Smok N18 and R22 Tandem Review – Improved For Better Performance

The N18 and R22 are some of the few latest offerings from Smok made available to consumers. Both the N18 and R22 are designed to give consumers a much better alternative in which the experience is a lot more seamless but with less charging time due to its massive battery and faster-charging speeds.

The RPM 4 Quick Unboxing – Portable, Compact and Premium

The RPM 4 was first released early in 2021 giving consumers a powerful yet compact device that comes packed with a ton of power. The RPM 4 comes in a variety of color options to choose from making it one of the most flexible devices both for the casual and heavy users in the market.



Thiner is the New Portable

The Thiner kit is one of the most compact and portable devices in the market for consumers looking towards eliminating the habit with a better alternative. The Thiner kit is portable and easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to charge making it the perfect travel companion or for those quick sessions to satisfy that urge.

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