A Beginner’s Guide To Vape Kit Essentials

Vaping is another method of breathing in nicotine or other drugs using an electronic device rather than smoking them. If you’re reading this article, you may very well be a beginner looking for more information on vaping and the tools that come with it. As a newcomer to the vaping world, it’s essential to be familiar with what you need to use to have your first taste. To jumpstart your vaping practice, the following are facts you need to know before buying your first kit.

The E-Cigarette 

If you’re seeing an elongated device that may resemble a pen that people put into their mouths, it’s called a vaporizer or vape. It’s a device people use to consume e-liquids. E-cigarettes make it possible to consume liquids made of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and flavoring.

These electronic cigarettes come in various wattages that warm the e-liquids to different temperatures, which also affects the flavor. For beginners, you could get a satisfying vape at 10 watts. As you progress, you could eventually start using 40-50 watts. You may visit sites like vape pens at Vapeandjuice.co.uk and other vape shops to check out various vape kits.

Parts Of The Vape Kit 

Every beginner needs a vape starter kit. An essential part of learning how to vape is to get familiar with the vape hardware used to inhale various liquids. This includes the components and accessories that make up the device. Each part works together to transform liquids into vapors you can smoke and taste.

  1.  Mouthpiece Or Drip Tip 

The mouthpiece is where you inhale from so the vapor can travel to your lungs. It connects to the main chamber or tank, which contains the e-liquid. The only way for the vapor to come out is to suck it out through this component.

  1. Tank  

The tank holds the e-liquid of your choice. It can either be made of hard plastic or glass and encases the coil. It’s commonly the body that holds the mouthpiece and the battery underneath.

Learning about vape basics also includes understanding the different types of substances you could try. Besides e-liquids, there are also buds, oil, and waxes. As you learn more, you’d eventually discover how to inhale them using different vapes.

  1. Vape Coils 

The vaporizer’s heating element is the wiring shaped like a coil that primarily turns the liquid into vapor. Vaporizers vary as they can have one or two coiled wires. The wick may either be wrapped around or placed in the middle of the coil.

  1. Wick 

The wick inside the tank is wrapped in the coil. It’s made of different materials, like cotton, mesh, or twisted silica. It’s an absorbent material that holds the liquid heated by the coil and turns it into vapor.

  1. Atomizer 

The component that holds the coil and the wick can be found inside the tank in standard vape models. More advanced vapes are stand-alone vaporizers.

  1. Battery 

The battery connects to the tank and holds electricity, which heats the e-liquid inside. There are various sizes of batteries that vapes use, but the most common are 18650 batteries.

A Beginner’s Guide To Vape Kit Essentials

How To Buy Your First E-Cigarette 

You’d need a little bit of basic knowledge before buying your first electronic cigarette. Knowing what you want may make it easier for you once you set foot in a smoking shop. Also, you could still always ask the proprietor or staff for recommendations.

  • Step 1: Choose Your Type Of Vaping 

Since there are a few types of vapes, you may need to figure out first what style of vaping you want to try. This would influence the kind of vaping kit you want to have. There are two styles of vaping: classic and sub-Ohm vaping.

Classic vaping, also known as mouth to lung (MTL), is a style of vaping where you’d need to inhale the vapor first through your mouth and then to your lungs. It’s suited for beginners as it’s a natural method of consuming substances, much like inhaling a cigarette. It’s also said to be an easier way for smokers to transition to vaping.

Sub-ohm vaping uses an e-cigarette with a coil whose resistance level is less than 1 ohm. In sub-ohming, you inhale the vapor, and then it goes directly to your lungs, which experienced users tend to do. The vape’s atomizer coil in this case quickly heats up because of low resistance. A more significant amount of liquid vaporizes, producing a more prominent flavor with a thicker cloud of vapor.

  • Step 2: Decide Which Vaping Kit You Want 

There are two types of MTL devices you could choose from as a beginner. There are classic MTL vaping devices with changeable coils that require replacements and a refillable tank if you see yourself doing mouth-to-lung vaping. It’s perhaps best for those who like more flavor options and customization.

Cigalike MTL vaporizers are another excellent choice for beginners because of their affordability. They have a disposable flavored refill, like menthol. And they look similar to traditional cigarettes and are thought to be easier to use. E-liquid flavor ranges include tobacco, which has varying nicotine strengths.

Another type of vaporizer is a direct-to-lung (DTL) device, like a sub-ohm vaporizer. This device is for more experienced users who have long moved on from smoking to vaping. The device is also customizable, allowing the user to set it to cater to personal tastes.

A Beginner’s Guide To Vape Kit Essentials
  •  Step 3: Choose An E-Liquid To Inhale 

Once you’ve already picked out your vaping kit, you’d be going through various e-liquids or refills to inhale and taste. These also come with nicotine with varying strengths, if you prefer them to e-liquids.

In Conclusion 

Vaping is a fast-growing practice that’s believed to be less harmful than smoking. If you want to start the habit, knowing the vaporizer parts would allow you to understand how it works and how you could eventually enjoy vaping more. And when you’ve gotten used to vaping, you may also use modified devices to find the tastes you like, like what veteran users do.

Canadian Vapers Unite for World Vape Day

TORONTOMay 30, 2021 /CNW/ – Despite ongoing threats of flavour bans, nicotine limits and increased taxes as well as a persistent misinformation campaign, Canadian vapers are undeterred in their fight to ensure that vapour products remain available, accessible and affordable from coast-to-coast.

“This is the fight for our lives,” said Maria Papaioannoy, spokesperson for Rights4Vapers one of Canada’s vapers right organizations. “We are grateful that we have a day where we can talk about our lived experiences as vapers without the filter of cynicism and doubt that permeates media coverage of vaping.”

Vaping is a proven less harmful alternative to smoking. Public health authorities around the world have made it clear that vaping can be an effective tool to help smokers quit smoking. But only if the right regulatory and societal frameworks are in place.

