Geekvape B100 21700 Kit review – DirtyCheck No.168

GEEKVAPE has always been popular around vapers,

Whether it is GEEKVAPE Z series or AEGIS series, there is a certain place in the hearts of players and friends.

Today we bring you the AEGIS series of GEEKVAPE,

Geekvape B100 21700 Kit.

Let’s find out how is it.

Geekvape B100 21700 Kit review - DirtyCheck No.169

Geekvape B100 21700 Kit at a glance

B100 21700 Kit is the Boost Pro that comes in 21700 with more advanced performance. It is powered by single 21700 battery, compatible with 18650 battery with an 18650 battery adapter in the package. With B100 21700 Kit, you can enjoy Quadra Vaping experience: pro-exclusive P series coil, Aegis Boost Plus Pod (B Series Coil), RDTA, and 510 adaptor. The pod of B100 21700 Kit is designed with three inlets on the airflow control ring, which makes more air get in easily to produce a bigger and thicker cloud. Besides, the mod features IP67-rating military grade to fit the need of extreme outdoor activities: water resistant, dust resistant, shock resistant. Equipped with GeekVape P coil, it will provide you incredible high-power performance delivery in low resistance. The e-juice capacity is 6ml.

Geekvape B100 21700 Kit review - DirtyCheck No.169

The package of Aegis Boost Pro Max Kit Comes With:

1* GeekVape B100 21700 Kit
1* Drip Tip
1* GeekVape P 0.2ohm Coil(pre-installed, 60-70W)
1* GeekVape P 0.4ohm Coil(spare, 50-60W)
1* Coil Tool
1* USB Type-C Cable
1* Spare Parts Pack
1* 18650 Battery Adapter

Geekvape B100 21700 Kit review - DirtyCheck No.169

Geekvape B100 21700 Kit colors

Geekvape B100 21700 Kit review - DirtyCheck No.169

Geekvape B100 21700 Kit specifications

Brand GeekVape

Product Name B100 21700 Kit

Output Power 5-100W

Input Voltage 3.2V-4.25V

Output Voltage 0.8V-8.5V (max 8.5V)

Minimum Voltage 3.3V±0.1V

Resistance Range 0.1Ω-3.0Ω

Longest Output/Vaping Time 10s

Temperature Control 200℉-600℉

Battery Type 21700 (Single battery replaceable, not included)

Charger Voltage Type-C 5V/2A

Display Screen 0.96 inch TFT color screen

E-juice Capacity 6ml

Dimension 49.17*33.00*121.90mm

Shell Material Plastic + Silicone + Leather + Zinc Alloy

Color Space Black, Gunmetal, Devil Red, Almighty Blue, Classic Silver, Aura Glow

Geekvape B100 21700 Kit review - DirtyCheck No.169

Geekvape B100 21700 Kit user experience


  1. Exceptionally durable body with IP67 water & dust resistance.
  2. The innovative upgraded 6ml capacity pod has three inlets on the airflow control ring. More air can easily get in to create a bigger and thicker cloud.
  3. A massive cloud-maker with anti-spitback core and longer service life.
  4. Strong vaping performance, suitable for 3mg and 0mg vapor.


Geekvape B100 21700 Kit review - DirtyCheck No.169


  1. Serious condensate,
  2. Big and heavy body.

Geekvape B100 21700 Kit review - DirtyCheck No.169


This Geekvape B100 21700 Kit comes with obvious advantages and disadvantages.

The disadvantage is that the condensate is indeed more obvious, and there are some unsatisfactory points in use.

The point is that the compatibility is strong enough and the vaping performance is very good

Coupled with the 6mL pod and excellent protection system, this product is quite solid.

Suitable for fans who like box mod.


