Making a DIY vape e-liquid: new recipes to try

The ingredients used in DIY e-liquid are the same ingredients that are used in market products. DIY Vape juice is the easiest and cost-saving version. But in DIY, there is more flexibility and more customization.

If you are using e-vape juice for a long time, you may feel tired of spending money. So you are finding a way to learn the art of making your e-liquid at home. With little trial and error, you can make the perfect and suitable Vape Juice for yourself. You have control over the flavoring of your DIY vape juice. You can decide to have mild, intense flavors, and as per your choice, and can blend the flavors. Mixing and making e-juice can be a fun and lengthy process. It also depends on how much you know.

This article contains information about making DIY vape e-liquids. For DIY e-liquid, you will need ingredients, essential equipment, and some instructions.


Methods to mix DIY e-juice:

There are most preferred two ways to mix DIY e-juice:

  1. Mixing by weight: In the weight method, you need to measure the ingredients by weighing with the help of a scale.
  2. Mixing by volume: In this method, you have to measure the volume of each ingredient with the use of syringes. The volume method is easiest as you need to measure liquids.


The easiest way to make vape juice:

Making your e-liquid is a process that involves the mixing of leading elements. There are three base liquids: PG, VG, nicotine, and flavor concentrates. In contrast, you can prefer nicotine-free or even unflavored.


  • Step 1. Prepare Nicotine

The overall volume of the e-juice depends on the required amount of nicotine. So you need to determine the importance of necessary nicotine in the e-liquid. Use diluted nicotine in milligrams. Getting nicotine proportion is a crucial factor. You can use online e-juice calculators or apps to make it easy. Avoid using less than the amount recommended by the e-juice calculator.


  • Step 2. Prepare Flavor

This step is essential if you want to make a new flavor. Remember that flavor makes or destroys your e-liquid. You can choose only one flavor or mix the flavor. But if you are trying for the first time then go for using one flavor and add a little at starting. Trials will make you choose what you want. You can add more flavoring if you need it after testing. Be careful while mixing the flavor.


  • Step 3. Prepare Base

The base proportion can be done based on recipes. You can refer to any VG/PG blend, and usually, it can be between 50/50 and 80/20. Also, point to remember that diluted nicotine contains some levels of PG or VG. So it is also vital to consider nicotine volume.


  • Step 4. Mix the Blend

Once you are ready with ingredients, mix all ingredients, pour in a bottle, and shake it well. The ingredients used in E-liquid are more likely to be thick, so blend them properly.


  • Step 5. Steep

Steep depends on your preference. The time of steepness can vary from a few days to months. But many e-juices will taste much better when steeped, just like good, aged wine.


In the steeping process, the cap is kept off, letting oxygen go inside. After the steeping process, the flavor and color of the liquid will change. Even the color change is a sign that E-Juice has steeped.


  • Step 6. Testing

Once you have completed the steeping process, you can test the e-juice. Use the drippers or rebuildable atomizer. Also, remember that temperature affects the e-vape juice taste.


  • Step 7. Storage

Make sure to store the E-juice properly. Protecting from sunlight, heat, and oxygen, so it is preferred to keep homemade juice in a cool dark place.

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E-juice calculators: an essential tool:

If you want to find the exact amount of ingredients for the mix, you can try the E-Juice calculator. The calculator helps to make your DIY process easier and accurate. The calculator helps to find how much from each ingredient you will need. Once you get all the required elements, the equipment, you can start doing e Juice.


There are many e juice recipes:

Learning the process of making DIY vape juice is something interesting. Following are the sample e juice recipes.


  1. Menthol e Juice Recipe:

The creator of this juice recipe has spent a lot of time and effort to make the trial and finalize different combinations.


Following are the ingredient measurements:


  • 80 ml of nicotine juice in 100% PG at 100 mg strength.
  • 88 ml of PG dilutant.
  • 18 ml of VG dilutant.
  • 45 ml of French vanilla cream flavor.
  • 15 ml of kool ade 10% flavor.
  • 15 ml of menthol flavor.
  • 75 ml of milk chocolate flavor.
  • 53 ml of peppermint flavor.
  • 30 ml of vanilla custard flavor.


Make sure to use the same brands provided of flavors for optimal results.


  1. Herbal e Juice Recipe

You can also use herbal flavor but avoid using aromatherapy essential oils. Essential oils are not that safe for vaping for many reasons. Also, do the proper research on making Herbal e juice.


  1. Versatile CBD Juice

CBD Juice is made from botanicals.


Following is the basic recipe:

  • 99% Pure 500 mg of CBD isolate
  • 15 ml of PG dilutant
  • 12 ml of VG dilutant
  • Preferred flavor or terpenes 3 ml


Take a total of 3 ml of flavoring. If you want to mix two flavors, then both should be measured at a capacity of 3ml.


Points to remember:

  • Do the proper research and use online resources.
  • At starting try to be useless.
  • Use the brand’s concentrations instead of replacing between brands.
  • Keep an eye on the Potent Concentrate; it varies with brands and flavorings.
  • Make notes after testing. Try to keep detailed notes that will help you to make the proper e-juice.
  • Start with a single flavor and then go on mixing.



Making e-juice DIY is simple and can be a complicated process. It depends on how you attempt the process, how you use the tools and do research. Remember that it’s not necessary that your first attempt will be successful, and don’t stop; go on, have fun with it.

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