The US City of Alexandria Launches Vape Prevention Campaign on Social Media


Most Alexandria teens are not using e-cigarettes, said the city, and the campaign is being launched in a bid to maintain the low rates. 

According to a city press release, “youth who reach the age of 18 without smoking are three times less likely to ever start. Meanwhile, launched in collaboration with the Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition of Alexandria, the campaign features six short videos which warn against the dangers of vaping (not smoking), and encourage adolescents to stay substance-free.

Created by T.C. Williams High School students, the campaign is believed to be effective as it is by youth for youth, with the starring students sharing the reasons why they choose to not vape. The city actually pointed out that most Alexandria teens are not using e-cigarettes, and it is launching the campaign in a bid to maintain the low rates.

US vaping rates are drecreasing

Meanwhile, nationwide figures released in December by the CDC, have indicated that “tobacco use”, a classification which in this case includes non-tobacco products such as vapes, has dropped. Thankfully combustible cigarette use remains significantly lower than e-cigarette use, even though the latter has also dropped.

One in six U.S. teens used tobacco, reported the CDC, sadly failing to discriminate between tobacco and safer alternatives that do not even contain tobacco, such as vapes. “Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) were the most commonly used tobacco product among high school (19.6%; 3.02 million) and middle school (4.7%; 550,000) students,” read the CDC report.

“From 2019 to 2020, decreases in current use of any tobacco product, any combustible tobacco product, multiple tobacco products, e-cigarettes, cigars, and smokeless tobacco occurred among high school and middle school students; these declines resulted in an estimated 1.73 million fewer current youth tobacco product users in 2020 than in 2019 (6.20 million),” added the report.

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