ALL IN TRUETOY, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Geekvape B100 21700 Kit review - DirtyCheck No.169

Where to buy Geekvape B100 21700 Kit @$30.99

Coupon Code: B100K

Geekvape B100 21700 Kit review - DirtyCheck No.169

The right e-cigarette nicotine delivery can help smokers quit

By switching to e-cigarettes, the researchers say tobacco users may reduce their exposure to certain carcinogens, or cancer causing substances.

For six months, the research team followed 520 smokers looking to reduce their cigarette consumption by at least 50% but had no plans to quit. They observed whether the use of various electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS)—used by around 10 million US adults—led to reduced cigarette consumption.

Study participants randomly received an ENDS containing 0 mg/mL (placebo), 8 mg/mL, or 36 mg/mL nicotine, or a cigarette substitute with no nicotine, electronics, or aerosols.

Throughout the study, researchers encouraged participants to reduce their cigarette consumption. At the end of six months, significantly more participants who had received the 36 mg/mL nicotine ENDS, which has similar nicotine delivery to a cigarette, reported remaining abstinent from cigarettes compared to the other study groups.

“Across the board, quit rates were low as none of the participants entering the trial had plans to quit, nor did they receive advice to quit during those six months,” says Jonathan Foulds, professor of public health sciences at the College of Medicine at Penn State and lead author of the study in Nicotine and Tobacco Research.

“However, over time, we noticed that the number of those receiving the high nicotine-delivery ENDS who abstained from cigarettes gradually increased. That trend was not observed in those receiving the placebo ENDS or the non-ENDS cigarette substitute.

“This is the first randomized clinical trial of electronic cigarettes to find that a nicotine e-cig produced a significant increase in smoking cessation at six months follow-up, compared with a placebo e-cig as well as compared to a non-ENDS cigarette substitute.”


Previous trials have examined the effects of ENDS on cigarette cessation, but the researchers note many of those studies used devices and liquids with unknown or unconfirmed nicotine delivery profiles.

“One of the strengths of our study was that the nicotine delivery of the specific ENDS device paired with the different liquids used in this study were confirmed before the trial,” says coauthor Thomas Eissenberg, professor at Virginia Commonwealth University. “It is evident based on our findings that ENDS with ineffective or less potent nicotine delivery likely won’t help participants to quit cigarette smoking.”

The researchers encouraged participants to reduce their cigarette consumption by 50% and then 75% for a six-month period. They measured cigarette consumption and various biomarkers, such as exhaled carbon monoxide levels, during eight follow-up visits. They determined the proportion of participants in each group who reported that they had smoked no cigarettes in the prior week.

At the six-month mark, significantly more participants in the 36 mg/mL nicotine group (about 11%) reported cigarette abstinence than in the 0 mg/mL (1%) and cigarette substitute (3%) groups. Approximately 5% of participants in the 8 mg/mL group reported cigarette abstinence at the six-month mark.

“We were surprised to see that the 8 mg/mL group didn’t have a significantly higher quit rate than the placebo group,” says Jessica Yingst, Penn State Cancer Institute researcher and assistant professor of public health sciences at Penn State College of Medicine. “These results indicate that if an ENDS doesn’t deliver as much nicotine as a cigarette, then it’s less likely that smokers using those devices will abstain from using cigarettes.”

The main conclusion of the study, the researchers say, is that when people seeking to reduce smoking try ENDS, few quit cigarettes in the short term. However, smokers that continued to use an ENDS with cigarette-like nicotine delivery (the 36 mg/mL group), were more likely to stop smoking in the short term and completely switch to ENDS, compared to those who used a placebo ENDS.

Devices with nicotine delivery similar to a cigarette may be more effective in enabling ambivalent smokers to quit cigarettes.

“In addition to having a higher quit rate at the end of the trial, the 36 mg/mL group also reported more days without smoking cigarettes throughout the trial than the other three groups,” notes Caroline Cobb, coauthor and associate professor at Virginia Commonwealth University.


