Pact forces white cloud to terminate all online sales in the United States


White cloud electronic cigaretts of the e-cigarette industry will end online sales in the United States at 4 p.m. on March 26. In a post on its Facebook page, the e-cigarette company said it would continue to fill in international orders (the e-cigarette mail ban is for U.S. customers) and will publish a list of retail stores that will still sell white cloud products.

White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes

“It’s not a decision we want to make, especially after we’ve spent so much effort submitting PMTA to the FDA and ensuring that our products will never reach minors.” But after months of looking for solutions to the email ban, we have no options and we can’t help to continue shipping domestically. ” “We will complete all us orders by March 26 and the inventory will be sold out soon, so we ask you to place your order as soon as possible to ensure that you have the opportunity to reserve your favorite white cloud products for the last time.”

The company asked e-cigarette industry advocates to communicate information to Congress and support the Consumer Association for smoke-free alternatives (casaa), an advocacy organization designed to raise awareness and protect consumers’ rights to less harmful alternatives. Casaa organized a campaign against the U.S. Postal ban.

“Casaa has realized that some lawmakers have refused to recognize the effectiveness of organized consumer movements and insist that their voters be directly contacted through their website,” casaa said in a recent statement “Casaa therefore recommends that you also copy and paste the comments in the following form into the contact form on the member’s website. You can find their website by using our legislator search tools. “


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