MCK, the return of the king

November 1, 2019, is destined to be a day in the history of vapes. A national regulatory announcement on the industry has stirred up great turbulence in the industry, and also officially sounded the national control clarion call for the industry. For a time, how much joy and how much worry, we are also in speculation fumbling around to today. But in any case, the author always believes that only the correct guidance and regulated system can make the industry full of positive energy and flourish. After the survival of the fittest, what can remain must be products with a conscience in the industry. Whether it’s quality or after-sales, consumers can buy at ease. Only in this way can the whole industry enter into a virtuous circle, which is also what we all like to see. OK, next, let’s share a product with both internal and external advantages. Let’s have a look.

On October 30, 2019, the three-day Shanghai vape exhibition opened ceremoniously. The author was also lucky to be there and enjoyed the feast of taste and vision of vape and beauty. In the eye-catching position of hall 4, a new product, MCK, designed and developed by a professional team, made a brilliant debut. First of all, MCK brand said that it firmly supports the notice on further protecting minors from electronic cigarettes issued by the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau and the State Administration of Market Regulation, further regulates and improves the brand’s business behavior, and resolutely resists and prohibits minors from purchasing and using vape products.

MCK, the return of the king

MCK (Shenzhen) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a brand company of new vape products under Boton group. The team consists of a group of senior vape product practitioners and industry leaders, among whom there are a large number of leaders in various brand fields.

MCK, the return of the king MCK, the return of the king

To be a Magic and Charming King. This is the return of the king. This time, it’s also its new product, MP1 pod system kit that expresses this word. We will experience and review whether it can interpret the word “King”.

MCK, the return of the king MCK, the return of the kingMCK, the return of the king

The packaging design of MP1 is simple and clear, and on the back of the package, the most eye-catching and clear warning words are used to remind minors that it is forbidden to use this device, which is also the determination of MCK not to sell to minors. The author also hopes that the children who have not yet grown-up do not smoke any kind of cigarettes or electronic cigarette products.

MCK, the return of the king

I will give full marks for all Chinese instructions. Our own products must use our own language, which is thicker than those of a book with various versions of text, it’s better than the manuals of other brands that don’t have Chinese version at all. The braided data line is also made of solid materials. The bimetal head type-C has a very brilliant touch and visual feeling, and gives a full score in the heart in an instant. However, there is no cartridge inside. It’s a pity to buy it separately. The device made of aluminum alloy is comfortable to hold, and the surface treatment process of anodizing is also extremely sophisticated. MP1 device has 6 colors to choose from: champagne gold (that’s my color), deep sky grey, ruby red, navy blue, classic black and crystal green. The built-in battery capacity of 370mah can basically meet the needs of a day. The connection between the device and the pod is a magnetic connecting type. While the ultra-high distance inside the rod body ensures that the cartridge will not be loose when it is put in, it can be safely used.

MCK, the return of the king

Let’s talk about the pod again. The two huge metal electrodes at the bottom can ensure that there will be no bad contact. The manufacturer has really paid attention to the design. The 1.2ml pod looks kind of small in volume. After communicating with the manufacturer, it will be improved to 1.8ml later, which is much better. With the addition of vibration motor, the actual experience is very good. There will be vibration prompt when pulling and inserting the pod. During the vaping process, there will also be vibration prompt after more than 4 seconds, greatly improving the user experience. The ceramic inner core is still good for the vaporizing of e-liquid. The annular silica gel sealing ring and silica gel sealing bracket prevent leakage to a great extent, and no leakage is found in the use process. Once again, I would like to praise the manufacturer’s intentions.

MCK, the return of the king

The taste of MP1’s flavor is also very rich. In the early stage, it brought seven tastes, one box of two pods, and there will be Chinese taste marks on the pods, which is really a comfortable and intimate design. The author also carefully compared every taste. The experience is as follows:

White Peach Oolong: the entrance comes with light peach fragrance, into the throat, over the lungs, when exhaled, the thick tea fragrance is mixed with light fruit fragrance, which makes people intoxicated. White Peach Oolong, as a popular flavor in the near future, is made by MCK, which is superior.

