SKR V1 pod vape review – DirtyCheck No.133

In the mod vape era, SKR was the agent of many hot brands, and was remembered by consumers. After the mod vape era, it slowly began to settle down, accumulating, now SKR joined hands with its own product, SKR V1, to make a comeback.
Let’s take a look at how the SKR V1 is.

SKR V1 pod specifications

Cartridge capacity: 2.8mL
Pod content: 3%
Battery capacity: 500mAh
Puff: about 600
Charging port: Type-C

SKR V1 pod vape review

SKR V1 pod device colors and patterns

Devil, samurai, street fashion, Sagittarius, Ninja, Aries
Graffiti, Illustration, Mummy, Zombie, Fruit, Spaceman

SKR V1 pod vape review

Flavors (Currently 9 flavors are first released)

Summer watermelon, mango frappuccino, orange soda
Blueberry smoothie, pineapple fruit coffee, succulent grapefruit
Coke Time, West Lake Longjing, Fruity Rum
Various flavors available, convenient for consumers to try and experience.

SKR V1 pod vape review

Pros and cons


1. Multi-color and multi-flavors for choosing.
2. Easily meet the needs of a day’s working hours in terms of battery life and puffs.
3. The vaping resistance adjustment is very good, neither tight nor empty, very suitable for mouth to lung vaping.
4. The size is perfect.
5. The cartridge is equipped with an inner compartment to prevent high temperature evaporation and e-juice flavor loss, to ensure a pure taste

SKR V1 pod vape review

SKR V1 pod vape review


1. The pulling and inserting operation on the cartridge is not humane enough, and it is not easy to pull it out. You need to use the nozzle part.
2. The device sticker comes with a certain roughness.
3. The raw materials of e-liquid needs improvement.

SKR V1 pod vape review


First of all, I have to praise the core part of the cartridge.
The cartridge is set up in an inner tank.
After dismantled by Captain, the accessories part of the cart is very complete, including condensation collection cotton, etc., very fine.
You know, many brands are unwilling to do internal tank.
The black opaque material of the outer field matching with the inner warehouse prevents high-temperature evaporation and keeps the flavor pure and smooth.

SKR V1 pod vape review

SKR V1 pod vape review

SKR V1 pod vape review

Although the drip nozzle is made close to the size of a cigarette,
Captain would like to see an upgrade on the drip nozzle to make it more comfortable.

SKR V1 pod vape review

SKR V1 pod vape review

Overall, the price and the little details have improved the quality of this product,
Whether it’s daily work or social leisure, there are always your favorite flavors and colors.
As a friend who wants to experience electronic cigarettes and wants to get started, Captain recommends buying it.
As an old vaper, I would also recommend buying this, because it is a good emergency product, you know.

SKR V1 pod vape review

Ok, continue our slogan,
I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy SKR V1 pod vape: not available on the international market, add the author’s Wechat below

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