The study team says that more research is needed to confirm and expand upon their findings, but they are encouraged that participants using ENDS products while still smoking cigarettes did not have a higher frequency of serious adverse events. They note that the medical monitors did not attribute any serious adverse events observed during the study to the use of the ENDS devices.

“The results of our study reflect many patterns of ENDS use that have been found in other studies and in society in general,” says Foulds, a Penn State Cancer Institute researcher. “Many people use ENDS and continue smoking cigarettes for a period of time before quitting smoking. ENDS are not a magic bullet, but our results support the idea that ENDS with cigarette-like nicotine delivery may be critical to someone’s ability to abstain from cigarettes.”

Additional coauthors are from Virginia Commonwealth University, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the University of Auckland, and Penn State College of Medicine.

Jonathan Foulds has done paid consulting for pharmaceutical companies involved in manufacturing smoking-cessation medications (e.g., Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson); and has acted as a deposed and compensated expert witness on behalf of plaintiffs suing cigarette manufacturers. Other author disclosures can be read in the published manuscript.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse of the National Institutes of Health and the Center for Tobacco Products of the US Food and Drug Administration funded the work. The National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences supported data collection. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institutes of Health or the Food and Drug Administration.

VOOPOO Wins “Ecigclick Best VAPE Brands” for Two Consecutive Years

On December 15, 2021, Ecigclick, the well-known vape review site in the UK, announced the results of Ecigclick Vape Awards 2021.

VOOPOO products won five awards including the Best Vape Brand 2021, becoming the benchmark brand winning the Best Vape Brand award for two consecutive years.

This outstanding annual achievement in awards, which covers different categories such as Mod, Pod Mod, Pod, Tank, once again verifies VOOPOO’s excellent global brand influence. Its diversified product lineup has been recognized by the market and is well received by vapers worldwide.

The Ecigclick Vape Awards attracted more than 200 mainstream brands competing in various categories. More than 100,000 global vapers of mainstream communities from North America, the United Kingdom, and the European Union participated in the email voting.

This year, VOOPOO’s four products (ARGUS, DRAG Nano 2, DRAG 3, TPP-X POD TANK) won the Best Vape Kit For Beginners, the Best POD, the Best MOD, and the Best Sub Ohm Tank respectively, thanks to VOOPOO’s consumer-based insight and diversified product strategy.

It is with the changes in the market environment and technological innovation that vapers are getting more demanding. Scenario-based, lightweight and diversified products are becoming more and more popular in the market.

In view of this, VOOPOO invested in new product series based on vaper value, and launched a product lineup integrating DRAG, VINCI, ARGUS, and V series to provide vapers with more suitable product solutions and to continue to enhance vaper experience.

Every vaper can find his favorite way to experience, no matter what he likes — Mod, Pod Mod or Pod. VOOPOO respects the vapers’ own choice and is pleased to diversify its offering.

VOOPOO will continue to develop its product ecosystem, allowing its DRAG, VINCI, ARGUS, and V series to integrate with each other, so that consumers can enjoy a safe, reliable, and diverse product ecosystem that can meet diversified needs.

New e-cigarette brand Maxray enters the market

Over the course of few last years, we have a massive popularity rise for the e-cigarette solutions. After all smoking in general is very unhealthy and also quite a nuisance to your friends and family. With e-cigarettes you are getting a much better way to fuel your nicotine habit, while also not ruining your lungs and turning away cigarette smoke haters. There are already quite some established market names in this category, but we have to add one more name to the mix already. Because the newcomers Maxray look very promising.

The Maxray brand was founded in China and the company wants to carve a huge chunk of the market for themselves. The core of their strength lies in R&D and high manufacturing capacity. And the announced focus on innovation certainly sounds good. Even though the company is quite new, their R&D team has people with over 10 years of experience in the vaporization industry. And they are planning to commit 16% of the total revenue to the needs of the R&D department. Their own manufacturing means are also quite significant and up to highest FDA certification standards like GMP, ISO9001 or ISO4001.