Passion fruit tea: just tear off the aluminum plastic film, you can smell the thick passion fruit flavor. Deep drag, into the throat, very pure flavor of passion fruit, mixed with a light and invisible aftertaste, very good to vape, but obviously no White Peach Oolong tea experience. It’s very strange and pure passion fruit. It’s worth recommending.

Taro ice cream: very sweet taro, very thick, but not greasy, a little bit of cream flavor, after exhaling, taro flavor is still wrapped around the tip of the tongue, good vapor.

Sober lemon: it’s cool and a little sour, but it’s full of flavor, worthy of the name of sober. It’s really cool and exciting.

Mango Smoothie: very mature mango flavor, similar to the mainstream mango flavor e-liquid. It belongs to the taste of fresh mango.

Cool Mint: it’s cool, with the feeling of green arrow deep mint.

Classic tobacco: it’s full of energy. Moreover, it’s the most peculiar tobacco I’ve ever vaped. American nuts are mixed with Chinese style flue-cured tobacco, just like butter with colorful rhymes. It’s strange, but it’s not hard to smoke. It’s very interesting.

In addition to the 0.5% content of the classic tobacco, the rest of the flavors are 0.3%. It’s full of energy. The author also have the first experience of drunk in the vapor. It’s really the first time, MCK. I wrote it down, haha.

MCK, the return of the king

Generally speaking, the vape juice of MCK is still very mature. After all, it has many years of industry experience, and it is very old-fashioned to deal with it. The return of the king is indeed worthy of his name.

At the end of the day, I’d like to remind you that if you don’t smoke, please don’t touch any product of electronic cigarettes. If you are a minor, please let go of yourself, curiosity, tobacco and any brand of vapes. The author thanks you for the whole tobacco industry and vaping industry.

With best wishes.


Where to buy MCK starter kit

Wechat/Whatsapp: +86 13714403121


SMOK new pod system RPM40 review – With adjustable voltage and LCD screen

Hello everyone, there is a lot of device for the recent review. I just shared one yesterday, and continue today. First of all, thank you for your attention and follow-up interaction. Second, I’m sorry for the little friends who haven’t received free gifts for a long time. We will also provide more opportunities and places for gifts. I hope that every concerned friend will not only exchange and study here, but also can have some extra gain, at least let everyone can get welfare, let’s not say much. We have entered today’s review of new e-cigarettes.

This review brings the new product of SMOK, RPM40 KIT.

SMOK is always so meticulous for electronic cigarettes, always has high quality and high demand of their own products. I believe that many friends saw three new products released by SMOK in the tweet of the previous few days, both in design and popularity. RPM40 is another famous brand (you can guess it). It seems that there will be a lot of bloody battles.

SMOK Hollywood new product launch

Here comes the refillable vape you are looking for, SMOK NOVO second-generation electronic cigarette review.

SMOK new pod system RPM40 review

Why does the review rate SMOK so high at the beginning, first of all, from the outer packaging of cellophane is the full score.

No matter which brand or product, the cellophane plastic packaging is essential. I believe that many people will encounter the trouble of opening the packing box with the help of tools. I am deeply touched. Just think about it. When there are no scissors or knives at hand, unless you use your teeth. Or you’ll never open that layer of cellophane. I wonder you’re anxious then and get annoyed by it.

SMOK made a dotted line on the cellophane, which is similar to the design method of the cigarette ripping strip. You just need to pull it gently. For such a small detail, I hope other brands can learn from it. No matter how good the product is, it is dragged by a layer of film. It really makes the user anxious!

SMOK new pod system RPM40 review

At present, the device has multiple colors. This time, we choose classic white for review.

