Sigelei disposable vapes review: Sigelei RG, Odo and Utra 2200

The author got some disposable vapes from the Sigelei brand directly. They are Sigelei RG, Sigelei Ado and Sigelei Utra 2200. Each of them comes with unique advantages.

Sigelei RG: A 4000 puff long-endurance disposable vape

Puff: 4000 puff
Material Stainless steel, PCTG
Micro USB Rechargeable


Sigelei Odo: A cartridge-based rechargeable disposable vape

E-juice Capacity: 4ml
Puff: 2600puffs
Fire way draw Activated
Material: stainless steel, PCTG
Nicotine: 2%-5%


Sigelei Utra 2200 Puff: Popular specifications on the market

Battery1000 mAh,
Ejuice Capacity: 4ml
Puff: 2200 pufs
Size: 19*108.5mm
Fire way: Draw Activated
Resistance: 1.0 ohm
Materialstainlss steel, PCTG

Taste of Sigelei disposable vapes

Overall speaking, the taste and flavor of Sigelei disposable vapes are relatively strong, the nicotine content is very high, it would be suitable for vapers who need strong nicotine strength and taste, 2 puffs and you’ll be satisfied. Those disposables are the direct-to-lung style with less draw resistance. Large vapor there. Overall user experience is not bad. After our test, mango flavor is recommended.

To learn more about Sigelei disposables including prices and catalog, and contact the Sigelei Official, please click the PDF below:

Sigelei disposables price.PDF

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