How ALD vape deal with product safety?

Since the birth of the vape industry, its safety issues have always received widespread attention from the society. Vape device safety is vital to the entire industry.

So, what exactly does the safety of vape devices refer to, and in what ways can it be dealt with? As a senior enterprise that has been deeply engaged in the field of vape for a long time, ALD conducts long-term research and demonstration on the mechanism and solutions of safety problems.

Accurately locate the source of the hazard

What are the safety issues of vape devices?

The ALD Research Institute has made precise positioning based on the mechanism of safety hazards, and divided them into two categories: device safety and human safety.

Device safety, as the name suggests, refers to the safety of vaping devices during carrying and use, especially the stability and reliability of electronic design and battery power in various environments.

Human safety mainly refers to the parts that can enter the human body’s physiological cycle, such as the impact of atomized liquid, aerosol, and key material precipitates on human health after entering the human body under various conditions such as high temperature heating and long-term infiltration.

With the location of the source of security problems, improvements and solutions can be put forward in a targeted manner.

How ALD vape deal with product safety?

Strictly control security checkpoints

In order to control the safety checkpoint, ALD set up a series of testing laboratories around the source of safety problems, including precision testing laboratories, environmental laboratories, aerosol laboratories, atomized liquid detection laboratories, etc., equipped with large-scale testing laboratories. ALD imported precision inspection and testing equipment, in accordance with the scientific and complete testing process, through the quantitative and qualitative safety issues, formulated relevant standards, and comprehensively and multi-angled product quality control.

How ALD vape deal with product safety?

Equipment security control

In order to ensure the safety of equipment, ALD formulate a strict product reliability test process:

From the component specification and quality inspection when the material enters the factory, to the built-in battery vibration, negative pressure, drop, high and low temperature, short circuit, overcharge, thermal shock and other tests when the finished product leaves the production line.

Through the reliability test, the reliability of the internal components of the product can be determined when working or storage under various environmental conditions, especially the safety of the battery power and electronic temperature control design, and it can also expose the product’s design, raw materials and process flow existing problems in other aspects. It provides support for further improving product safety.

How ALD vape deal with product safety?

Human safety control

ALD believes that the key to solving human safety issues lies in establishing strict safety standards:

Quantitative analysis and detection of components involved in the circulation of the human body, such as atomized liquid, aerosol, and key materials, were carried out, and nearly 30 food safety-related national standards were referenced in the detection method.

With reference to EU TPD, French AFNOR standards and US PMTA requirements, three major safety control standards have been independently formulated, including “ALD Atomizing Liquid Safety Standard”, “ALD Aerosol Safety Standard”, “ALD Material Safety Standard”, and spare no effort to guarantee Consumers are free from worries while enjoying a beautiful atomization experience.

How ALD vape deal with product safety?

How ALD vape deal with product safety?

ALD always regards product safety as the top priority and continuously increases R&D investment. From the study of the molecular mechanism of nicotine addiction to the core innovation of atomizing liquid and nicotine technology, and the continuous progress of material technology, ALD has carried out a comprehensive layout, all of which It’s all for one thing-to bring consumers safer and more reliable electronic atomization products, which in turn drives the improvement of industry safety standards, and contributes to the healthy and orderly development of the entire industry and the market.

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