The color of the outer package is consistent with that of the body. The classic white up cover box design is included in the package:

Device *1,

USB data cable * 1

Instruction * 1

Warranty card * 1

RPM0.4 ohm pod * 1

RPM0.4 ohm pod * 1

SMOK new pod system RPM40 review

This white and painted style has a strong post-modern style. The core of 0.4 ohms is mesh atomizing core, and the core of 0.6 ohms is the classic combination of silk and cotton.

SMOK new pod system RPM40 review

This time, two different atomizing cores are tested with a motorcycle e-liquid to see if there is any difference in the taste. Red is the mesh, black is silk + cotton. The device can be adjusted. The damping of the ignition key and the adjustment key is very comfortable with an LCD screen in the middle. Pressing it has a super texture feeling.

SMOK new pod system RPM40 review

The appearance after lighting up the screen is pretty good. This time, SMOK installed a 1500 MAH battery on it, so the endurance problem need not be considered too much. At the top of the screen is the ignition key. The square button is very comfortable. At the bottom of the screen are two long and thin adjustment buttons. Damping is very good. Moreover, the playability of this device is also very good.

SMOK new pod system RPM40 review

First of all, it can lock the whole ignition and voltage regulation procedure. This is like the voltage regulation box we use. We only need to press the ignition key 3 times continuously and quickly. The advantage is that it can be put in the pocket without worrying about some dangerous factors caused by any accidental touch. If you press two adjustment buttons at the same time, you will lock your current watt value. The advantage is that you don’t have to worry about the awkward situation that the wattage increases and the core is pasted or the wattage decreases due to MIS touch.

SMOK new pod system RPM40 review

Careful friends will surely find that the color of this screen is not the same as the one above. Yes, this is another fun point for RPM40. From the photos, we can see that its screen content is quite rich. At the top is the brand logo and battery power, and at the bottom is the current wattage value set by the device. At the bottom of the curve is the number of seconds you aspirate, and then at the bottom is the resistance, the voltage output (0 when the ignition is not started, it will automatically change according to your 30 watt power output when you vape) and the number of puffs you make.

SMOK new pod system RPM40 review

Here’s the point. At the bottom, there are six screen colors: red, yellow, blue, purple, green and white, which can be set by yourself. The operation is also extremely simple. Just press the ignition key and the increment key on the right at the same time. But, however, one thing to note here is that when you adjust the color, remember to press the ignition key at the same time, not for a long time, which will cause certain damage to the atomizing core.

SMOK new pod system RPM40 review

As for the taste, I just want to talk about my own feelings. After all, this is a little metaphysical. Not everyone can use it. The 0.4 ohm mesh atomizing core, the preheating of the first puff is flat, but from the second puff, it can better restore the flavor of e-liquid, Direct to lung vaping can obviously experience the layer of e-liquid.

Today, when nicotine salt is prevalent, you can change your taste and really regain the feeling of mod vape. 0.6 ohm silk + cotton, due to the slightly increased vaping resistance, it is the best feeling when using small lung draw, first light the lung, take off the atomizer and then enter the lung, hazelnut mixed with a little chocolate taste is very intoxicating.

SMOK new pod system RPM40 review

In order to take into account the DIY curiosity and vape fun of some veteran players, the brand RPM40 also supports DIY. However, considering that many players are novice now, they are no longer verbose.

SMOK new pod system RPM40 review

First, the draw resistance is empty when take heavy draw. Second, 6mg’s e-liquid is certainly not as good as nicotine salt’s addiction relief. After all, RPM40 is not used to vape nicotine salt with these two cores. However, it is specially noted here that the core of 0.6 and Nord can be used in general. In addition, SMOK official also has 1.4 ohm core, which is divided into two specifications, one ceramic core, one silk + cotton core. If you have friends who want to use RPM40 to vape nic salt, you can buy 1.4 ohm core.

SMOK new pod system RPM40 review

The precipitation of history and the innovation of science and technology, when they collide together, they are like RPM40 today with excellent performance. The details of the design can intrigue consumers’ desire to buy. A small rip tag may win more and more market share. Only with the heart can the product and user be intimate.