Canada must be more forward looking in its approach to vaping. We are seeing restrictive regulations pop up in every province, including a flavour ban in Quebec,” said Christina Xydous, spokesperson for the Coalition des droits des vapoteurs du Québec. “Vapers from every province must stand up and speak out about the infringements on their rights with these kinds of draconian regulations. Vapour products can help save lives.” 

Flavours are an important component to the vaping experience for adult smokers. Flavours help smokers migrate from traditional cigarettes to vapour products. In 2019, Parliament conducted hearings on amendments to the Tobacco Act (Bill S5). Experts told the federal government that flavoured vapour products are important. It’s time that all governments listen.

Vapour products are the best hope for hundreds of thousands of Canadians who smoke and are looking for an alternative to cigarettes. Earlier this year, Public Health England released its latest review of vapour studies. It found that “the best thing that a smoker can do is to stop smoking completely and the evidence shows that vaping is one of the most effective quit aids available, helping around 50,000 smokers quit a year.”

The Federal Government introduced a proposal late last year to restrict the options for vapers by capping the nicotine content at 20 mg/mL. Nicotine caps represent one more infringement on a product that has helped thousands quit smoking.

“Nicotine caps may not seem like a big deal, but to vapers they are. Many vapers start at high nicotine levels and wean themselves to lower levels over time. A wide range of options is critical. And, any restrictions would result in vapers going back to smoking,” said Ms. Papaoiannoy.

According to research published by the Consumer Choice Center, there are upwards of 1.5 million adult Canadian vapers in Canada. Approximately 955,000 of those adult consumers currently use flavoured vape products. A full ban on vaping flavours would likely push most of those consumers back to smoking.

SOURCE Rights 4 Vapers

For further information: Rights4Vapers : media@rights4vapers.com; CDVQ : info@droitsdesvapoteurs.ca

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World Vape Day: BAT’s review highlights 10 years of scientific evidence on vaping

  • Multiple scientific studies show switching completely to vaping with high-quality products has reduced health risks
  • compared to smoking, contrary to many consumer beliefs
  • Study data indicates that vaping products can provide an alternative for smokers who would not otherwise quit
  • Review supports the important role for vaping products in Tobacco Harm Reduction
  • Reinforces the importance of BAT’s unique consumer-centric model and how we are reducing the health impact of our business and building A Better Tomorrow™ through our multicategory approach

To mark World Vape Day, BAT has today published a comprehensive review of the scientific evidence for vaping products (e-cigarettes), their potential health effects and their role in Tobacco Harm Reduction.

This review shows that, over the past decade, the number of people who incorrectly believe vaping is as harmful or more harmful than smoking conventional cigarettes has risen in the UK, Europe, and the U.S. This is despite several scientific reviews , , published in the same period showing that vaping products manufactured in accordance with quality standards present less risk to health than cigarettes.*

According to population modelling studies cited in the review, a significant reduction in premature deaths could be achieved if current smokers switched exclusively to vaping rather than continuing to smoke. These modelling studies use population data and simulations to project the health-related outcomes associated with the long-term risks of smoking versus vapour use over time.

Dr. David O’Reilly, Director of Scientific Research at BAT, commented: “This paper is a comprehensive summary of more than 300 peer-reviewed scientific papers and other evidence published by an estimated 50 institutions over the past decade.

“The scientific evidence is clear – but consumer misperceptions remain. In England and the United States, only one in three adults is aware that there is scientific evidence available, including from leading public health authorities, that supports the conclusion that vaping is less harmful than smoking.

“The reality is that many leading public health authorities have reported that vaping is less harmful than smoking, and that this harm reduction potential can be maximised if those smokers who would otherwise continue to smoke switch exclusively to using vapour products.

“We hope this paper will be used as a resource by public health authorities, and support adult smokers seeking to understand the breadth of scientific evidence that exists to inform their choices.”

“Reducing the health impact of our business is at the heart of our purpose – to create A Better Tomorrow by offering the widest range of reduced-risk alternatives to cigarettes*,” David O’Reilly continued. “This is why we aim to have 50 million consumers of our New Category products, which include our vapour product range, Vuse, by 2030.”

This review highlights that vaping products can effectively compete with combustible cigarettes by providing nicotine and the sensorial enjoyment sought by smokers. Therefore, access to high-quality, extensively tested and well-regulated vapour products is crucial. However, vaping will only be considered a compelling alternative to smoking if public health institutions unambiguously and accurately inform smokers that switching completely to vaping can reduce their health risks.

The paper also reviews current vapour product regulations, and notes that these regulations largely relate only to labelling, ingredients and taxation – but not manufacturing standards. This has resulted in highly variable product quality standards globally.

The review stresses the need for consistent product manufacturing regulations and the universal adoption of robust product stewardship standards by manufacturers with the aim of increasing public confidence in vaping.


Read more by clicking on these links:

Scientific Review Summary

* Full Review paper: Camacho, Oscar M., Ebajemito, James K., Coburn, Steven, Prasad, Krishna, Costigan, Sandra and Murphy, James J.. “Evidence From the Scientific Assessment of Electronic Cigarettes and Their Role in Tobacco Harm Reduction” Contributions to Tobacco & Nicotine Research, vol.30, no.2, 2021, pp.63-108. https://sciendo.com/article/10.2478/cttr-2021-0007

Notes to Editors

The White Paper reviewed more than a decade of scientific data and peer-reviewed studies from multiple sources worldwide to understand and evaluate different aspects of e-cigarettes and their role in Tobacco Harm Reduction, including the importance of design, testing, and adherence to high manufacturing standards.

