ALD was awarded 2021 Shenzhen Intellectual Property Superior Unit

Recently, the Shenzhen Intellectual Property Office carried out the identification of Shenzhen’s superior intellectual property units. Through on-site inspections, expert review, and online publicity, ALD successfully won the 2021 Shenzhen Intellectual Property Superior Units, and won a special government project. 200,000 yuan subsidy.

This time, 20 high-tech companies including Tencent Music, OnePlus Technology, etc. have been recognized on the list. ALD is the only vape manufacturer company to receive this award, indicating the recognization from Shenzhen Municipal Government to ALD who has been deeply involved in the electronic atomization field for many years sparing no efforts to scientific research innovation and affirmation of intellectual property protection.

ALD was awarded 2021 Shenzhen Intellectual Property Superior Unit
Intellectual property superior enterprises refer to enterprises that have independent intellectual property rights in important industrial fields, actively carry out the protection and use of intellectual property rights, and can undertake major and key industrial development projects. ALD attaches great importance to technology research and development, and the annual research and development investment accounts for more than 8% of total revenue. Now it has formed an independent research and development team of more than 200 people, including more than ten doctors with high academic standards and strong scientific research capabilities; successively invested more than 15 million yuan in hardware facilities, built a CNAS certified high-standard electronic atomization professional laboratory, and achieved industry-leading research and development results one after another. These results have passed the advanced IPD product development system and are widely used in product design, manufacturing and testing.

ALD was awarded 2021 Shenzhen Intellectual Property Superior Unit

In addition, ALD is well aware that intellectual property is the basis and measurement index for independent innovation of enterprises, and is the support and guarantee for maintaining core competitiveness. Therefore, it has always attached great importance to the implementation of intellectual property strategies and formulated a long-term “ALD Intellectual Property Plan” and specific measures. The implementation of the “ALD Patent Quality and Quantity Improvement Plan” has established its own patent “moat” step by step in a planned way, which provides a powerful way for the company to create technical barriers, increase product added value, and maintain industry leadership in the international market competition.

ALD was awarded 2021 Shenzhen Intellectual Property Superior Unit
In September this year, the State Council issued the “Outline for Building a Powerful Country with Intellectual Property Rights (2021-2035)”, which outlined China’s grand blueprint for accelerating the building of a strong country with intellectual property rights. The award of “Shenzhen Intellectual Property Superior Unit” this time is an honor and a spur to ALD. In the near future, ALD will actively respond to the call of national policies, further increase R&D investment, adhere to innovation-driven, and comprehensively enhance intellectual property strength, continue to promote intellectual property strategic planning, and contribute to the building of a strong country in intellectual property rights.

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