SMOK new pod system RPM40 review

Finally, we also wish SMOK can develop more and more classic devices and the new RPM40s to be sold. The above only represents the personal point of view, don’t criticize me if you don’t like, we will see you next time!

SMOK new pod system RPM40 review


//SMOK pod vape RPM40 KIT with mod performance//

SMOK new pod system RPM40 review

Where to buy SMOK RPM40 KIT

MOTI win smokers heart in London Oktoberfest festival

MOTI’s engagement in London Oktoberfest festival on November 15th and 16th brings pure happiness to the masses, a positive attitude to life and passion for life in a healthier, more convenient and fashionable way to smoke. Feedbacks from whom tried and purchased MOTI at beer festival said: “The best vape I’ve ever had” and “This grape flavor MOJO probably the best grape flavor I’ve ever tried.” From cinema to beer festival, MOTI is interacting actively among young people. For more events coming after in UK, the trendy MOTI lifestyle is coming to shape.

MOTI win smokers heart in London Oktoberfest festival

Started from Las Vegas in 2013, ranking top 3 in United States and the second biggest pod cigarette brand in Mainland China, MOTI managed to acquire the biggest investment of $50 million from SIG Asia recently, and is the biggest publicized financial support up to now. MOTI is not only the pod manufacturer, but also aims to help improve the lives of the global smoking epidemic by creating an alternative to the bad smelling cigarettes.

MOTI win smokers heart in London Oktoberfest festival

Being one of the world’s best selling pod cigarette products, MOTI also trying to make positive impact to the world. Due to the insufficient funding from the Paraguay government for fighting frequent wild fires and the breakdowns of overused fire fighting equipment, volunteer fire fighters of the city is constantly struggling to come up with funds needed to fight the fires. MOTI has launched a campaign to raise fund to purchase enough gears for fire fighters against wild fires.

After sweeping North America and Asia Pacific, MOTI finally made its first move in UK. In collaboration with Filming East and Oktoberfest, MOTI created a unique experience with immersive screening and beer festival from November 9th to 16th in the center London.

MOTI win smokers heart in London Oktoberfest festival

MOTI classic and MOJO are two star products from MOTI brand. As a next-generation pod system that lets you flavor your lifestyle your way with pre-filled and refillable flavor pods in a simple, elegant device design, MOTI is considered the pioneer of all pod e-cigarettes in China. The 500mAh built-in battery can be recharged in less than an hour and results in more than 600 puffs. Instead of the prefilled pods, you can use the MOTI refillable pods to create the flavor you like. The other star product MOJO has already reached a partnership with Cygnet Health Waterloo Hospital, where patients can easily achieve in the vending machine. As a disposable e-cigarette, each MOJO pod contains 1.2ml juice capacity with various flavour to choose. Only at 3 inches tall, MOJO wears ultra compact and lightweight design which is easy to use.

Learn more specifics about MOTI, please refer to

5 reasons why celebrities love vaping

Over the past five years or so, vaping has exploded in popularity, and today millions of us have made the switch from traditional cigarettes to vapes.

Indeed, some of the world’s most recognizable celebrities have been spotted vaping, too, which has elevated the industry and made vaping more attractive to everyday folk – even those who have not smoked before.

Lindsay Lohan, Johnny Depp, Katherine Heigl, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Katy Perry are just some of the celebrities who have been spotted with vapes in their hands in recent years, so below, we thought we’d put together some of the reasons why celebrities love to vape…

5 reasons why celebrities love vaping

It’s better for their health

Perhaps the most obvious benefit to vaping is that it’s better for your health than traditional cigarettes which are packed with tar that can cause lung and other cancers.

Research from the FDA suggests that vaping does 95% less damage than traditional tobacco – which is great for celebrities who are obsessed with their health but still want to get their smoking fix.

The main reason is that there’s no burning, and so harmful substances are not released.

For musicians like Katy Perry, vaping is important for maintaining a career.


