Hidden sugars and vaping | British Dental Journal


Sir, as will be the case for many of us, a significant and increasing number of my patients report that they ‘vape’ or use an ‘e-cig’ when I ask them about smoking. Recently, a vaping shop sales assistant attended our practice for a new patient examination. Whilst discussing his sugar intake, he revealed that he tries to avoid ‘e-cigarette juices’ with a high sugar content, many of which, he claimed, are produced in the USA.

Whilst the literature in this area appears to be sparse, non-clinical in vitro studies regarding the cariogenic potential of e-cigarettes have been undertaken.1 Recent research published in this journal suggested that GDPs did not feel comfortable recommending e-cigarettes to their patients who smoke.2 Current guidance from NICE encourages healthcare workers in primary care to cautiously present positive information to some patients regarding the use of e-cigarettes in smoking cessation.3 If the sugars are cariogenic in vivo, frequent exposure whilst vaping combined with dietary sugars will put these individuals at high risk of dental disease.

The basis for this letter is anecdotal, but maybe, it is prudent to advise patients under our care who vape to opt for lower sugar concentration ‘juices’ where possible.


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