Soyee secures strategic investment from DFP

Dongfeng Capital, DFP and Soyee jointly announce that the new tobacco vape brand Soyee has successfully completed important strategic financing recently. The investor is DFP (601515.SH). After the completion of this round of financing, it will bring a strong strength to the new tobacco industry. The cooperation between DFP and Soyee is an in-depth cooperation and strong alliance between traditional tobacco suppliers and new-type tobacco high-tech representative companies. It is expected to bring a disruptive breakthrough to the vape industry.

Soyee secures strategic investment from DFP

Founder Lu Jiwei said that this round is Soyee’s first external financing since its establishment, based on a high degree of mutual understanding of brand concepts and technology research and development paths. After a long period of in-depth observation and research on the industry, DFP came across a like-minded brand called Soyee. Both parties had similar views on the future development trend of the new tobacco industry and decided to join hands and go forward.

Soyee secures strategic investment from DFP

Mr. Lu Jiwei said: “In the future, Soyee and DFP. will use PLA filter research as a foothold, combine probiotics, herbal granules and other biotechnologies to create new functional and healthyvaping products, promote the vaping industry, and continue in the new tobacco race track, practicing the new concept of healthy consumption upgrading and building a brand with a new dimension. Regarding the controversy of new tobacco products in the past two years and recent industry developments, we believe that this is the only way for a new industry to move towards standardized management. This is a good thing! We will adhere to the principle of putting consumers’ interests first and product safety as the fundamental purpose, and continue to create safer and more interesting products for consumers.”

Soyee secures strategic investment from DFP

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