco Control”, pointing out that e-cigarettes are less harmful than cigarettes and have certain harm reduction properties. . When smokers switch to e-cigarettes, the biomarker levels of various carcinogens (such as benzene, 1,3-butadiene, acrolein, etc.) in their urine will drop, up to 95%.

FDA research report: e-cigarettes reduce harm by up to 95%
FDA research report: e-cigarettes reduce harm by up to 95%

Public Health England identified as early as 2015 that e-cigarettes can reduce harm. The reason is clear: 69 kinds of carcinogens are produced during the combustion of tobacco, and e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco and have no combustion process, so they can reduce 95% of the harm of cigarettes. But specific to certain carcinogens, such as tobacco-specific nitrosamines, benzene, etc., can e-cigarettes reduce their harm, and to what extent?

Authorized by the U.S. Congress, FDA is the highest law enforcement agency specializing in food and drug management in the United States. The researchers searched and screened more than 5,000 relevant studies from August 2013 to February 2021, and reached the following two main conclusions:

1) In terms of the degree of harm, electronic cigarettes are less than cigarettes

The study divides the survey subjects into two groups: e-cigarette users and cigarette smokers. The data shows that the content of carcinogens inhaled by e-cigarette users is generally less than that inhaled by cigarette smokers. For example, benzene (metabolite is S-PMA), a carcinogen related to leukemia, studies have shown that the level of S-PMA in the urine of e-cigarette users is significantly lower than that of cigarette smokers, and there is no significant difference with non-smokers.

However, the study did not analyze the data on tobacco-specific nitrosamines, carbon monoxide and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which are the “culprits” of tobacco harm. FDA researchers said in the introduction to the paper that multiple studies around the world have confirmed that the biomarker levels of these three substances in the urine of e-cigarette users are either extremely low or undetectable. There is no doubt that e-cigarettes can reduce the main harm of cigarettes.

A paper published in The Lancet-Respiratory Medicine has pointed out that e-cigarettes effectively reduce smokers' intake of lung carcinogens nitrosamines
A paper published in The Lancet-Respiratory Medicine has pointed out that e-cigarettes effectively reduce smokers’ intake of lung carcinogens nitrosamines

2) Electronic cigarettes have the effect of reducing harm, and smokers can choose to switch to electronic cigarettes

Since e-cigarettes are less harmful, can smokers switch to e-cigarettes to improve their health? FDA researchers conducted a related survey, and the data showed that after smokers switched to e-cigarettes, the levels of inhaled biomarkers of harmful substances were significantly reduced: the biomarker levels of a class of carcinogen benzene in urine decreased by 87%-94%. , the first-class carcinogen 1,3-butadiene decreased by 55%-95%, the second-class carcinogen acrolein decreased by 70.5%-91%, and the second-class carcinogen acrylonitrile decreased by 78%-94%.

In addition, after smokers switched to e-cigarettes, the levels of biomarkers of carcinogens such as acrylamide, ethylene oxide, and vinyl chloride in urine were also reduced. Some of these carcinogens are related to heart disease and lung disease, and some are irritants to the eyes, respiratory tract, liver, kidneys, skin or central nervous system. Long-term inhalation is extremely harmful to health.

“More and more smokers are switching to e-cigarettes, and we hope our findings can inform scientific research, clinical practice and health policy,” said Marzena Hiler, a member of the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products and one of the paper’s lead authors.

CKS COCONUT ONIGIRI e-liquid review – DirtyCheck No.172

CKS can be described as a constant topic in 2021 and 2022.
Various products from them have been launched one after another to announce a strong return
After Aeolus, it has launched another popular e-liquid
Follow us to see how it is.