Our review assesses published studies of how sensorial aspects of vapour products, including flavours and vapour aerosol visibility, play an important role in such product acceptability for former smokers looking for reduced risk

  • alternatives to cigarettes and for current adult vapers who want to avoid returning to smoking. The data indicate that adult vapers prefer e-cigarettes offering a variety of flavours, and that this variety makes vapour products a more viable alternative to continued smoking.About BAT

    BAT is a leading, multi-category consumer goods business with a purpose to build A Better Tomorrow by reducing the health impact of its business through offering a greater choice of enjoyable and less risky products for adult consumers. The company continues to be clear that combustible cigarettes pose serious health risks, and the only way to avoid these risks is not to start or to quit. BAT encourages those who would otherwise continue to smoke to switch completely to scientifically-substantiated, reduced-risk alternatives

  • . In order to deliver this, BAT is transforming into a truly consumer-centric multi-category consumer products business. BAT employs over 53,000 people and operates in over 180 countries, with 11 million points of sale and 45 factories in 43 markets. The company’s Strategic Portfolio is made up of its global cigarette brands and a growing range of reduced-risk
  • New Category tobacco and nicotine products and traditional non-combustible tobacco products. These include vapour, tobacco heating products, modern oral products including tobacco-free nicotine pouches, as well as traditional oral products such as snus and moist snuff. In 2020, we had 13.5 million consumers of our non-combustible products, a rise of 3 million on the year before. The BAT Group generated revenue of £25.8 billion in 2020 and profit from operations of £9.9 billion. 
  • Based on the weight of evidence and assuming a complete switch from cigarette smoking. These products are not risk free and are addictive. Our products as sold in the US, including Vuse, Velo, Grizzly, Kodiak, and Camel Snus, are subject to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation and no reduced-risk claims will be made as to these products without FDA clearance.Forward Looking Statements

    This release contains certain forward-looking statements, including “forward-looking” statements made within the meaning of the U.S. Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These statements are often, but not always, made through the use of words or phrases such as “believe,” “anticipate,” “could,” “may,” “would,” “should,” “intend,” “plan,” “potential,” “predict,” “will,” “expect,” “estimate,” “project,” “positioned,” “strategy,” “outlook”, “target” and similar expressions. These include statements regarding our customer target ambition, New Categories revenue targets and our ESG targets.

    All such forward-looking statements involve estimates and assumptions that are subject to risks, uncertainties and other factors. It is believed that the expectations reflected in this release are reasonable but they may be affected by a wide range of variables that could cause actual results to differ materially from those currently anticipated. A review of the reasons why actual results and developments may differ materially from the expectations disclosed or implied within forward-looking statements can be found by referring to the information contained under the headings “Forward-looking statements” and “Group Principal Risks ” in the 2020 Annual Report and Form 20-F of British American Tobacco p.l.c. (BAT).

    Additional information concerning these and other factors can be found in BAT’s filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”), including the Annual Report on Form 20-F and Current Reports on Form 6-K, which may be obtained free of charge at the SEC’s website, http://www.sec.gov and BAT’s Annual Reports, which may be obtained free of charge from the British American Tobacco website http://www.bat.com.

    Past performance is no guide to future performance and persons needing advice should consult an independent financial adviser. The forward-looking statements reflect knowledge and information available at the date of preparation of this release and BAT undertakes no obligation to update or revise these forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on such forward-looking statements.


    Press Office
    Anna Vickerstaff
    +44 (0) 20 7845 2888 (24 hours) | @BATplc
    Investor Relations

    Mike Nightingale: +44 (0)20 7845 1180

    Victoria Buxton: +44 (0)20 7845 2012

    William Houston: +44 (0)20 7845 1138

    John Harney: +44 (0)20 7845 1263

GTX GO 80/40 review: Good atomizers for good taste – DirtyCheck No.127

Hello everyone, today I bring you the GTX GO 80/40 series just released by Vaporesso.
Yes, two products of the same kind are released at once.
Everyone must know the vaping performance and taste of GTX,
Today we will take a look at how does it feels with this new device.

GTX GO 80/40 review

GTX GO brief view

A refreshing update on a pen-style vape, the GTX GO features a magnetic GTX POD 26/22, allowing you to vape in the snap of a POD. The newly improved POD features a Top-Filling system and SSS Leak-Resistant Technology, making the refilling process effortless and mess-free.
GTX GO supports the entire series of GTX coils, including an RBA finish. Paired with easily an adjustable airflow, a 3000mAh built-in battery with a maximum output of 80W, and TYPE-C quick charge capabilities, GTX GO provides a complete vaping experience.

GTX GO 80/40 review

GTX GO features

  • Top Filling System
  • Magnetic Pod with Precise Airflow Adjustment
  • One-click Satisfaction
  • Highly Compatible for GTX Coils
  • SSS Leak-resistance Technology
  • Type-C Quick Charge
  • Comfortable Grip

GTX GO 80/40 review

GTX GO parameters

GTX GO 80: 5/2ml
GTX GO 40: 3.5/2ml

CoilGTX GO 80:
GTX 0.2Ω MESH Coil (45-60W)
GTX GO 40:
GTX 0.6Ω MESH Coil (20-30W)

Output PowerGTX GO 80:80W Max
GTX GO 40:40W Max

Output Voltage0-4V

ChargingGTX GO 80:
DC 5V/2A, Type-C
GTX GO 40:
DC 5V/1A, Type-C

Battery CapacityGTX GO 80:
Built-in 3000mAh
GTX GO 40:
Built-in 1500mAh

Resistance Range0.1-2Ω

GTX GO 80/40 review

GTX GO colors

Red, blue, black, gray, rainbow colors

GTX GO 80/40 review

GTX GO hands-on experience


In terms of size, there is actually a gap between the two devices, one comes with the 26mm circle diameter, while Go 40 has a 22mm circle diameter..

GTX GO 80/40 review

The device is coated with a skin-like film, which is very skin-friendly and feels very good.
However, the actual grip of Go40 will be slightly better than Go80.
There is no big difference in structure, nothing more than a difference in power and capacity.

