Taste has become the core demand of consumers for electronic cigarettes

In February 2021, Frost & Sullivan released the 2020 China Vape Survey Report.

The survey adopted the online and offline research method. 600 questionnaires were distributed in five cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Hangzhou, and a total of 3,000 valid questionnaires were collected.

From the survey results: taste is an important indicator for consumers to evaluate the quality of electronic cigarettes.

Taste has become the core demand of consumers for electronic cigarettes

Among the factors that affect consumers’ purchase of vapes, brand awareness, taste, overall workmanship and quality rank the top three. Among them, the use of taste accounts for 74%, which is only 6% lower than brand awareness.

In the process of using vapes, the taste does not meet expectations and poor taste consistency are the two major pain points in the eyes of consumers, accounting for 57% and 53% respectively.

Refined taste index, and consumers’ comprehensive feeling (dryness, delicateness and suppleness) of taste ranks first, accounting for 66%;

The quality of fragrance ranks second, accounting for 61%. Consumers prefer a full fragrance, high degree of reduction, natural flavor and clear layered taste;

Taste has become the core demand of consumers for electronic cigarettes
The vapor ranks third, accounting for 50%. Consumers prefer vapes with stable output, good agglomeration, and suitable vapor volume.

In addition, consumers also consider flavor and strength when measuring the taste of vapes.

In addition, the quality of e-liquids, atomization quality, and safety are the most worrying issues for consumers in the process of purchasing and using vape products, accounting for more than 70%.

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