We all know that smoking can make your voice raspy, scratchy and rough as well as decrease your singing range and cause breathiness, weaken your voice and reduce pitch and accuracy.

That’s a lot of downsides!

Vaping is considered much safer than smoking with less of an effect on your voice, which is great for singers who want to light up quickly before they take to the stage!

5 reasons why celebrities love vaping

It’s cheaper

Okay, so this point won’t affect celebrities as much as it will us ordinary people, but we know that some of our favorite singers are frugal with their money.

Smoking is an expensive habit, and the average price of a packet of cigarettes has been increasing year on year as brands pass on taxes and falling to consumers.

Vaping, on the other hand, is considerably cheaper and allows you to get your fix without dropping $20 every couple of days.

Indeed, a single pod of e-liquid is equivalent to around two packs of cigarettes but costs just a fraction of that.


It’s natural and doesn’t smell

When you purchase e-liquid from companies such as MOTI, you can benefit from high-quality natural ingredients such as natural fruit and vegetable glycerin, which are not only much healthier than harmful toxins and chemicals but much better for your nose!

For celebrities who are always out on public appearances or meeting fans at a meet and greet, vaping means that they don’t have to worry about freshening their breath or spraying more perfume to mask the smell of cigarettes – vaping is a cleaner habit without the nasty smell.

What’s more, vaping does not cause yellowing to your teeth or fingers, which is another common side effect amongst those who smoke.

You won’t find tar, carbon monoxide, and suspended particulates in your favorite vaping liquid – the ‘enemies’ of any vain celebrity! But you will find delicious fragrances and flavors!

5 reasons why celebrities love vaping


Nothing says glamor like someone sucking on a cigarette. Not!

We’ve all seen the memes – the truth is that smoking is a pretty dirty habit, and people who smoke often age prematurely and look unsightly when they’re lighting up.

Smoking can also be a major turn-off, which is not good news for celebrities who are trying to impress record executives or find a new date at an awards show.

Vaping is the more sophisticated way to smoke – and for celebrities who care about their appearance and the way they’re portrayed to the world – that’s important.

Perhaps one of the best things about vaping is that you can put your vape in your pocket or purse and smoke whenever you feel the need.

And as vaping is allowed in some indoor venues (particularly behind the scenes for celebrities), it’s a super convenient way to smoke.

5 reasons why celebrities love vaping

Premium brands are attractive

Finally, a quick word on style.


One of the most exciting brands in the vaping industry is MOTI – a company that creates some of the most advanced e-cigarettes out there.

Their 6th Gen Ceramic Coil Heating Technology and an innovative Meta Tech Heating Technology mean that vapes keep a consistent temperature and heat conduction, and each drop of e-liquid can be fully vaporized for maximum flavor and benefit.

What’s more, the nicotine salt included in the company’s e-liquids offers a richer, flavorful, and more enjoyable vaping experience with a smooth nicotine hit, which is exactly what the stars are looking for when making the switch.


Even better? Their vapes double as a room air freshener too since it’s fragranced with delicious fruits and vegetables, which means that first impressions are always possible.And to round it off, a sleek design creates the ultimate must-have accessory in celebrity circles.

Find out more about MOTI and purchase your e-cigarette from their web

Follow MOTI Instagram facebook the latest giveaway information.

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

Today, I’m bringing you one of the most popular pod vape devices. It is VINCI developed by VOOPOO with care.

About the brand:

When it comes to VOOPOO, we need to talk more. VOOPOO was founded in 2014, when mod vape prevailed. It is believed that all old friends from that time will remember that the king once had a trident logo, a stable wood patch, and an invincible X200 box with extremely powerful and domineering hand. In 2017, VOOPOO acquired invincible (the right way to write it should be WOODY), began to enter the e-cigarette market, and achieved great success. The epoch-making device – 0.025 seconds ultimate heating, the real blazing-fast vaping experience, up to now, “Instant vaping” is still active in the hands of friends who love mod vapes, we can see its excellent performance.