GTX GO 80/40 review

Oil injection method

Both devices use time-saving and labor-saving top oil injection method.
It is very convenient to operate and saves a lot of time. The open single oil injection hole ensures the efficiency of oil injection.

GTX GO 80/40 review

The link between the atomizer and the device is mainly derived from magnetic connection, which is relatively strong, but occasionally it may be slightly loose and unstable.

Airflow adjustment

Airflow adjustment is also a very simple. The conventional rotary adjustment air inlet.
But there is no sense of resistance when adjusting the air tunnel, which will make you feel very meaningless in the rotation of the air control.
The transition of the air holes is relatively limited. In addition to the obvious difference the maximum air intake and the minimum air intake, the transition is not done very well, basically there is no difference.

GTX GO 80/40 reviewGTX GO 80/40 review

GTX GO Atomizer

The atomizers are the strongest GTX series that support Vaporesso.
This is a very good setting, whether it’s a large or small size.
Uniform coordination is nothing more than a great convenience for vapers.

GTX GO 80/40 review

The only pity is that the uniqueness of the atomizer is too strong,
And it does not support external atomizers, only original atomizers can be used.
It’s a pity, in fact, it’s better for vapers to vape with their own DIY interest with such a device.
The drip nozzle of the atomizer cannot be expanded, even if it is the original one-piece device, there is no drip nozzle adding option for direct-to-lung or mouth-to-lung choices.
This is extremely inconvenient for vapers.
The primary nature is too strong, such a device is not a pod device, it is a functional device.
I hope it could be improved by the official later.

.GTX GO 80/40 review

Regarding the taste, Captain will not interpret too much here.
The atomizer core of the GTX series is the best for experiencing compound fruits and light desserts.
Newcomers can take a look at the Vaporousso products with GTX series reviewed by Captain.
Alright, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

GTX GO 80/40 review

Where to buy GTX GO 80/40 @ $34.99 | $27.99

11 Vape Tricks to Make You the Hype of the Party

Vape tricks are incredible and stunning, no matter where you land on the vaping graph. If you like vape pens and e-cigarettes, creating art out of fumes blowing out of your face can be an enjoyable and “cool” hobby. However, such tricks may require patience before you could even call yourself an expert, and it is well worth the hassle if you want to attract and entertain your friends/family or even strangers at the party. Stay in sync with us to learn 11 innovative vape tricks so you can flaunt your talent to be the most skillful person in the room.

How to Prep For Mind-Blowing Vape Tricks

The following are some preparation tips to help you improve your vaping game:


  • To perform these complex smoke tricks, you must breathe in and expel a significant volume of fume, so picking the correct liquid is critical.
  • You can also use a sub-ohm tank or an RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer). It allows you to drop e-liquid immediately onto the coil of the e-cigarette.
  • Ingesting much nicotine will render you delirious. Hence, choose a juice that is devoid of nicotine and flavor. You can also count on CBD e-liquid(which is different from CBD oil) as cannabidiol is THC-free.
  • Further, if you are new to the vaping world and want to master the art of smoking out the fumes, you must first learn more about what you are getting into (vapes and e-cigarettes).

11 Vape Tricks That Will Make You the Life of the Party

Experienced vapers are time and again experimenting with innovative and creative smoke tricks. So, we have chosen to provide you with a new package of vaping tricks that will have your peers convinced you are a true genius. Following vape techniques will quickly charm your friends:


  1. The Classic: Cloud Dragon

The Dragon can instantly transform you into a powerful beast. Take a long draw of smoke without breathing it in. Once your mouth is full of vapor, puff out forcefully via your nostrils while gradually breathing out some of the fumes through the corners of your mouth. The smoke clouds will erupt from your nose and edges of your mouth with force and intimidation.


  1. The Magic Waterfall

All the Harry Potter fans out there! This one is for you. If you have wanted to look like a magician experimenting with a magic potion, you cannot miss out on this trick. Take a smoke pull and breathe out the vapor into a water bottle/flask topped up with ice. Since the icy water at the base makes the vapor thicker, you can spill it outside the bottle. Moreover, there, your smoky magic waterfall will flow out.


  1. The Lasso

This vape technique will make you feel like a cowboy/girl instantly. Make a big, dense ring of smoke. Widen the circle by moving it swiftly with your fist. Pull another puff of the vapor and blast a narrower circle inside the middle of the very first. The tiny ring’s power propels it through the big one. It coils around it, resembling a lasso.


  1. Tornado

When the name itself is both amusing and terrifying, you can be confident that anybody who witnesses the trick will be impressed. Inhale a proper puff, then lean over and place your mouth close to the surface of a table. Now, you need to exhale the smoke gently and deliberately over a flat surface. Lastly, in one quick step, slice at the surface with your palm and flip your wrist up and raise your shoulder to form a strong spinning curve.


  1. French Inhale

When you expel smoke from your mouth, ensure you do so efficiently and safely. Breathe the vapor from the nose when it comes out. The real trick is that you have to let the fume sit in your mouth before opening it to let it out without blowing it. As the vapor rises, use your nose to suck it and permit it to reach your nose. Smoke rises from the mouth and is breathed in from the nostrils, almost like a waterfall in reversal. Ensure that you opt for best cbd cigarettes or vape to experience the most out of it.



  1. Vapor Bubble

You will need a handmade cloud stick for this trick, so hold your props handy. For the bubble liquid, you will also need soapy water. The rest follows. Take a pull, prepare your bubbles, and blast. The vapor will enter the bubble cloud, making it look astounding.


  1. Ghost Inhale

Another excellent smoke technique is the Ghost Inhale. Breathe in the vapor and let it sit in your mouth for a few seconds. Then, for just a fraction of a moment, drive everything out of your mouth before inhaling it all back.


