UKVIA Announces TRPR Recomendations Ahead of Upcoming Review


The UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) has today outlined its ‘Blueprint for Better Regulation’, a framework to guide future vaping policy.

The UKVIA report called on the government to use its post-Brexit independence to maintain the country’s progressive attitude towards e-cigarettes.

A review of the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations (TRPR) is currently underway, with the resulting changes set to shape the UK’s approach to smoking cessation.

The UKVIA said:

“The review of the TRPR should be used to further accelerate the potential role of vaping as an effective way of reducing smoking rates and improving public health.

“Failure to take advantage of this opportunity would be a disservice to the contribution that vaping has already made to improving the lives of adult smokers, and the good progress that has already been seen across the UK.”


The ‘Blueprint for Better Regulation’ suggests a number of significant changes to vaping policy, both to benefit the industry itself and ultimately reduce the number of UK smokers.

Key legislative changes suggested by the document include:

  • The use of Government-approved, expert health claims on products, to encourage smokers to switch;
  • Greater opportunities to engage with smokers, as current restrictions can deter those who may otherwise make the switch;
  • The extension of certain regulations to cover additional vaping products, such as non-nicotine e-liquids, thereby supporting a highly responsible industry;
  • Product size changes to help reduce single-use plastic.

The report has already gained the favour of some politicians and health officials, with Former Health Minister, Sir Norman Lamb, praising the plan.

He said:

“I welcome the launch of the UKVIA’s Blueprint document responding to the Government’s consultation.

“The TRPR review offers a great opportunity to improve public health across the UK by tackling misinformation about vaping.

“It also presents an opportunity for the industry to build on the evidence-based approach, which the Government has consistently taken on vaping products.”

Norman Lamb, Former Health Minister

John Dunne, director general of the UKVIA, said the recommendations were the result of “intense collaboration” among vaping’s leading experts and entrepreneurs.

He said: “This is truly a landmark moment in the history of our industry, which has grown to be a genuine market disruptor, and a route out of smoking for people all over the world.

“With the adoption of these recommendations, the UK could take its place as a progressive, global leader on public health.”

Source: UKVIA


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