California’s Flavour Ban On Hold – More Vape News


vape news californias flavour ban on hold

vape news californias flavour ban on hold

California’s Flavour Ban On Hold

Anti-vapers have been left fuming after a Big Tobacco led campaign has put California’s flavour ban on hold.

I really do have to chuckle at this news lol.

california flavour ban

california flavour ban

The statewide flavour ban was voted into law during the 2019-20 Legislative Session and yeah as you can guess, was brought in to ‘save the children’.

However a concerted campaign led by Big Tobacco giants R.J Reynolds Tobacco Company, Philip Morris USA, ITG Brands and a whole host of local big and small retailers brought in over 1million signatures on a petition calling for the ban to be over turned!

This left Matthew L. Myers, president of Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, literally choking back his dismay adding:

This is a battle between the people of California and Big Tobacco over the health, lives and future of our kids.

Big Tobacco is going to use every deceptive trick in their playbook just so they can continue to market and profit from hooking young kids on their candy-flavored products.

More than a wry smile on my lips right now lol.

Meanwhile elite virtue signaling Governor Gavin Newsom vowed to ‘fight on‘ to save the kids:

This is Big Tobacco’s latest attempt to profit at the expense of our kids’ health.

California will continue to fight back and protect children from Big Tobacco.

If that’s the case, it’s strange they aren’t fighting the threat of lit tobacco to the state’s health…

Especially as California received around $849 million from the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement last year alone…

Things that make you go ummm…

Voters will be able to decide if the ban remains in law next year and of course we’ll keep you posted on any developments.

Bribing Kids To Become Anti Vapers!

Kids in Minnesota are being offered up to $500 to create anti-vaping videos in a new scheme to scare the shit out of smokers and vapers.

escape the vape

escape the vape

Not only that, the organizers are literally rabble rousing the kids with the line:

Need a little inspiration for your video?

Check out some Vaping Truths to get riled up over.

Get riled up over?

WTF! hey let’s get these kids angry…jeez…

And what about:

Escape the Vape is a PSA video contest that puts the power to fight back in your hands.

Just create your vape-bashing masterpiece, upload and you could win $500 for you and $500 for your school or organization.

Vape bashing?

What about lit tobacco bashing – the number one killer in the world?

Not sexy enough I guess…

I also DO NOT like this play on words either:

The truth will set you free…

Now where have I heard that Nazi style phrase before…hint – just swap Truth with Work…


But what really pisses me off is this little list of scary shit you’ll find in most vapes:

  • Acrolein, used to kill weeds
  • Propylene glycol, found in antifreeze
  • Benzene, found in car exhaust
  • Heavy metals, like lead and nickel
  • Chemicals used to make vape liquid flavors like Cinnamaldehyde16

It’s all absolute and total bollocks but these anti-vaping groups keep getting away with scaring the living daylights out of kids and worse still stop smokers making the healthier switch to vaping.

However in a vomit inducing act of ‘virtue signalling’ the Vape Escape campaign has a tiny little disclaimer that states:

Commercial tobacco does not include or refer to sacred tobacco that are used by many Native American tribes in spiritual and cultural ceremony and prayer.

Oh…that’s OK then – how about calling e-liquid Sacred Vape Juice in future…

I know I shouldn’t joke but holy crap these people piss me off…

Incidentally…the Vape Escape links to My Life My Quit – another of those stop kids vaping websites.

Now that site links to National Jewish Health…

bloomberg flavour ban a conflict of interestbloomberg flavour ban a conflict of interest
via: Bloomberg 2020

And who’s a massive funder of that..?

Michael Bloomberg…no shit Sherlock it had to be lol.

All of these anti-vaping websites from the large and the small alike are a bloody spiders web – all leading back to Mr Moneybags – allegedly 😉

For those not in the know, little Mike Billionaire Bloomberg is the guy behind pretty much every single anti-vape group and organization on the planet, donating millions if not billions of dollars over the years.

I’ve written MANY articles about Bloomberg’s anti-vaping campaigns including this one:

Bloomberg Flavour Ban Plan – A Conflict Of Interest?

In that piece I show how he – along with a few other well known billionaires – are behind a new vape device – they say is not a vape device lol.

It’s called the HALE – go read it to find out more.

bloomberg ecigclick

bloomberg ecigclick

And don’t forget that a Bloomberg backed ‘fact check‘ website ‘called out‘ myself and EcigClick last year lol…

Apparently I was spreading dangerous disinformation…what’s new lol…

Nicotine Patches Dished Out In Jordan

It seems the nicotine and flavourings contained within a certain Big Pharma brand’s products are good, whilst nicotine and flavours in e-liquid is bad…

Or at least that appears to be the case in the Kingdom of Jordan.

Nicorette nicotine and flavourings good!Nicorette nicotine and flavourings good!
Nicorette nicotine and flavourings good!

Jonson and Johnson, the Big Pharma company behind the Nicorette products are handing out around $800,000 worth of its ‘stop smoking patches‘.

As we have learned, both Big Tobacco and Big Pharma has known for years these DO NOT WORK!

Don’t believe me?

Read it straight from the horses’ mouth in my article that touches on the secret PMI files:

The End For IQOS in the USA? Heat Not Burn Product Falls At First Hurdle

And also read:

Vape To Quit Smoking – It’s Better Than Patches and Gums Say Experts

Anyway, back in Jordan and the anti-vaping idiotic zealots over at the World Health Organization say they’re delighted at the donation…imagine my shock….

Big Pharma and the WHO working in tangent? Who’da thought…

Maria Cristina Profili, WHO Representative for Jordan said:

We are grateful for this donation which builds on WHO’s existing efforts and a comprehensive programme to fight tobacco control in Jordan.

The nicotine replacement therapy will help thousands of people in Jordan quit tobacco and lead a healthier life.

The fact they don’t work is no matter…back slaps all round as Johnson and Johnson fill their coffers with no doubt ‘kick backs‘ ooops I mean ‘donations‘ to the WHO.

If you really wanted a concerted countrywide stop smoking campaign send out a million dollars worth of pod kits and nic salts and see the numbers drop…

Save Scotland’s Vape Click and Collect!

If Scotland wants to save smokers and vapers lives it must allow shops to offer a click and collect service says UKVIA.

The UK Vaping Industry Association is furious the scheme has been banned, and is urging the Scottish Government to reinstate what it believes is a life saving service during the countrywide lockdown.

John Dunne ukviaJohn Dunne ukvia
John Dunne Director General at UKVIA

UKVIA says the need for the click and collect scheme is needed now more than ever as smoking rates in Scotland have jumped for the first time in 7 years.

This chimes with a recent study showing vapers are returning to smoking as the lockdown deepens.

John Dunne, director general at UKVIA, said:

Cancer Research UK has already cautioned that Scotland is on course to miss its smoke-free target by 16 years.

All the nations of the UK must reconsider how they support the vaping industry and the public during lockdown.

Squandering the potential of modern, harm-reduction tools is a disaster for public health.

I am writing to ministers and MPs to urge them to protect click-and-collect retail provisions, and the British vaping sector stands ready to support in any way it can.

Let’s hope they bloody listen…

…and finally…Vape Meme Says It All!

As more and more anti-vaping groups spring up, it’s worth remembering that vaping is 95% safer than smoking – at any age.

Of course no one wants to see kids chugging away on a vape device…

vape vs smoking meme

vape vs smoking meme

But there is an alternative and in the real world kids do ‘experiment…’

This meme quite simply says it all – scary but true.


More Vape News On Wednesday!


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