  1. Bane Inhale

This one is yet another smoke inhaler technique, and it is perhaps the most spectacular among them all. The Bane Trick is a craze because of the Batman antagonist Bane, whose face/mask resembles the trick itself. Once you learn the French Inhale, all you will need to do is, rather than letting your vapor escape spontaneously, place your upper teeth on your lower lip. When you exhale slowly, the smoke will pass into the tiny corridors between your teeth. Then, quickly breathe in the fume through your nose to complete Bane’s mask.


  1. Flying Triangle

A triangular smoke is hard to imagine. Enable us to inform you that it is a reality, and it looks fantastic! First and foremost, you must build a large, thick vape ring. Now, with your fingertips, you force the loop and press the edges to shape it into a triangle. This technique is among the most challenging tricks to master as it requires exact control and perfect timing.


  1. Bull Ring

You must be able to blow out O’s to perform this trick. Puff out a ring, then immediately lean into it and breathe in through your nostrils. This trick will draw the smoke circle wheel into your nose, giving the impression that you have a bull ring.


  1. Jellyfish

First, you must blow out a big, even vape loop. Then, place your palm behind it to knock it down, and quickly blast another narrower ring through the middle of the slower wider circle. Once implemented right, the two wheels will merge to form a jellyfish shape.



The easiest way to discover and learn these tricks is to follow the directions in the tutorials precisely. You could even practice in front of a mirror to spot your mistakes. Also, do not be disheartened if you are not able to follow a particular smoke trick immediately.

Kiwis celebrate World Vape Day, but more action required

/New Zealand/ Kiwi ex-smokers and vaping advocates will celebrate World Vape Day on Sunday, 30 May – the first since New Zealand legislated and regulated vaping. However, much more effort is required to achieve Smokefree Aotearoa with submissions on the Government’s action plan set to close, say tobacco harm reduction proponents.

“World Vape Day is a celebration of personal stories of smokers who have found an incredibly effective way out of smoking, thanks to the advent of innovative smoke-free products,” says Nancy Loucas, co-director of Aotearoa Vapers Community Advocacy (AVCA).

She notes that despite the global success of vaping, and it being key to reducing New Zealand’s overall smoking rate to record low levels, the World Health Organisation continues to ignore numerous independent studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals supporting vaping as a much safer alternative to deadly cigarettes.

What’s more, she says, an increasingly negative media narrative in New Zealand about a supposed ‘vaping epidemic’ among the youth is not supported by evidence. Recent regulations have also lessened vaping’s marketing appeal and made youth access much tougher.

“After examining a survey of over 27,000 secondary school students, University of Auckland researchers last year confirmed there was no youth vaping epidemic in New Zealand. They found that only 0.8% of 14 and 15-year-olds, who had never smoked, were regular vapers. It’s important we stay focused on the evidence, not the emotion,” she says.

This year’s World Vape Day highlights smoke-free products as ‘the better choice’ to combustible cigarettes which are linked to more than eight million premature deaths each year among 1.1 billion smokers globally.

AVCA notes that Public Health England, in its 2018 independent evidence review, concluded that ‘e-cigarettes are around 95-percent safer than combustible cigarettes.’

“Thankfully more than 50 million smokers around the world have already switched to vaping, which means they have significantly reduced their exposure to toxins and carcinogens found in tobacco smoke.

“With up to 200,000 ex-smokers now vaping in New Zealand, World Vape Day continues to grow here every year. Vaping is key to achieving smokefree and saving lives, so there is a lot to celebrate,” says Ms Loucas.

World Vape Day is celebrated a day before World No Tobacco Day on May 31.

She says that while World Vape Day is being widely celebrated, for several Asia-Pacific countries, like Thailand, vapers continue to face imprisonment and fines. However, news out of the Philippines in recent days is positive.

Legislation supporting vaping has passed in the Philippines’ House of Representatives. The proposed ‘Non-Combustible Nicotine Delivery Systems Regulation Act’ now goes to the Senate where it’s expected to pass. Ms Loucas says this is a massive achievement for tobacco harm reduction advocates in the Philippines.

While vaping was legislated in New Zealand last year, and more Ministry of Health regulations will be finalised by Cabinet next month, AVCA believes vaping needs to be elevated as a key component in the Government’s smokefree action plan. Otherwise, Smokefree Aotearoa will never be achieved.

AVCA is encouraging submissions on the Government’s smokefree discussion document before 5.00pm on Monday, 31 May via: https://www.health.govt.nz/publication/proposals-smokefree-aotearoa-2025-action-plan

CBD Softgel: Is It Good For Sex?

Studies show that taking CBD Softgel improves sexual inclusion with a couple of various routes through its effects on the body and frontal cortex. This compound is known to relax customers, decline strain, and augment the circulation system to the veins around the body.

Reducing anxiety utilizing CBD Softgel is immense, considering the way that one of the standard impediments to sexual satisfaction is strain and psyche deterrents that keep us from totally interfacing with our assistant. Exactly when we discover more agreement and comfort, we unavoidably like more sexual experiences and feel more sexual satisfaction than being uncertain and anxious. Does CBD help sexually?

CBD Softgel: Is It Good For Sex?

Women and men who have used CBD Softgel to augment sexual satisfaction have felt all the more free and open to during sexual development than without CBD Softgel

Getting more familiar with CBD Softgel, the endocannabinoid structure, and sex 

Perceiving how CBD and sex interface infer understanding the endogenous cannabinoid system and the combinations that help out it, including CBD Softgel.

All individuals have an endogenous cannabinoid system, also called the endocannabinoid structure or ECS. It is found in basically all parts of the body, including the central tactile framework, frontal cortex, organs, skin, and immune structure. ECS, as an amazing regulator of the body, accepts an indispensable part in your harmony and prosperity and cares for it.

Various bits of the brain have high groupings of endocannabinoid receptors that are associated with sexual limit and fervor, including the operational hub, cerebellum, hippocampus, cortex, and basal ganglia. ECS receptors can in like manner be found around the adrenal organs that produce sex synthetics and the ovaries that produce estrogen, similarly as various spaces of the female conceptive structure. 

