Why Blue Coma Strain Is So Popular

Blue Coma is an incredibly popular strain, and it’s for a good reason. If you want to understand all the reasons it’s popular, we will break that down for you right here and now, as well as where to buy some Blue Coma of your own.


The origin of the Blue Coma strain is dominant in three distinct parts of the world;


  • Afghanistan
  • Mexico
  • Thailand


It is an easy-to-grow strain that tastes sensational and will make you feel fantastic. But, be warned, don’t be operating any heavy machinery when you’re using Blue Coma.  Are you looking for a mom dispensary in Canada that has this strain?

Flavor and Aroma

The flavor profile of Blue Coma can vary from time to time. Still, predominantly some flavors are indicative of the Blue Come flavor profile.


The taste you’ll find with Blue Coma is made up of ammonia, blueberries, menthol, and strawberries. The terpenes are myrcene, pinene, carene, and phellandrene. Lastly, surprising nobody, Blue Comma is green in color, not blue.


The aroma of Blue Coma is a sweet citrus and lemon odor, giving off that summer vibe.

Side Effects

Everything has side effects, and Blue Coma is no better or worse for it. The potential effects of Blue Coma include the potential for panic attacks and dry eyes. These two side effects come up the most but are not things you 100% will experience.

Common Use Reasons

Many people use and enjoy Blue Coma to help with anxiety, fatigue, PTSD, loss of appetite, and migraines. It’s a well-rounded strain that really does reach across the body to aid in whatever way it can. In most cases, it does an adequate job of relieving pain both physically and mentally.


Positives & Negatives Mood Effects of Blue Coma

There are a few positives and negatives to the Blue Coma strain. Still, these are subjective and can be viewed differently by everyone. As a result, we suggest you take these with a grain of salt and use them as guidance, not as a true testament to how they can affect you.


The positive mood effects of the Blue Coma strain vary from potential to expected results. For starters, you have the positive effects that you have a chance of feeling but also might not; euphoria, numbness, and creativity. Euphoria is the most unlikely scenario on this low-level list. Still, when you get that euphoric high, it really is like no other.


Effects that you’re likely to experience in some way, shape, or form are calmness, pain relief, and an increased appetite. You’re going to love watching a switched-off television on your couch, feeling calm, painless, and enjoying endless bags of potato chips, thanks to Blue Coma.


When we talk of negatives, these are the things that are possible, and if they did happen, well, they’d kind of suck.


The first negative possible side effect of Blue Coma is potential anxiety. The irony, something used for anxiety, might also induce it. However, the probability of developing feelings of anxiety from Blue Coma is not extremely high, so don’t treat this as the means to take it out of your shopping cart. The other more common negative is actually more of an annoyance, dry mouth.


Blue Coma is popular because it’s a reasonably versatile strand with positive qualities and a unique flavor profile. It’s an extremely well-rounded strain that many people enjoy and come back for more, and more, and more.


Looking to grab some Blue Coma of your own? Shop now on our website and enjoy the tranquil effects of Blue Coma today!

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