Their first offered products is the BAR C600/1200 disposable e-cigarette kit with a minimalistic design. It should provide a solid vaping experience, either for 1200 puffs with 4ml of liquid and 700 mAh batter or 600 puffs with 2ml and 350 mAh. With plenty of rich flavors to choose from it’s a good start for the brand in the market. Maxray plan to work both in wholesale and OEM/ODM on the market and we will certainly hear more about them in the future.

Vstecs signs with VEEX becoming China’s first national agent

On October 26, VEEX and Vstecs (HK0856) formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The latter will become the first national agent of VEEX in the Chinese mainland market, acting as an agent for the fourth-generation product line of VEEX. VEEX Technology has also become the first strategic partner of Vstecs to enter the e-cigarette industry.

In terms of the specific cooperation content, VEEX Technology revealed to us that this strategic cooperation will prompt it to integrate resources with Vstecs around the construction of VEEX fourth-generation e-cigarette product sales channels and the future expansion of e-cigarette business.

YOOZ won the Safe Star Quality Label Authorization

On December 17, YOOZ won the authorization to use the Safe Star Quality Mark at the 2021 Fifth International Electronic Cigarette Industry Summit Forum.

The conference was guided by the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce and hosted by the Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee of the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce. Qu Weizhi, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Information Industry and Director of the Expert Advisory Committee of the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce, Liu Dan, President of the Chinese Communist Party Historical Figures Research Association, Wang Ning, President of the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce, Guo Dawei, President of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Electronics Chamber of Commerce, China Electronics Chairman of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee Yao Jide and other leading guests attended the meeting. The conference not only analyzed and discussed the development prospects of the industry and the direction of technology research and development, but also issued certificates to the first batch of enterprises authorized to use the Safe Star quality label.

University of Waterloo to help conduct $10-million study of e-cigarettes

The University of Waterloo says it will be one of several schools from around the globe taking part in a $10-million study on e-cigarettes and other new nicotine products.

The university says the five-year study, which is being funded by the United States’ National Cancer Institute, will look at the behavioural and long-term health impact of different regulatory approaches to e-cigarettes and other new nicotine products among youth and adults in seven countries.

“Understanding the use of these products among both youth and adults is critical to understanding which policies are the most effective in decreasing tobacco use and curbing youth uptake of e-cigarettes,” said professor David Hammond, who is leading a youth study in the area.

“The timing of this project is ideal since policies are still evolving in Canada and other countries.”

UWaterloo says the market for tobacco products has seen rapid expansion over the past few years with the advent of e-cigarettes and other new nicotine products joining old stalwarts such as cigarettes and cigars on store shelves.

It also notes that countries have used different options on how to regulate the market, with some governments going so far as to encourage those who are having a hard time quitting smoking cigarettes to transition to e-cigarettes.

The school says other countries have adopted more restrictive measures in an attempt to avoid having younger people get addicted to them.

Waterloo psychology professor Geoffrey Fong is one of the leaders of the study that will focus on the approaches to these types of nicotine products in the U.S., Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea.

“To date, there has been mostly speculation about the impact of policies on e-cigarettes and other new nicotine products,” Fong stated.

“This project allows us to compare the behavioural and potential future health impacts of different regulatory strategies being carried out in different countries with great potential to inform evidence-based approaches to e-cigarettes and other new nicotine products.”

Hammond, professor and university research chair in public health in the School of Public Health Science at Waterloo, will lead a survey of youth in the U.S., Canada and England that examines trends in smoking and vaping among youth who smoke and those who have never smoked.

Reduce harmful sources in vape and return to natural experience

Nicotine Y has changed the current main formula of e-liquid and the release mechanism of nicotine. At the same time, because the main precursor of the aroma in tobacco is used, it provides an experience closer to the origin of tobacco.