What does the science say about CBD Softgel and sex?

A huge bit of our opinion about toxin rid reviews and extended induction. In any case, the science that associations the endocannabinoid system to sex are advancing and promising

Continuous assessment has examined the association between the endocannabinoid structure and female sexual limit and energy. The examination of postmenopausal women developed 19 to 45 years had an “immense relationship” between endocannabinoid obsessions and physiological and self-assessed sexual energy 

The experts further thought to be the making of anandamide endocannabinoids, reasonably named “fulfillment particles” and 2-AG, and how endocannabinoid levels change subject to sexual fervor. These assessments have shown that there is a prompt association between extended endocannabinoid levels and extended sexual energy.

One of the potential affiliations assessed in this assessment is the work that ECS plays in spaces of the frontal cortex and body that are locked in with female sexual limit cycles like the psyche, adrenal organs, and contraceptive organs. Most assessment has focused on whether the correspondence of endocannabinoids and phytocannabinoids with receptors at these areas broadly influences Moxy.

Researchers are moreover enthusiastic about the association between neural connections, CB1 cannabinoid receptors, and the appearance of manufactured mixtures like dopamine and serotonin, which influence sexual working.

The effect of toxin-free reviews on moxie is more critical than the effect on the brain. Usage of CBD Softgel influences the development of veins, which opens veins and assembles circulation systems. In such a way, the extended circulation system to the genital district is connected with extended induction.

How does CBD Softgel sway sex? 

Here’s the way you can join CBD Softgel into your sexual wellbeing plan:

Taking CBD Softgel can help you loosen up. Having the spirit for sex is as much a mental exercise as it is a mental exercise. Appropriately, stress can make perspective creating an irksome proposal. Studies have shown that affectation is problematic when your cerebrum is elsewhere and you are revolving around a day-by-day plan or rather worry about a disrupted situation. CBD Softgel helps you with opening your cerebrum and calm your perspective by bracing and loosening up.

CBD Softgel: Is It Good For Sex?

Harmony energy and rest using CBD Softgel. Nonattendance of significant worth rest can thwart mental clearness that makes you revolve around whatever doesn’t rest. Joining a wide range of cannabis separate things into your consistent timetable can help you with keeping up energy levels and help you with getting the rest you need to stay on target and with your buddy. Make sure to add CBD Softgel cases to your conventional schedule – with 15 mg of a wide extent of cannabis removed, this minute gem would altogether be able to help balance this level.

Using CBD Softgel things, you can set up the ground for proper sex. 

Sexual joy isn’t as minor for individuals as it used to be. Taking CBD Softgel is a remarkable technique to improve your sexual concurrence so you can make it all that it might be a significant piece of your life. So why hold on? Supplement some CBD Softgel in the room and control your sexual conjunction! 

A disclaimer: After pretty much 100 years of everything cannabis-related being distant, there’s not a colossal heap of human investigation to back up CBD’s clinical cases. One clarification? “CBD is at this point thought to be a Schedule 1 prescription on the Controlled Substance Act and taking everything into account, experts and analysts are refused in doing analyzes,” says Bonni Goldstein, M.D., clinical insight to Weedmaps, a site that partners cannabis buyers, patients, retailers, trained professionals, and brands. So yet long-winded confirmation has extended like a downpour (an investigation from Remedy Review point by point 68% of people said CBD improved their sexual conjunction), we’re still (enthusiastically) keeping things under control for clinical support.

Ahead, a gander at our opinion on CBD’s ability to help mystique, improve peak, develop closeness, to say the least.

Torture, Be Gone 

A champion among others alluded to the livelihoods of CBD is as a torment alleviating — it’s used to quiet distress. Besides, this is a serious matter for certain women with respect to sex. Dyspareunia (a general term for wrecks inciting troublesome sex) is a limit that keeps as much as 40% of women from appreciating — or regardless, experiencing — closeness and experiencing delight, as demonstrated by specific evaluations.

There are different ways successful CBD can help, explains Colleen Gerson, a valuable drug tutor, and botanist at Foria, a CBD sexual wellbeing brand. Treatments and suppositories can “overhaul enjoyment and drive-by growing the circulation system, which assembles oil and sensation, releasing up smooth muscle tissue, and working with strain,” Gerson explains.

This apparently dives to CBD’s outstanding quieting properties and ability to release up the muscles (less torture, disturbance, and pressing factor would all contribute toward relieving dyspareunia).

What Is a Pod Mod? Intro and Buying Guide

It’s not every day that the manufacturers of the vaping industry create an entirely new type of device, but that’s exactly what has happened over the past couple of years with the development of the pod mod. When you think about it, the pod mod is something that seems to have appeared almost organically. It’s unlikely that the manufacturers set out with the goal of creating a new type of device that combined the features of a pod system and the features of a vape mod. Rather, it’s more likely that pod mods appeared gradually as the manufacturers designed pod systems with more advanced features.

Regardless of how the vaping industry got to where it is today, the pod mod segment has definitely become a very big deal. You’re going to see no shortage of them when you shop for vape gear online. Check out the Voopoo Drag X at Vapekit for a perfect example of what a typicaly high-end pod mod looks like.  If you’re currently using a different type of vaping device like a vape mod or a traditional pod system, you’re going to have some questions about this new type of vaping device. So, what exactly is a pod mod, and should you consider buying one? Let’s dig in.

What Is a Pod Mod?

As alluded to above, a pod mod is a vaping device that combines the best features of a pod vaping system and a full-sized vape mod.

A traditional pod system is a small vaping device that stores its e-liquid in a disposable plastic pod. You can refill and reuse the pod until its flavor begins to change. At that point, you’ll throw the pod away and start using another one. The main features of a pod system are portability, ease of use and convenience.