CKS COCONUT ONIGIRI e-liquid review

CKS COCONUT ONIGIRI e-liquid specifcations

Product Name: CKS e-liquid
Product capacity: 30mL
Product flavor: coconut onigiri
Product ratio: VG:PG (50:50)
Nicotine content: 30mg nicotine salt

CKS COCONUT ONIGIRI e-liquid review

CKS COCONUT ONIGIRI e-liquid overview

This coconut rice ball flavor catches up with some of the current trends in the vaping circle.
Previously some conventional brand has produced a similar flavor e-liquid, which goes popular with a high repurchase rate.
CKS follows suit and launches this nicotine salt e-liquid at this time.

CKS COCONUT ONIGIRI e-liquid review

Reference device with the e-liquid

Bubble, CKS Aeolus, digiflavor MTL

CKS COCONUT ONIGIRI e-liquid review

I’m using the delices including CKS Aeolus 1.2ohm, Bubble 1.0ohm, MTLdiy 28ga 1.34ohm
The overall taste is fragrant, sweet and delicious.
Nicotine salt inside it brings you enough satisfaction.
It is worth mentioning that on the CKS Aeolus and bubble Pod, you can directly feel the sour taste of coconut.
The sour flavor neutralizes the sweetness in some degree,
And this is my favorite point.
You won’t be tired or bored of vaping it for a long time.
It is indeed a good e-liquid for daily use.

CKS COCONUT ONIGIRI e-liquid review

CKS COCONUT ONIGIRI e-liquid review


CKS COCONUT ONIGIRI flavor e-liquid taste is top notched.
The e-liquid quality and proportions are great.
The device adaptability of the e-liquid is very nice as well, which won my heart.
The only shortcoming is the lack of milk flavor inside the e-liquid.
Overall speaking, the CKS e-liquid can be the best e-liquid I have used from 2021 to 2022.
OK, I’m Captain Dirty.
See you next time.

Where to buy CKS COCONUT ONIGIRI e-liquid:

contact the author below

CKS COCONUT ONIGIRI e-liquid review

CKS COCONUT ONIGIRI e-liquid review

Landmark agreement paves way for NZ grown cannabis medicines

New Zealand’s two largest medicinal cannabis companies have signed a supply contract that will provide Kiwis further access to locally made medicines and pave the way for international export success.

The five year multi-million-dollar deal between Marlborough-based cultivator Puro and Auckland-based Helius Therapeutics is New Zealand’s largest to date.

Under the partnership, Puro will supply over 10 tonnes of organic medicinal cannabis to Helius over the next five years, the equivalent of approximately five shipping containers of dried cannabis flower. 

Carmen Doran, Chief Executive of Helius Therapeutics, says the partnership is an important milestone for the sunrise industry in New Zealand.

“It gives Helius a secure local supply chain of premium, organic medicinal cannabis which we process into 100% New Zealand-grown, manufactured, and branded medicines to support our future products.”

Ms Doran expects New Zealand made cannabis medicines will be popular, with Helius unleashing its exporting strategy this year.

“Both Puro and Helius are driven to deliver safe, quality and affordable NZ-made medicinal cannabis to Kiwi patients. While Kiwis are new to cannabis medicines, we expect having a New Zealand made product will give them confidence and greater choice. At the same time Puro and Helius can work together to deliver into key global export markets.”

Landmark agreement paves way for NZ grown cannabis medicines

Puro’s Managing Director Tim Aldridge says the agreement is a massive win for the wider industry.

“It is significant in its size and scale, and in what it signals for the future. It’s the start of a long-term commercial partnership between Helius and Puro, where we’ll work together to develop the local industry, establishing pathways for an exciting new export industry for New Zealand,” says Mr Aldridge.

Puro is the largest cannabis grower in New Zealand and its outdoor crops were recently granted organic status from New Zealand certifier BioGro.

“We’re the only certified organic grower in Australasia so we’ve had huge interest in our product as a result. We expect to be able to export New Zealand’s first shipment in 2022,” he says.

Helius is already extracting Puro’s medicinal cannabis at its East Auckland facility. However, more will be supplied after the South Island cultivator’s forthcoming March harvest.

In July 2021, Helius was issued with the local industry’s first GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Licence to Manufacture Medicines by the Ministry of Health.

