How to perfectly solve the e-liquid leakage of disposable vape

With the development of the vape industry, disposable devices are deeply loved by consumers because of their simplicity and user-friendly, without the need for manual replacement of the atomizing core and repeated filling. Especially for some traditional tobacco users who want to quit smoking and control tobacco intake through vape, they no longer have to worry about the problem of carrying various e-liquid bottles. Even during office or travel, they only need to put their favorite flavors in their pockets. It has become so simple. For e-liquid dealers and brand owners, pre-filled vape is also a popular product: there are almost no after-sales troubles, rapid repurchase and loyal user companionship, making it easier for great brands to be born.

Although disposable vape has many benefits, there is still a shortcoming that cannot be ignored. Due to the technological limitations of pre-filled and sealing system, it may cause e-liquid leakage during transportation, especially in the low-pressure environment by air. It is more likely to have the risk of e-liquid leakage, which not only causes a waste of e-liquid, but also results in a bad user experience. In order to solve the problem of e-liquid leakage, great designers put forward the concept of “Liquid Isolation “, which means that the heating coil and the e-juice are absolutely isolated before the product is used, which fundamentally solves e-liquid leakage problem during transportation and storage.

Let‘s summarize the common liquid isolation designs currently on the market: The first is to rotate the mouthpiece to drive the metal pipe to achieve the contacting of the e-liquid inlet and the atomizing liquid. There is no doubt it’s a smart design, usually used in CBD/THC cartridges. The second is to open the e-liquid inlet by external pulling, in this case, there is a risk, improper control of tension can easily cause fracture of connecting elements such as silicone. What is more fatal is that this kind of fracture occurs during the separated state of the core and e-liquid, which means that the device is permanently unusable. The third type is created by the ALD designer. It uses pressure to move the e-liquid inlet downwards, and finally contact it with the atomized liquid. This design perfectly avoids the fatal risk caused by silicone fracture. More importantly, only one finger needed to finish it.

How to perfectly solve the e-liquid leakage of disposable vape

ALD’s push-type liquid isolation design was firstly applied to the TERMINATOR XL device. It is a rechargeable disposable device. The 7.5ML super capacity and 0.9ohm resistance value make the TERMINATOR XL produce an excellent flavor experience and big cloud. This extremely comfortable feel attribute to its oblate design, which is the difference between TERMINATOR XL and other cylindrical vapes. How do you like TERMINATOR XL seeing so many advantages of this design?

How to perfectly solve the e-liquid leakage of disposable vape

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How to perfectly solve the e-liquid leakage of disposable vape

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