A vape mod, meanwhile, stores its e-liquid in a glass tank with a replaceable atomizer coil. Vape mods are typically larger and heavier than pod systems, but they offer significantly better battery life and vapor production. The main features of a vape mod are performance and flexibility.

A pod mod is a vaping device that offers the performance of a full-sized vape mod, but it stores its e-liquid in a pod rather than a traditional glass tank. By combining those two elements, a pod mod provides a compelling upgrade path for owners of smaller pod systems who want to enjoy bigger clouds but aren’t interested in full-sized vape mods.

What Are the Typical Features of a Pod Mod?

As you’ve probably already surmised, a pod mod is typically larger than a traditional pod vaping system. The larger size allows a pod mod to offer better battery life, more e-liquid storage and a larger atomizer coil that’s capable of producing bigger vapor clouds and delivering bolder flavors. A pod mod is typically a bit smaller and more pocketable than a full-sized vape mod, though, and it still gives you the convenience of storing your e-liquid in a pod that’s quick to fill and easy to replace.

These are some of the additional features that you might find in a pod mod.

  • Adjustable power settings that allow you to dial in the level of vapor production and flavor intensity that you want.
  • Replaceable atomizer coils that make it possible for you to get the “new coil” flavor whenever you want it without discarding your entire pod. Some pod mods even have several different types of atomizer coils available, thus giving you even more options for customizing your vaping experience.
  • Higher-end materials. While it’s common for traditional pod systems to be constructed mostly from plastic, pod mods tend to use tougher metal alloys and may feature luxury trim options like leather.
  • Superior durability. Pod mods are often shockproof and may meet the IP67 standard for dust and water resistance.

How Do Pod Mods Compare to Traditional Pod Systems?

The first thing you’ll notice about any pod mod is that it’s going to be significantly larger than any traditional pod system such as a JUUL, a Mi-Pod or a Suorin Drop. The main selling point of a pod mod is that it offers better performance than a first-generation pod system. The only way to offer better battery life and bigger vapor clouds, though, is to have a larger battery and a bigger atomizer coil. The difference in performance is quite dramatic, and a pod mod may be perfect for you if you feel like you’ve outgrown your first pod system and are craving something that can offer more satisfaction.

Although a pod mod can offer far better performance than any traditional pod system, it’s important to remember that using a pod mod will also change your vaping experience in some significant ways. With your current pod system, you’re probably used to just inhaling when you want to vape. A pod mod will most likely use a manual fire button rather than automatic draw-based firing. In addition, switching to a pod mod will probably mean that you’ll need to reduce the nicotine strength of your e-liquid to compensate for the much larger clouds.

How Do Pod Mods Compare to Vape Mods?

If you’re already using a full-sized vape mod, switching to a pod mod probably won’t mean that you’ll get better performance because you’re already using a high-performance vaping device. Nevertheless, you may still want to consider trying a pod mod if you’re tired of using a vaping device that’s clunky and hard to carry in your pocket.

Flexibility is the main principle behind full-sized vape mods. Having a vaping device with 510 threading means that you can connect any tank to your device. That gives you plenty of options, but it also means that your mod and tank probably aren’t designed for one another and don’t look so great together.

A pod mod, on the other hand, only works with its own pod. Since the device and pod are designed for one another, a pod mod can offer performance comparable to that of a vape mod while being much smaller, lighter and easier to carry. Switching from a pod mod to a vape mod will eliminate your ability to try different vape tanks. It’ll offer performance comparable to what you’re getting with your current device, though, in a much sleeker package.

ASPARK pod system review – DirtyCheck No.126

Today, Captain brings you a new brand ASPARK, let’s take a look at how it is now.

ASPARK pod system review

ASPARK brand overview

According to the brand, ASPARK is technically supported by MOTI, the leading brand in the vape industry.
It comes with MOTI chip and FEELM ceramic heating core technology.
Besides, a senior professional R & D team and multiple strict quality inspection systems is applied to this brand.
ASPARK ensures that every product brings a high-quality experience.

Obviously ASPARK has taken advantage of a platform that has sufficiently obvious advantages in the industry.
However, as to the point of view from Captain, this brand doesn’t create innovation, and there is no system of its own.

ASPARK pod system introduction

ASPARK currently offers two devices,
One is the entry experience “A” series priced at 19.9 yuan.
The second is the classic (also called regular) “X” series priced at 189 yuan for solid color series, and at 199 yuan for gradient series.

ASPARK pod system review

ASPARK pod system parameters

“A Series”

Pod capacity: 2.0ml
Battery capacity: 265mAH, Charging interface: Micro-USB
Shell material: plastic shell, Surface technology: injection-free spray
Output power: 6.5W±0.5W
Atomizer shell material: PCTG food grade material
Surface technology of cartridges: semi-transparent + high gloss

ASPARK pod system review


“X” series
Pod capacity: 2.0ml
Battery capacity: 350mAH Charging interface: Type-C
Shell material: metal shell Surface technology: anodizing
Output power: 6.5W
Atomizer shell material: PCTG food grade material
Surface technology of atomized bomb: semi-transparent + high gloss

ASPARK pod system review

ASPARK pod system colors

“A Series”

ASPARK pod system review

“X” series

ASPARK pod system review

ASPARK pod system features

“A” series
Ceramic Fleem atomizing core
The ceramic Fleem atomization core and the ceramic honeycomb structure form an ultra-wide heating surface, the heating temperature is uniform, the atomized steam particles are small, the steam is delicate and moist, the aroma reduction degree is high, and the leakage rate is low. It is enjoyable every time you inhale. The low-priced entry-experience atomizing rods on the market, very few matching ceramic Fleem atomizing cores, low-cost and high-configuration products that bring quality experience.
Fashionable and convenient
No need to inject oil, the cartridge is designed with embedded magnetic suction, which can be changed after use, which is hygienic and convenient;
Extremely fast air induction, sensitive and simple, just take it and suck it.
Hard gas injection rod, durable and easy to carry
Fully injection-molded shaft, sturdy, reliable, lightweight and portable, long-term use and wear-resistant.
Rich in taste and rich in color
8 celebrity flavors will be launched simultaneously, with a wealth of choices, and continue to introduce new flavors;
3 macarons are available in colors, colorful, hand-feel, and color matching;