The invention of nicotine salt has greatly promoted the marketization of vaping products. The emergence of nicotine salt e-liquid has also made the industry understand that technological innovation in the field of e-juice is also important for product upgrades. In the past few years, as the inventor of nicotine salt, Dr. Xing Chenyue led the MYST Labs team to develop the non-nicotine salt formula Nicotine Y independently based on the technical development route of nicotine salt, which brought more efficient nic absorption to the industry by taking using of the new formula.

In order to promote the industry to maintain a healthy and compliant development trend, on December 7, 2021, at the IECIE International Electronic Cigarette Industry Expo site, 36Kr and IECIE jointly held the 3rd Electronic Cigarette Industry Forum. The theme of this forum is “Competition In the second half of the e-cigarette, talk about the core competitiveness of manufacturers.”

The following is a selection of sharing content brought by Xing Chenyue, chief scientist of Mystlabs:

Hello, everyone, I’m Xing Chenyue. Due to the epidemic, I can’t come to the scene to communicate with you face to face. Today, I will briefly talk about the development of e-liquid technology in the past ten years and the future direction of development through video.

A vape is an electronic device containing a dilute solution containing nicotine. The electronic cigarette is heated by electricity. The solution in the heating device is commonly called e-liquid, which causes the e-liquid to evaporate and atomize to form an aerosol. The user mouths take draw of nicotine-containing atomized aerosol, nicotine then passes through the respiratory tract to the lungs, enters the blood through the gas exchange on the alveolar surface, and finally passes through the blood to reach the blood-brain barrier, and enters the brain through the blood-brain barrier. Therefore, e-cigarettes are an electronic delivery system used to deliver nicotine. The entire design mimics the process of evaporating nicotine in solid tobacco at high temperature from traditional cigarettes, and allows smokers to inhale this process into the lungs, while atomizing at a relatively low heating temperature. E-liquid whose composition is hundreds of times simpler than that of cigarettes achieves the purpose of nicotine transmission. Therefore, the core role of e-cigarettes is a new type of nicotine delivery method other than tobacco products.

As a combined product, the innovative iteration of vaping device is for the efficient transmission of nicotine, and only the innovative iteration of e-cigarette liquid is the key to promoting the upgrade of e-cigarette’s influence. A brief review of the development history of e-cigarette liquid in the past ten years. In 2004, Chinese pharmacist Han Li obtained the e-cigarette patent authorization. His first-generation e-cigarette directly used the main addictive substance in tobacco nicotine, dissolved in propylene glycol in the form of nicotine free base to make a diluted solution, the concentration is usually as follows 1% to 5%. In 2005, the Chinese e-cigarette company Ruyan launched the first e-cigarette based on this invention. In 2007, electronic cigarettes began to enter overseas markets such as the United States. Between 2005 and 2015, e-cigarettes in the global market used the first-generation e-liquid formula of nicotine free base. On this basis, users have different perceptions of the thickness of e-cigarettes exhaled and the sensation of throat hitting during inhalation. Requirements, the e-liquid solvent has gradually changed from the original pure propylene glycol to the mainstream propylene glycol glycerin mixed solvent on the market. At the same time, in accordance with the needs of users, as well as the taste and experience of the e-liquid itself, manufacturers began to add different types of e-liquid to the e-liquid. Flavors, the first generation of electronic cigarettes entered the market as alternative cigarettes, but the level and speed of the top level are very different compared to cigarettes, and they cannot meet the needs of smokers to relieve their addiction. Therefore, during that period of time, smokers’ acceptance of e-cigarettes has been at a low level, but there are also a group of e-cigarette players who mainly use e-cigarettes, especially open, high-power, large-smoker systems, as a trendy play. The focus is on box mod and different open pod systems, e-cigarettes are generally popular in vaping circles.

