The most popular question about e-cigarettes that beginners ask. Have You Heard Them?

Often you can see people exhaling puffs of steam on the streets of cities. Usually, this is not harsh and unpleasant cigarette smoke but vapor with a pleasant smell. They use special devices called vapes.

However, there are many discussions, myths, and conflicting opinions around this topic. Therefore, we hope the review of experts will help you decide whether to buy a vape and find answers to your questions.

Do people want to smoke regular cigarettes after using the vape?

This is one of the most common myths. But in fact, the reason for smoking is the example of the people around, stress, but by no means the taste or attractive aroma.

Is vaping harmful to others?

In fact, the vapor has a minimal content of carcinogens, so this does not threaten either the smoker or those who are nearby. If the smoke from ordinary cigarettes diverges at a great distance, then it dissolves into vapor from vapes almost instantly. Experts assure: the content of carcinogens in the standard version of cigarettes is several times higher.

Are vapes highly addictive?

According to research from the University of Virginia, respondents gave it up after using the vape easily and did not want to use it anymore. The liquid contained in the vape consists of several components. The nicotine content is optional – there are many options on the market without this component. The only thing to remember about using a vape is the possibility of an allergic reaction to the flavor. Therefore, it is best to make sure that you are not allergic to certain ingredients.

Do vapes encourage people to use regular cigarettes?

Vapes are perceived as an opportunity to reduce the harm from smoking to health and do not require much more money than regular cigarettes, so they are unlikely to cause non-smokers to become smokers. And even if a new smoker decides to start with electronic cigarettes, it will be many times safer both for his health and for the health of those around him than if he smoked regular cigarettes.

Will I spend more money on vaping than regular cigarettes?

Switching from smoking to vaping can save you money. However, this depends on the person’s unique circumstances, but it is usually the best solution for quitting cigarettes. Smoking has high financial costs. It costs about £10 to buy cigarettes every day. You spend a considerable amount a year! But, if you buy a quality e-cigarette, you will not need to spend money daily. And a bottle of liquid with a volume of 30 ml will be enough for you for 10-15 days.

Final thought

The British Ministry of Health has decided to conduct thorough safety tests of e-cigarettes. In particular, the research was carried out by Professor Anna McNeill from King’s College London. The vaping safety report is over two hundred pages long. Following the study, the UK took steps to introduce the e-cigarette as a clinical smoking cessation tool.

Vaping popularity is growing worldwide because many people consider it a safer alternative to smoking tobacco. Unlike regular cigarettes, vapes are available in a variety of designs, styles, and sizes. This makes them more attractive to more people. A person may even buy a popular cartridge system because he considers it to be a fashion accessory. And some people invest in these devices to compete in vaping while using the safest liquids possible.

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