It rumors that China Tobacco launched its first e-cigarette, triggering a surge in the e-cigarette stocks

On May 20th, the Hong Kong stocks e-cigarette sector continued yesterday’s gains. As of the close, Huabao International rose by more than 24%; China Boton rose by more than 8%; China Tobacco International and Simer International rose by more than 4%

According to market news, it is reported that Boulder and China Tobacco Yunnan have jointly produced a new electronic cigarette Small Yellow Fish, and the Small Yellow Fish has already started production and will be available soon.

Some market participants pointed out that if the rumor is true, it means that the national team will officially compete, which will greatly enhance the certainty of the e-cigarette industry.

In fact, rumors about China Tobacco’s entry into the e-cigarette field have spread from time to time. As early as 2018, it was reported that Yunnan and South Korea’s IF Tobacco Co., Ltd. signed a MC (MyCigarette MyChoice) brand low-temperature heat-not-burn cigarette distribution agreement in Kunming.

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