Importantly, Ms Doran says, New Zealand’s GMP is recognised throughout Europe which opens considerable export possibilities, in countries such as Germany.

“The global medicinal cannabis market is expected to grow to over NZ$60 billion by 2025 so this industry has the potential to become one of New Zealand’s largest export earners. This supply agreement reflects just how far our industry has come in a few short years and gives Helius the necessary scale to take premium Kiwi grown and made products to the world.”

“This agreement will also enable the sharing of best practice and R&D for future products and provide an opportunity for New Zealand to become a medicinal cannabis research centre of excellence,” says Ms Doran.

Puro was recently named Cultivator of the Year at the 2021 Australian Cannabis Awards.

“This agreement tops off a great year for the Puro team. We set out three years ago with a belief that New Zealanders deserve access to premium medicinal cannabis products, grown and made right here in New Zealand. This agreement will see that vision come to life, as well as taking premium New Zealand grown and made medicinal cannabis into global markets,” says Tim Aldridge.

Puro and Helius Therapeutics are sponsors of MedCan Summit 2022, which will take place on 10 and 11 February at the Cordis Hotel in Auckland.

About Helius

Helius is focused on medicinal cannabis research, innovation, manufacturing and commercialisation. It is the country’s largest licenced producer, the first to achieve a GMP Licence for Manufacturing Medicines, and the first medicinal cannabis cultivator to be certified as New Zealand Grown through the Buy NZ Made Campaign. The company operates a state-of-the-art, integrated facility in Auckland with indoor controlled growing systems, extraction site, an advanced cannabinoid research laboratory and manufacturing. Helius is setting the standard for effective and accessible medicinal cannabis products in New Zealand and beyond.


About Puro

Puro is a specialist contract grower of premium medicinal cannabis, with its focus on cultivation, seed production and cannabis genetic breeding and research. Puro is Australasia’s largest grower of medicinal cannabis and one of the world’s largest certified organic producers.

Puro has two premium growing sites in Marlborough – with high-CBD organic medicinal cannabis growing at its Kēkerengū site and high-THC medical cannabis growing at Puro’s indoor facility in Waihopai. The company has constructed the country’s largest medicinal cannabis drying facility in Kēkerengū, as well as a hi-tech research centre and cannabis breeding facility at Waihopai.

Puro sells its pharmaceutical-grade cannabis to extraction partners and GMP manufacturers in NZ and globally.


FEELM AIR starter kit review – World’s thinnest ceramic coil vape pod solution

FEELM AIR starter kit has just been released yesterday,  and we’re lucky enough to be the first one to get it in the world. The new FEELM AIR closed pod system features its new generation ultra-slim bionic film ceramic coil and 7.8mm ultra-thin body, then does it work with such a small size for vaping? Let’s go and find it out.

Unboxing FEELM AIR starter kit

Take off the cover of the box and it shows everything for the pod system.  2 cartridges with flavors of Polar Mint and Just Mango. 2 vaping devices in black and gradient blue.

FEELM AIR starter kit review

FEELM AIR starter kit specifications

Atomizing core film thickness: 2um
Ceramic coil thickness: 3.5mm
Power: 6W
Pod capacity: 1ml
Weight: 2g
Charging port: Type C 10 minutes fast charging

FEELM AIR starter kit review
The FEELM AIR in hand. See the size

Experience with FEELM AIR starter kit

Lightweight and mini, it’s the first impression we got. This small size makes it convenient to be put in the pocket and be stealthy. And this size is similar to Juul.

The vapor from it is clean and smooth. It tastes not bad.

No leakage was found. Good e-liquid locking technology was applied to the pod.

Small vapor amount. Compare to most disposables on market, like Cube Boom, and other larger closed pod systems, like RELX Phantom, Kardinal Stick, or Yooz Classic, the vapor amount from FEELM AIR is quite small, it’s a mouth-to-lung device.

For more info, please see the performance star ratings at the bottom of the article.