Before that, we also reported several introductions about VOOPOO and its new product VINCI. This time, we carried out the review directly.

VINCI, the best electronic cigarette device of the year, launched on the whole network!

VOOPOO makes the world see a new generation of China’s “smart” manufacturing!

VINCI interprets the user value of epoch-making products under the transformation of electronic cigarette industry

VOOPOO new VINCI won the best device award in 2019!

VINCI new generation vape – VINCI, an epoch-making product compatible with mod and pod vapes together!

And can VINCI in our hands continue the myth? How can VINCI, carefully developed and built by VOOPOO, win the best device award in 2019? Next, it’s the unboxing time..

[Packaging & Design]

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

In the aspect of packaging design, I sincerely hope that VOOPOO manufacturer make a tear strip on the cellophane of the outer packaging, which will greatly improve the convenience and the use experience…

[Open package & package content]

This review is about the peacock blue version, the decorative board similar to the invincible stable wood patch is really good-looking. VINCI’s debut brings us four colors: Aurora, carbon fiber, peacock blue and scarlet.

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review Popular VOOPOO VINCI review Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

Basic package content

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

The drawer type packing box comes with device * 1, 5.5ML large capacity tank * 1, 0.3 ohm mesh core * 1, PNP 0.8 ohm core * 1, USB charging cable * 1, instruction, warranty card, etc. Let’s talk about the instruction manual here. For the instruction manual printed in multiple languages.

[Actual user experience]

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

First of all, we use a 0.3 ohm core, which can be clearly seen from the figure as a net structure. Its vapor volume and e-liquid vaporizing are relatively maximized.

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

The SALTY BASTARD vape juice is still used for the test. In the core of 0.3 ohm, the layer feeling brought by Lucky 13 is quite clear. It’s smooth to enter the throat. At the moment of exhaling, it’s like honey and caramel mixed with hazelnut. The fragrance is mellow and full, and the aftertaste comes with the sweet smell of vanilla and tobacco. Moreover, the mesh core magnifies the sweetness hidden in the SALTY BASTARD, and really gives the user experience of the whole taste of Lucky 13.

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

After changing to 0.8 ohm, PNP’s silk and cotton core, the ruffian of riding salt 40mg was added. A light puff (manual mode), full of vapor at the entrance, entering the lung through the throat. When inhaled, the smell similar to nuts spreads out along the esophagus. When exhaled, caramel mixed with tobacco, just one mouthful, endless satisfaction and throat hit come up immediately. It’s no exaggeration. It’s really just one bite. Although the delicate experience is a little dizzy, it really tastes good.

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

VINCI has a super cool appearance, and its zinc alloy body also has a high-level sense. Although it is a stuck the hand, it is stuck in the comfort degree. In addition, there are three modes in the dual-mode format.

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

The visual enjoyment brought by 0.96 inch TFT color screen is very good. Is it familiar to see this layout? Hee hee ~ ~ ~ the top of the screen is the brand logo and the power display, and the middle is the current wattage setting and a green lock. Next down are the number of puffs and the number of seconds of the last inhalation. On the left side of the lower part, there is a letter P, which represents that the current mode is manual mode, and only pressing and holding the key to ignite can user draw. On the right side, the display shows the resistance and the output of the electric voltage. The non ignition value is 0, which changes with the drawing. In this mode, press and hold the ignition key and down key at the same time to clear the number of puffs. Press and hold the ignition key and up key at the same time to lock the device. That is to say, whether you press the key or draw directly, the device will not work. Put it in your pocket or bag, and don’t worry about it working by mistake, which greatly reduces the risk of use.

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

After pressing and holding the ignition key and the up key to unlock, the ignition key will be unlocked three times in a row. At this time, the mode will turn into automatic mode. In this mode, you can choose to draw directly or press the ignition key. The response speed of key ignition is really fast. Thanks to the powerful GENE.AI chip, the instant vaping can be better inherited. However, the response speed of air switch is still strong despite the slight delay. In this mode, after you lock the wattage, it will not work unless you use the air switch. Safety is OK, too.

