Using E-cigarettes To Quit Smoking It’s 5 Times Better


The results are in and science says without doubt it’s FIVE TIMES more effective using e-cigarettes to quit smoking rather than patches and gums.

The prestigious UK university Kings College London says the 5 year long study shows e-cigarettes are by far the most effective stop smoking tool, outweighing all other methods including medication.

Use E-cigarettes To Quit Smoking

Use E-cigarettes To Quit Smoking

And it makes a point of letting the anti-vaping World Health Organization know, that despite what it says, vaping is still the best option for most smokers looking to quit the deadly habit.

And deadly the habit is, despite the slow fall of smokers in the UK, there were around 75,000 deaths directly attributed to smoking in 2019 alone, with many more associated illnesses.

The team of scientists drilled into the data of smokers and vapers between 2012 and 2017 measuring the effectiveness of e-cigarettes in quit attempts one month prior and one month after they began making the switch.

The results are really quite astonishing showing that smokers using e-cigarettes on a daily basis were FIVE TIMES more likely to pack up the fags completely!


Dr Máirtín McDermott, Research Fellow at King’s College London’s National Addiction Centre and lead author of the study, said:

Our results show that when used daily, e-cigarettes help people to quit smoking, compared to no help at all.

These findings are in line with previous research, showing that e-cigarettes are a more effective aid for quitting than nicotine replacement therapy and prescribed medication.

It’s important that we routinely measure how often people use e-cigarettes, as we’ve seen that more sporadic use at follow up – specifically of refillable types – was not associated with abstinence.

Incidentally the 5x more likely figure came from smokers using the open systems [refillable] and those are the ones the WHO is trying to ban…

juul pods rich tobacco review

juul pods rich tobacco review

Meanwhile disposables and sealed pod kits – such as JUUL, were still high as quit effective showing smokers THREE TIMES more like to quit using them.

The study was part funded by Cancer Research UK and Dr Leonie Brose, Reader at King’s College London’s national Addiction Centre said:

Despite the World Health Organization’s (WHO) cautious stance on e-cigarettes, studies like ours show they are still one of the most effective quitting aids available.

The WHO is especially concerned about refillable e-cigarettes, as these could allow the user to add harmful substances or higher levels of nicotine.

However, we’ve shown that refillable types in particular are a very effective quitting aid when used daily, and this evidence should be factored into any future guidance around their use.

Now how could the WHO argue with that?

Read the full study: The effectiveness of using e‐cigarettes for quitting smoking compared to other cessation methods among adults in the United Kingdom

Using E-cigarettes To Quit Smoking – Tips and Advice

The science cannot lie – you are 5x more likely to quit smoking by using e-cigarettes.

And yeah it can be a bit confusing out there, and it doesn’t help having the UK’s bricks and mortar vape shops shut due to COVID.

Nothing beats getting face to face advice on vaping from your friendly and hopefully helpful local vape shop.

But never fear, if you a member of your family or friend is looking to quit smoking by vaping and e-cigarettes, check out our helpful and informative guides:

That’s just a few – there’s plenty more so please use the search bar…

And if you have a burning question – please ask away in the comments below – or Contact us – we’re more than happy to help!

Good luck quitting smoking – you’ve got this!


happy vaping mothers day

happy vaping mothers day

Happy Mother’s Day 😉


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