The official introduction to FEELM AIR

World’s Thinnest Ceramic Coil Vape Pod Solution

Equipped with UltraSlim Bionic Film Ceramic Coil


3 Technological Innovations

  • Innovationon Bionic MaterialThe Industry’s First 7-layer Composite Heating Film, with Better Harm Reduction Performance and Higher Energy Efficiency
  • Innovation on Nano Technique:Nanoscale Vacuumed Film-forming Technique, with more Authentic Flavor Reproduction
  • Innovation on Microporous Structure: Better Ventilation and Leakage-proof Performance

FEELM AIR starter kit review - Unltra-thin closed pod system solution

7 Revolutionary Breakthroughs in Vaping Experience brought by FEELM Air

  • Breakthrough 1: Harm Reduction Performance Increased by 80%
  • Breakthrough 2: Flavor Reproduction Improved by 33%

Two Intellectual Properties: FlavorLockTechnology and FEELM Taste Evaluation Model 2.0

  • Breakthrough 3: Leakage-proof performance increased by 237%

Powered by 2nd Generation of “Puzzle Leakage-proof” Technology

  • Breakthrough 4: The world’s Highest Energy Efficiency of 1.3mg/W

Energy Efficiency increase by 13%

  • Breakthrough 5: Brand-new “Shock-wave Mode”

Equipped with the orld’s Smallest Linear Motor

  • Breakthrough 6: Industry’s 1st Super Power Management System TOPOWER™

Doubled Charging Efficiency

10-minute Charge for 8-hour Vaping

  • Breakthrough 7:First to Adopt an Integrated MEMS (Micro-electro Mechanical System)

Highly Reliable & Sensitive without Mis-Activation

FEELM Launches the World’s Thinnest Ceramic Coil Vape Pod Solution FEELM Air

18, January, 2022, London, the United Kingdom— FEELM, the flagship atomization technology brand belonging to the world’s largest vaping manufacturer SMOORE, today launches the world’s thinnest ceramic coil vape pod solution – FEELM Air at its New Technology Launch Event in London. FEELM Air features 7 major breakthroughs in vaping experience, including ultimate design, reliability, flavor and joyful interactive experience.

The comprehensive improvement of FEELM Air is attributed to the new generation of Ultra-Slim Bionic Film Ceramic Coil, which is created with 3 revolutionary innovations.

2 FEELM New Tech Launch-FEELM Air
FEELM New Tech Launch-FEELM Air

3 Innovations on Ultra-Slim Bionic Film Ceramic Coil

Firstly, it has the world’s first 7-layer composite heating film made of bionic material, with each layer leading to a correspondingly enhanced functionality.


Secondly, the new bionic ceramic coil leverages Nanoscale Vacuumed Film-forming Technique to make the heating film distributed more evenly, for accurate temperature distribution.


Thirdly, it features a microporous bionic structure to provide smooth ventilation as well as strong e-liquid lock.


7 Breakthroughs in vaping experience brought by FEELM Air

Underpinned by Ultra-Slim Bionic Film Ceramic Coil, FEELM Air manages to achieve 7 major breakthroughs.


Most importantly, FEELM Air improves an overall harm reduction performance by 80%, compared with the last generation. Hybrid Composites Heating Layer and the industry’s first Nanoscale Protection Layer features corrosion resistance, thereby reducing the emission of heavy metals by 78.6%; and Temperature Control Layer with thermal conductivity can reduce the emission of Aldehydes and Ketones by 80.7% due to localized over-heating, compared with last generation.


The second breakthrough is more authentic flavor reproduction. FEELM Air has adopted the exclusive and patented Flavor-LockTM technology, which improves average flavor release by 33%. Moreover, terraced temperature zone and multi-layered atomization of the ceramic coil allow tailored flavor release in different temperature zones. Microporous Flavor-Lock™ Layer produce aerosols in smaller particle size for consumers to taste the flavor thoroughly.