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

A very interesting A & P mode, as the name implies, double vaping by hand. It is similar to the automatic mode, i.e. both vaping modes are available, but, however, in this mode, the direct vaping response speed is positive and the eruption is fast. After testing, in this mode, use 0.8 core to vape butyl salt, as long as a SIP (slightly more than 1 second), the vaping experience is excellent. The only criticism is that even if the vape juice tank is turned and the suction resistance is changed, the puff is still slightly empty. It is estimated that it will be better to replace with a 1.2 ohm PNP core. If there are friends who like tight draw resistance, they can also hold down the air inlet on both sides of the device when vaping. But, however, don’t press it too tightly. In this way, not only it can’t be vaped, the atomizer is very hot. In this mode, after you lock the wattage, even if you press and hold the ignition key, as long as you do not vape, it will not work, of course, you can directly vape. How to say, this mode, like the automatic mode, except for the air switch, even if it is pressed, you don’t want to ignite.

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

As shown in the above two figures, the side with the e-liquid filling hole is inserted into the front, which is particularly comfortable for the use of mod vape. Deep lung inhalation and ignition will increase with your vaping time, whether it is button or direct vaping, it has necessary delay, which is positive and protective, avoiding the sudden heat of deep lung vaping and e-liquid. When you twist 180 degrees, insert the side with the VOOPOO logo into the front, which increases the vaping resistance to a certain extent, and the ignition response is relatively positive (in both modes), so as to meet your ultimate experience of one mouthful into buzz, two mouthfuls into ecstasy, and three mouthfuls into fantasy.

[Overall review & summary]

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

Exquisite appearance, excellent workmanship, careful design and solid hand feel are the vapor enjoyment brought by VINCI. Of course, the problem of vaping resistance may perplex some friends’ vaping experience. (the premise is that it’s the nicotine salt) the waste of e-liquid caused by the failure to change the e-liquid tank (the mod changes the nicotine salt, and the e-liquid and heating core must be changed), and the atomizer can increase the sweetness (it is recommended that those mod e-liquid with sweetness should not be used as much as possible, except that you like sweetness). These are also its little regrets. But there is no perfect person and there is no perfect thing in the world. As far as we can see, VOOPOO is worthy of the name of a big brand and Vinci is worthy of the name of Chinese Da Vinci.

Of course, at the end of the article, I still hope that when the manufacturer designs the products in the future, he can leave a hot spot tearing strip on the cellophane, which can win more praise. Although Vinci compete with another well-known similar pod vape, each product has its own advantages and disadvantages. Only by carefully selecting the appropriate device can we not feel that the product itself is bad. Here, I sincerely hope that Vinci can sell well. The above only represents the personal point of view, do criticize me if you don’t like, we will see you next time!

//VOOPOO, a national brand, brings 8 innovative technologies, including its new Vinci new generation GENE.AI intelligent chip, innovative positive and negative dual airway design, manual and pneumatic double inhalation mode//

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

Where to buy VOOPOO VINCI

“Keep minors away from e-cigarettes” is written in SNOWPLUS Basic Law now

On November 21st, SNOWPLUS vape producer – Shenzhen Xuewu Technology Co., Ltd. held a special meeting of executives. And all the votes by them support “Keep minors away from e-cigarettes” to be written into the company Basic Law.

“SNOWPLUS Basic Law” is the “constitution” of this e-cigarette company, which is above all company regulations. The establishment of the Basic Law clause is subject to the approval of the staff of the company’s senior management meeting of 3/4 and above, and is voted by the employee representative meeting.

