Smoore: Strengthening the regulation of e-cigarettes can lead to long-term healthy development of the industry

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the China Mainland earlier proposed to strengthen the regulation of e-cigarettes in order to regulate related production and operation activities and solve problems such as product safety and false advertisements. Smoore International, a manufacturer of electronic atomization devices, believes that policies can enable the long-term and healthy development of the industry. The group will support regulation.

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The Smoore Group will maintain a relatively high R&D investment in the future, and will also deploy medical and healthcare products, hoping to become a new growth point. This year, according to the market environment, it will be decided whether to launch new technologies.

In addition, the chief financial officer and joint company secretary Wang Guisheng mentioned that by the end of last year, the annual production capacity of products for corporate customers was nearly 2.32 billion standard units. Capital expenditures will be increased as planned to expand production capacity. It is expected this year to increase new leased plants and upgrade automation. At this level, the annual production capacity will increase by no less than 500 million standard units.

As for the first phase of the Jiangmen Industrial Park in Guangdong, which is being advanced, it is expected that the annual production capacity at the end of next year will increase by no less than 1.08 billion standard units. After the completion of the second phase of the project, the annual production capacity will rise to approximately 5.3 billion standard units.

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