Thirdly, FEELM Air features an excellent leakage-proof performance. It has utilized 2nd Generation of “Puzzle leakage-proof” technology, decreasing leakage rate by 237%, by means of capillary structure and an innovative choke valve to prevent condensation. Besides, Superabsorbent Lock Layer can effectively prevent e-liquid splashing.

3 FEELM New Tech Launch-New Ceramic Coil
FEELM New Tech Launch-New Ceramic Coil

In terms of energy optimization, FEELM Air boasts the world’s highest energy efficiency of 1.3mg/W, by virtue of three layers of composite materials. Temperature Control Layer allows the heating film to form a proper terraced temperature zone. Nano Silver Electro Layer can reduce invalid energy consumption while Porous Thermal Resistance Layer can effectively reduce heat loss.


The fifth breakthrough is mounting the world’s smallest linear motor, which offers a unique “Shock-wave Mode”, bringing users delicate vibrations and interactive vaping experience, so that the user can feel the resonance in every puff. The power consumption of vibrations per charge is as low as 0.06%, which is equal to only two puffs.


Meanwhile, FEELM Air has industry’s first super power management system “TOPOWER™”, which allows 10-minute charge for 8-hour vaping. In contrast to the last generation, the system’s energy density is increased by 20% and the battery life is increased by 30%.


Finally, FEELM Air adopts an integrated MEMS (Micro-electro Mechanical Systems), which functions as a reliable airflow switch, to improve the sensitivity of the device while preventing mis-activation.


“FEELM Air is the outcome of cross-disciplinary research, and a revolution to ceramic coil, ” said Frank Han, President of FEELM at opening remark of the launch event. “It replaces the single-layer film with a 7-layer biotic ultra-slim film. The thickness of the film is reduced from 80 micrometers to 2 micrometers, which is 40 times thinner than the last generation.”

4 FEELM New Tech Launch-Taste Evaluation Model Version 2.0
FEELM New Tech Launch-Taste Evaluation Model Version 2.0

FEELM Brand Refresh

In addition, Frank Han has announced the brand refresh of FEELM at the launch event. The new brand concept is composed of five words: Feel, Engine, Exploration, Lifestyle and Memory, echoing the five letters of the brand name FEELM. He has also unveiled the new logo, which has the contour of ceramic coil and is in a shape of window, symbolizing FEELM’s Window to Ultimate Sensation. The “open window” stands for the infinite pursuit of a better sensory experience, representing FEELM’s commitment to ultimate sensation.


Ever since the launch of the world’s first black ceramic atomization coil with metallic film in 2016, FEELM has changed the whole competitive landscape, ushering in a new era of ceramic coil. It has largely enhanced harm reduction with accurate heating temperature control and revolutionized vaping experience with smooth and pure taste till the last puff. More importantly, FEELM has effectively addressed the industry’s pain points of leakage and dry hit.



By 2022, vaping devices loaded with FEELM atomizers have been exported to over 50 countries in Europe, America, East Asia, Africa, and Oceania, with its accumulated sales volume of over 3 billion pieces. FEELM has never stopped the constant exploration for ultimate sensation. By virtue of FEELM Air, equipped with Ultra-Slim Bionic Film Ceramic Coil, FEELM is ready to drive another paradigm shift in the global vaping industry, leading the second sensory revolution of ultra-slim device and ceramic coil.



FEELM tech is a high-quality pod system solution belonging to SMOORE, based on the world’s leading ceramic coil heating technology. Combing with flavor reproduction technology and innovative electronics technology and structure design, bringing ultimate sensation and premium vaping experience to global vapers. Focusing on the research of cutting-edge atomization technology, FEELM provides vape brands with total solutions and manufacturing. Now FEELM symbol is on the vape pods of market-leading vaping brands around the world, such as RELX, NJOY, Haka, and VAPO.

SURGE Pioneers Ultrasonic Technology in Vaping Devices

The vaping industry is constantly evolving. SURGE Vapor seeks to revolutionise the consumer experience with new ultrasonic technology.