In 2015, the American e-cigarette company JUUL studied the chemical environment of nicotine in tobacco and its chemistry and morphology, and believed that the main reason for the lack of addiction relief in the first generation of e-cigarettes was the use of nicotine free alkali alone, so it invented nicotine salt e-liquid formula and successfully obtained patent authorization. In the same year, JUUL’s newly designed e-cigarette completely changed the model and technology of the past ten years from appearance to cartridge to heating mechanism. With the invention of their nicotine salt e-liquid formula, it completely broke through the anti-addiction barrier of e-cigarettes. It has increased the conversion rate of American smokers from cigarettes to e-cigarettes by more than several times. Therefore, JUUL opened up the market in the US market, and quickly occupied the main market share. After the launch of JUUL, the explosive influence, nicotine salt e-liquid formally entered the Chinese market in 2018, and has since become the mainstream formulation of Chinese e-cigarettes, and it has also started the “thousand-vape war” described by the media in the past two years. Since 2018, Chinese e-cigarette brands have carried out formula optimization in various aspects of e-liquid formulations based on nicotine salt, but there has not yet been a new formula that can truly make a qualitative leap like nicotine salt e-liquid formulations in a few years.

Is nicotine salt e-liquid the “ceiling” of e-liquid? Will there be the next generation of e-liquid that can truly achieve the ultimate goal of being highly addictive and infinitely close to natural tobacco?

The entire development process of e-liquid, in simple terms, first extremely simplify the natural composition of tobacco, remove harmful by-products and other ingredients that are not related to the above and addiction, and leave only nicotine. Because of the need for an addiction-free experience, other substances are gradually added to the e-liquid to enhance the e-cigarette use experience. In terms of the current development direction of the global e-cigarette industry and regulatory agencies, the most important needs for the current development of e-liquid technology are: 1. Reduce the content of nicotine, but still provide smokers with a high degree of satisfaction from addiction; 2. Remove multiple flavors , let the e-liquid match the original flavor of tobacco; Third, use the product to experience the fullness of the smoke in the nasal cavity.

In order to meet the current needs for the development of e-liquid technology, the development direction of e-liquid technology of various e-cigarette companies is mainly focused on: First, continue to optimize the formulation of nicotine salts, such as using different nicotine salts or compound salts; Second, reanalyze the natural ingredients of tobacco , Non-nicotine salt formula of tobacco origin. I will introduce them separately below.

The first is to optimize the nicotine salt formula. In 2015, the first nicotine salt e-liquid used nicotine benzoate. Based on the results of testing more than a dozen different nicotine salt formulas within JUUL, the most powerful nicotine salt formula was selected. The strongest and most balanced one. In the same year, the American e-cigarette company NJOY also launched nicotine salt e-cigarettes, and they used nicotine citrate. Their choice was also based on internal test results. However, from the perspective of anti-addiction, the market responded greatly to citrate e-cigarettes. Not as good as JUUL’s benzoate. After 2015, the work of optimizing nicotine salt formulations has not stopped. It is mainly divided into screening other nicotine salts and compound salt formulations that use more than one salt, such as Myst Labs’ Nicotine X. The purpose is to optimize the e-liquid experience, taste and The amount of organic acid.

In the past few years, the production of nicotine salt e-liquid on the market has changed from using benzoic acid alone to using tartaric acid, citric acid, and lactic acid. The e-liquid formulation has been modified in a small range, and the throat feel is adjusted and similar to the taste through the use of different organic acids. There is no essential difference and improvement in the overall addiction-relieving effect of e-liquid. Nicotine X, a type of nicotine salt formulation that uses a compound salt, uses a combination of organic acids to maximize the spatial combination of nicotine molecules and organic acid molecules. Through the use of organic acid combinations, the spatial combination efficiency is improved and the nicotine atomization transmission efficiency is guaranteed. In the case of reducing the overall dosage of nicotine and acid, the overall anti-addiction effect is still maintained, but these two optimization methods on the nicotine salt formula have not yet been able to produce qualitative changes and breakthroughs in e-liquid technology.

