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At the Vaping Post, we like a challenge. And if there is one challenge that has proved hard to unravel, it is the question of how e-cigarettes fit in with religion. Whether you are Muslim, Jewish or Roman Catholic, vaping raises multiple questions.

In this section, our goal is to provide you with some practical information that we hope will help you gain a better understanding of the issue of reducing the risks in keeping with your faith.

Halal e-cigarettes

You are a Muslim and you are wondering whether using e-cigarettes to reduce your risks as a smoker or as an unofficial stop smoking aid is compatible with the principles of your religious faith. We have published a dedicated article analysing the credibility of halal e-liquids. Would an alcohol-free liquid, without any pork products or any nicotine be allowed, and therefore “mubah”? As you will see, the answer to this question is not quite so straightforward. In the section on halal e-cigarettes, we have done our best to give you some tangible answers.

Kosher e-cigarettes

We have also looked at the issue of e-cigarettes from the point of view of the Jewish faith. Being Jewish is not merely a matter of having a religion and following its religious texts, it also involves being part of a community and following its customs, laws, rites and codes, which are not all specifically religious. As such, kosher e-cigarettes and e-liquids are not an easy subject to cover, but we have risen to the challenge nonetheless, with information based on our own research and interviews with some rabbis.

E-cigarettes for Roman Catholics

We thought that the final part of our religious trilogy would be easier to complete than the other two. We were mistaken. E-cigarettes for Roman Catholics also raise a number of questions. We have tried to consider all the theological details required for such an analysis, and have included the topics of the body as a temple and sin in our article.



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