Typical vaping devices use a coil made of resistance wire. The wire is heated with an electrical current, turning e-liquid into vapour. Due to the heating process of traditional coils, they need to be replaced frequently and can produce unpleasant “dry hits” or burnt flavours.

The SURGE engineering team looked for a solution to this longstanding problem. The result is a new implementation of ultrasonic technology. The SURGE ultrasonic vaping chip vibrates 3 million times per second, splitting e-liquid into a cloud of vapour, without the use of a traditional heating wire.

Ultrasonic heating creates smaller vapour particles, delivering nicotine content more efficiently for increased satisfaction. Since no wires are heated to produce vapour, “dry hits” and burnt flavours are eliminated from the vaping experience. Additionally, the lower working temperature of the ultrasonic process reduces potential toxin emission and maintains the chemical stability of the e-liquid.

Increasingly, smokers are looking for less harmful alternatives to combustible tobacco. SURGE Vapor hopes that their new approach to vaping technology can maximise harm reduction while increasing satisfaction.

SURGE Vapor’s first device is made for new vapers, with a lightweight design, automatic draw activation and pre-filled ultrasonic pods. The device launches with six flavours, which have been specifically developed to pair with ultrasonic technology.

In a statement, SURGE Vapor said: “Our mission was to create new vaping technology, which advances tobacco harm reduction and maximises satisfaction. After years of research and development, this is now a reality. We are excited for vapers around the world to experience the next generation of vaping with SURGE.”

You can find more information about Surge at surgevapor.com.

Vaping Clinic offers service to help Lanarkshire smokers quit for good

A vaping retailer with shops across Lanarkshire has launched a valuable new service to help people quit smoking for good.

The VPZ Vape Clinic service is now available across the company’s entire retail estate, offering those smokers looking to transform their health and wellbeing in the new year a dedicated, one-to-one consultation with vaping specialists to help them take their first step in their stop smoking journey.

The Vape Clinic was introduced to meet the growing demand for stop smoking services as access to local stop smoking services and vaping retailers massively reduced during pandemic lockdowns, leaving thousands of smokers without any services to help them quit.

With around 78,000 people in the UK dying from smoking year on year, and with many more living with debilitating smoking-related illnesses, the Vape Clinic has been designed to support the nation’s smokers to quit for good and give them the opportunity to start transforming their health in 2022.

VPZ’s confidence in the success of the Vape Clinic service is backed by its customer promise to provide a money back guarantee for hardware purchased and any unopened boxes of e-liquids and coils if customers are unable to make the switch to vaping entirely.

The initiative is available nationwide across VPZ’s UK store footprint, further enhancing the level of customer service and expert advice to its customer base.

Doug Mutter, director of VPZ, told Lanarkshire Live : “As the UK’s leading vaping specialist, we are spearheading the fight against the nation’s number one killer –smoking.

“We are proud to have our Vape Clinic service accessible across our retail estate to give smokers the support they need to quit and help the country regain its momentum toward becoming a smoke free nation by 2030.

“Smoking statistics have unfortunately continued to rise as the pandemic has triggered an increase in smoking rates and the public health problem has been compounded by funding cuts for NHS stop smoking services and local support groups.”

Doug added: “Our Vape Clinic concept is an investment to fill the void left by the loss of local NHS stop smoking services.

“We are so confident in the success of our new service that we are offering our customers a money back guarantee if they are unable to make the switch entirely.”

A report from the Royal College of Physicians Tobacco Advisory Group backs vaping as an effective treatment for tobacco dependency and recommends that it should be included and encouraged in all treatment pathways.

It also found the long-term impact of vaping is 95 per cent less harmful than smoking cigarettes.

Doug said: “Our approach is different and is proven to help quit smoking time and time again.

“We specialise in listening to each individual customer’s needs, educating them, providing knowledge, support and advice and understanding that each customer is unique and needs a tailored approach to successfully quit.”