Natural tobacco contains more than 4,000 different ingredients. The nicotine and organic acids currently used in e-liquid are only two of them. The other ingredients in tobacco are not completely ineffective. They provide the unique aroma of tobacco and are comprehensively assisted. , It enhances the nicotine’s upper head feeling, and also adds different types of throat hitting and nasal filling to the smoke, making the cigarette richer, which is not achieved by current electronic cigarettes.

The research and development of nicotine Y carried out from the perspective of returning to the origin of tobacco, firstly re-analyzed the heating products of different types of components in tobacco and their role in the tobacco experience, starting from the end, deducing from the target function, and proceeding based on the role of the heating product. After splitting and combining, a preliminary e-liquid formula of nicotine Y is made. We used an objective avaping method to analyze the new e-liqudi vapour samples to determine whether the thermal decomposition products under the heating conditions of the e-cigarette are consistent with the target of the cigarette, and whether there are additional toxic by-products produced , Measure the conversion rate of the main components. At the same time, we also conduct subjective smoking experiments to evaluate the addiction relief of the new e-liquid formula, to simulate the mouth and nose filling and impact of cigarettes, and to enhance the texture of the tobacco aroma of e-liquid.

The main change of nicotine Y to e-liquid technology is that it changes the current main e-liquid formulation and nicotine release mechanism, and no longer directly uses organic acids to neutralize nicotine and stably convert the free alkali of nicotine salt in the smoke. At the same time, it plays the same role as in cigarettes, increasing the taste level of vapour. Because nicotine Y uses the main precursor of the aroma in tobacco, it provides an aroma closer to the origin of tobacco, thereby enhancing the benefits of e-cigarettes and comprehensive experience for smokers.

In summary, the development process of e-cigarette technology is a process in which e-cigarettes derive innovation from tobacco products. First, subtract and then add. In the future, the source of artificial addiction will be minimized and the experience of returning to the origin of tobacco will be realized. thank you all.

RELX assisted Shenzhen police in destroying a fake product den in Huaqiangbei

Recently, with the assistance of RELX, the Shenzhen police in Guangdong, China successfully cracked a gang involving the sale of counterfeit RELX vape with a value of more than 800,000 yuan.

On December 9, after preliminary investigations and judgments, the Food, Drug and Environmental Investigation Detachment of the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau, the Public Security Section of the Futian Sub-bureau, and the Huaqiangbei Police Station of the Futian Sub-bureau launched a unified operation to attack the four Nijia Electronics outlets involved in the case. At the shop of Nijia Electronics located in an electronic accessories market in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, the police seized a large number of counterfeit Relx vapes, and arrested 5 suspects including Shen, the person in charge of the store, on the spot. In this operation, a total of 910 sets of counterfeit starter kits and 6090 boxes of vape cartridges were seized in Nijia Electronics’ shops and warehouses. In addition to selling in stores, the counterfeit gang also conducts onlines sales through on platforms such as WeChat.

RELX assisted Shenzhen police in destroying a fake product den in Huaqiangbei

It is understood that before being seized by the police, Nijia Electronics and the counterfeiting gang were administratively punished for selling counterfeit RELX vapes. However, the gang did not stop in time. Instead, they continued to sell fakes in a more concealed manner. They adopted methods such as changing shop signs and switching to online sales, which greatly increased the difficulty of law enforcement. After receiving the report, the relevant law enforcement agencies made repeated arrangements and deployed controls, and finally succeeded in destroying the counterfeit sales den in this operation.

In recent years, some counterfeit products that are shoddy and of worrying quality have seriously affected the order of the e-cigarette market and the lives of consumers. Since 2019, RELX has launched the Golden Shield Operation to assist relevant law enforcement agencies in cracking down on counterfeiting dens and sales channels, and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. As of December 2021, the Rescue Golden Shield Operation has initiated 46 criminal cases against counterfeiting, 6 civil cases, and 52 administrative cases, involving a total amount of more than 83 million yuan.