ASPARK pod system review

“X” series
Ceramic Fleem atomizing core
The ceramic Fleem atomization core and the ceramic honeycomb structure form an ultra-wide heating surface, the heating temperature is uniform, the atomized vapor particles are small, the vapor is delicate and moist, the aroma reduction degree is high, and the leakage rate is low. It is enjoyable every time you inhale.
Equipped with smart chip
The frequency conversion MCU chip is used to achieve transient impact and realize the taste experience of “vaping in seconds” for large vapor, so as to maximize the reduction of various components of the e-liquid, and inspire the ultimate taste enjoyment; Aspark X is in the price range of similar products on the market , The only pod with a smart chip, combined with the cartridge of the ceramic FEELM atomizing core, the overall configuration is higher than the flagship products of other friendly brands.
Slim, light, good looking
The single device weighs only 16.95g, slim and light, and has an excellent grip feeling;
Smart colors are on sale, high configuration and good looking appearance, fine anodizing technology, bring you high-end quality experience.

ASPARK pod system review

ASPARK pod system package content

Single device with a charging cable;
No value-added options.

ASPARK pod system review

ASPARK pod flavors

Tobacco, glamorous watermelon, passion mango, crazy mung bean
Cool mint, passionate blackcurrant, magic passion fruit, naughty coke.

ASPARK pod system review

Rich, high-quality, wonderful and rich selection of flavors.
Imported raw materials of vape oil. The formula is unique, and it is separately formulated according to the product structure; a variety of star flavors meet daily needs, and the formulation of each flavor has been blended more than 10 times, and has been blindly tested and reviewed by hundreds of and thousands of people, screening and checking; the models are amazing, every puff is enjoyment, and new flavors will be introduced constantly.

ASPARK pod system review

In terms of taste, the performance of each taste is really pretty good, thanks to a tuning blessing of Moti and Feelm.
Mango, Coke, and Blackcurrant perform particularly well.
The whole experience is delicate and catchy, very comfortable to vape.

ASPARK pod system review


Basically, there is nothing wrong with the use of the product
There is no problem in taste and use, and it meets the standard of a normal pod vape.
However, there are not some compound flavors that are relatively mainstream nowadays.
They are all single flavors, while the satisfaction of tastes for the experiencer is not enough.
There is a little gap between the positioning of the entry-level version and the classic version.
The idea of large and small devices should be combining the two rather than splitting the two.
There is no point in the design of the device that’s impressive.
The added value of the product is not enough, I hope it could be improved.

I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

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Discover Mlife vape factory: a 40,000 square meters vape manufacturing base since 2008

There are a large number of vape OEM factories in Shenzhen, China, and today let’s meet another time-honored good factory, Mlife Technology.

This pioneer factory was established in 2008, and now produces vapes with a 40,000 square meters manufacturing base, which is one of the largest vape factories in China and makes vapes for many famous brands.

Discover Mlife vape factory: a 40,000 square meters vape manufacturing base since 2008

Mlife vape factory products

What products are popular in the global vape market in 2021? They are pod vapes (starter kit or pod system) and disposable vapes with no doubt. And Mlife produces and majors in the two kinds of products both.

For example, the prototype M15 pod device by Mlife comes with a 350 mAh battery, with a rich selection of ISO-certified safe e-liquid flavors in pods, it works as well as any famous brand on market. Mlife m15 start kit pod vape

Is this disposable vape with a filler creative? Mlife produces this thing.

Mlife disposable vape

Meanwhile, Mlife makes regular disposables up to 3000 puffs, this little pod below comes with a digital name like M25. The name doesn’t matter, because most Mlife customers will modify it to a cuter name when reselling it.

Discover Mlife vape factory: a 40,000 square meters vape manufacturing base since 2008

As to more products, please check their website: https://www.mlifevape.com/product.html

Actually, OEM means designing your own vape and producing it, Mlife as an OEM factory is able to produce any pod or disposable vape you’ve seen. So the product models by Mlife are not limited to the above list. Contact them to learn more.

Mlife vape factory certificates

Following are the certificates owned by Mlife, it shows that Mlife is a reliable vape factory and the product quality will be ensured.

Mlife CE Certificate

Mlife certificate- Shenzhen Y&Q Electronic Co._ Ltd.

Mlife ISO certificate Enlish

Mlife ISO certificate

Mlife CIC report

TCT190514S004 report

Mlife ROHS-certificate

Mlife RoHS certificate


Mlife CE-EMC certificate

Mlife brand history

2008, Mlife factory was established, not under the name of Mlife, producing box mod and pod vapes.
2017, Mlife Trademarks were successfully registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
2018, Mlife e-cigarette products are CE certified.
2018, Mlife products have been issued by the Chinese Patent Office four utility model patents.
2019, Mlife products have been issued by the Chinese Patent Office three outward appearance model patents.
2019, Mlife E-cigarette M3, M11 and other products successfully passed the EU ROH standard certification.
2019, Mlife e-cigarette M1, M10, M11 and other products successfully passed the Chinese CCIC standard certification.
2019, Mlife successfully passed ISO9001:2015 standard certification.


More than ten years of vape manufacturing accumulation have left Mlife rich experience in product research and development, industrial design, production management and quality control.

In addition to producing high-quality e-cigarettes, Mlife can also use the big data accumulated over the past 11 years to provide vape OEM customers with professional products and marketing advice.

To learn more about Mlife vape, please go to Mlife official site: https://www.mlifevape.com/, or contact Mlife service sales@mlifevapor.com.