RELX to defeat brand and product design infringement

RELX is actively taking actions in cracking down on various vape brands that conduct infringement on RELX brand in China since June 2021.

On the one hand, RELX has recently won two lawsuits against similar trademarks.  The two infringing trademarks are REIX and RELOOX.

The decision of Shenzhen Wuxin Technology Co., Ltd. to object to RELX’s similar trademarks announced by the State Intellectual Property Office showed that the result of the judgment was that both REIX and RELOOX constitute similar trademarks to RELX, and both were disallowed to be registered.

The State Intellectual Property Office determined that the registration of the disputed trademarks REIX and RELOOX belonged to similar products and constituted similar trademarks, and could easily cause confusion among consumers. Their application damaged RELX’s prior trademark rights and interests, so RELX’s trademark right claim was protected by the Property Office. While REIX and RELOOX constitute similar RELX trademarks, they’re not allowed to be registered.

On the other hand, RELX has started a litigation battle against three vape brands that produce RELX compatible cartridges. These 3 infringing brands include SP2S, VEEX and MAX.

The SP2S operating company was fined 200,000 yuan by the Shenzhen Market Regulation and Administration Bureau in May this year. The basis for the punishment shows that it may be suspected of illegally publishing advertisements.

From the information that has been disclosed so far, RELX has launched this year’s encirclement and suppression of RELX compatible cartridge vape brands. This is not the first time that RELX has sued a compatible vape brand for trademark infringement.

On June 16, VEEX, another RELX compatible cartridge brand, was sued by RELX for alleged unfair competition. RELX suing VEEX has not yet undergone a formal trial because VEEX filed a jurisdictional objection.

On July 2, RELX sued MAX in Hangzhou, claiming that it infringed its patent rights.

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