The person in charge of the RELX Golden Shield operation stated that in the past work, RELX found that the products sold by these counterfeit dens often came from the uncertificated small workshops, and then sold through some offline counterfeit outlets and Wechat business featuring its low price.

RELX assisted Shenzhen police in destroying a fake product den in Huaqiangbei

However, the production environment of these small workshops is harsh, there is no quality testing equipment, the products with formaldehyde, benzene series and other carcinogens seriously exceed the standard, and there are major safety hazards such as battery explosion, which seriously threatens the safety of consumers. “The counterfeiters in the small workshop do not wear gloves and masks during the operation, and no disinfection, no dust prevention, and no epidemic prevention measures are were taken.” The person in charge of the RELX Golden Shield operation reminded consumers to choose regular sales channels and lines and purchase RELX products in authorized stores.

Best Ways To Vape Delta 8 THC Disposable Pens

What are Delta 8 THC disposable pens?

Delta 8 THC vape pens are battery-powered vaping devices pre-filled with Delta 8 THC e-liquid. It is a very small, rechargeable device close to the size and shape of a conventional ballpoint pen. These disposable vape pens come pre-filled with everything you need to enjoy your D8 experience. 

How to use Delta 8 Vape Pens?

The Delta 8 THC disposable vape pen is easy to use. The battery is already charged; simply press the button and inhale. This pen is only for a single-use, so it can be thrown away after you’re done. Delta 8 is a powerful and convenient disposable vape pen. Each disposable pen contains 2mg of THC, pre-packed in the cartridge. You see, the company makes these pens so that you don’t have to mess around with batteries and chargers. The whole device is set up and ready to go when you buy it.

These small disposable vape pens provide you with a discreet, convenient way to enjoy Delta 8. There are many pre-filled disposable vape pens on the market, but this is one of the products specifically geared toward use with Delta 8.

Delta 8 disposable vape pens are perfect whether you’re a first-time user or well experienced. The smaller the pen, the more discreet it is. You can use this vapor pen anywhere, anytime you choose with little chance of being caught.

Cannaaid Shop offers a disposable vaporizer pen as a more affordable, convenient way to vape. The pens are pre-charged and ready to use – just open the package and start vaping! The compact and sleek pen-style design make vaping on the go a breeze. 

The Delta 8 disposable vape pen is a great way to try out vaping. The pen comes with one cartridge of CBD oil and a USB charger so that you can charge the pen at home or on the go. It is small, sleek, and discreet so that you can use it even if other people might be in the room.

Storing your Delta 8 THC disposable vape

A disposable vape pen is a lightweight, compact device that’s ideal for smokers who prefer to smoke on the go. When you purchase the device, it comes in a compact case called the Recoil Tuck™ Holster, which is perfect for keeping your device safe and stowed away until use. This case has been designed with a moisturizing bag that allows you to keep your device protected from moisture and mist.

Keep your pre-filled substance at its finest. Store your vape pen in a cool, dark place and out of reach from children. The battery should be charged for a couple of hours before using it. If the battery is inserted, there is no way to check how much battery life remains.

How long does the Delta 8 THC disposable vape last?

It depends on how intensely you puff, your features, and other factors. Typically, a disposable vape will give you around 280 to 300 puffs per day. However, it all depends on how you use it.

What is in a Delta 8 disposable?

Delta 8 disposable vape pen is formulated with 95% Δ8THC oil derived from hemp. This disposable vape pen comes with a high-performance battery for optimal performance and taste. 

Can I buy Delta 8 disposable vape pens online?

Yes, you can buy Delta 8 disposable vape pens online from the safe and trustworthy brand Cannaaid Shop. Delta 8 disposable vape pens come in 8 THC or CBD flavors, allowing you to enjoy your favorite strains without any smoke.