ALERT: Global livestream focuses on nicotine

Global advocates for safer nicotine products are broadcasting around-the-clock during the World Health Organization’s COP9 tobacco control conference this week.

Each day on the international livestream, dubbed sCOPe, Tobacco Harm Reduction experts and consumer advocates focus on a different theme.

“Nicotine is the topic of the day. We will cover what it is, what it isn’t, and how it can be used to save millions of lives globally,” says sCOPe organiser, Nancy Loucas.

sCOPe is being simulcast on YouTube at and on Facebook from Monday, 8 November until midnight (Hong Kong Time) on Friday, 12 November.

Tuesday’s schedule (HKT):

5.00am – ARDT Ibero Latin American Regional Discussion (Spanish)

8.00am – CASAA (US) Panel Discussion (English)

10.00am – SOL/Smokefree Radio Discussion (US) (English)

12.00pm – CAPHRA Nicotine is Not the Enemy – Short Film (English)

12.30pm – CAPHRA Panel Discussion – Sre Sucharitha, MD Expert (English)

4.00pm – ECST ENDS Cigarette Smoking Thailand Discussion (Thai)

5.00pm – COREISS Marewa Glover, PhD Presentation (English)

6.00pm – HK EUforSnus Bengt Wiberg Presentation

10.45pm – AVI (India) Discussion

sCOPe organiser, Nancy Loucas:

Smoking kills eight million people every year, yet the WHO continues to actively campaign against safer nicotine alternatives such as vaping.Countries attending COP9 must force the WHO to back the evidence,” she says.

Peter Dator, president of consumer group Vapers PH, and sCOPe panellist:

“Fortunately, about one million former Filipino smokers have already switched to novel smoke-free products such as electronic cigarettes and HTPs. Our government’s pending legislation will only encourage more Filipinos to put their health first,” he says.

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