Specific initiatives to “Keep minors away from e-cigarettes” include:

  1. Around November 28th, SNOWPLUS’s new generation of product packages will be fully refitted. With reference to the domestic cigarette packaging standard, “this product contains nicotine, the use of minors is prohibited” will be printed on the front of the new packaging.
  2. No agents shall open direct sales stores or franchise stores within 500 meters of primary and secondary schools.
  3. All offline offline stores and franchise stores are marked with the “Minors are Prohibited to Buy and Use” logo in a prominent position.
  4. SNOWPLUS requires all dealers and agents not to sell electronic cigarettes to minors, and to “prohibit the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors” and “prohibit the establishment of stores around primary and secondary schools” into the contract. Once the violation is found, the liability for breach of contract will be investigated; if the violation is serious, the qualification for cooperation will be cancelled.

In the promotion of foreign languages, SNOWPLUS also made strict regulations, such as prohibiting the use of “e-cigarette is healthy, green product” and other slogans.

On November 1 this year, the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration and the State Administration of Markets jointly issued the Notice on Further Protecting Minors from E-cigarettes. According to the requirements of the notice, SNOWPLUS has sold the e-cigarette products for sale in the E-commerce platform such as Jingdong and Tmall, and issued the promise of “protecting the minors to the end”in the first time.

At the “E-cigarette Entrepreneurship in the New Consumption Era” forum held at the end of October this year, SNOWPLUS co-founder Wang Sa delivered the keynote speech “Protection of Minors is the Responsibility and Bottom Line of Enterprises and Industries”. Wang Sa said: “Protecting minors is the lifeline of SNOWPLUS enterprise development. We put it at the highest priority of enterprise development and implement it at all levels of production, sales and marketing, even if some initiatives conflict with business profits. Change, no matter how much impact on the business, SNOWPLUS must put the protection of minors first.”

“We believe that with the joint efforts of the state, industry, enterprises and the public, China’s e-cigarette industry will soon be on the right track.” Wang Sa said, “In this process, SNOWPLUS is willing to take on more social responsibilities and let enterprises and the industry develop in a more benign environment.”

Where to buy SNOWPLUS vape

RELX disposable nano vape pen review – NAKED IN ICELAND

It’s surprising to meet RELX nano disposable vape at a small booth shop in the Futian District, Shenzhen. Yesterday, the author went to meet a customer. Unfortunately, his cell phone ran out of power and was off, so he couldn’t call a taxi home. And he went to a small booth at the roadside and asked the shopkeeper to charge his phone for a while. The shopkeeper’s kind and warm-hearted and promised to charge it for free. The author felt a bit awkward and wished to buy something there in return. Unexpectedly, a RELX disposable vape was just right there, then he bought it for 39 yuan.

The RELX disposable vape we review today is a tiny size one-off vape pod compared to the RELX starter kit and SNOWPLUS starter kit. It’s called NAKED IN ICELAND.


Product model: RNMTH50

Nicotine strength: 5%

Puff numbers:200

E-liquid volume:1.2 ml

Battery capacity: 270 mAh

Manufacturer: ALD

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The Chinese vaping startup betting on world-first innovations amid stricter regulation

China’s decision to halt online sales of vaping products earlier this month has put e-cigarette makers under intense pressure, and follows a global trend towards stricter regulation. One Chinese startup, backed by some of Asia’s most prominent tech investors, remains confident of weathering the storm through its innovative products and safety-first approach.

The backstory: Founded in February 2019, Snowplus launched its products in April and scored significant funding from major backers including Sequoia Capital.

  • Set up by US-educated young entrepreneurs, Derek Li, Ray Xiao, Sa Wang, Jimmy Zhong and Justin Li Snowplus launched its first closed system e-cigarette product in April 2019. A caffeine-based vape followed in July and then a smokeless edition in August.
  • Major investors have quickly taken notice and Snowplus closed $40 million in Series A funding from Sequoia Capital, among other big players.
  • Snowplus is based in Beijing and operates research and development (R&D) and manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen.

“Our investors believe in us because we are making products with unique tech that provides a competitive advantage in the market.”

—Derek Li, co-founder and head of international business at Snowplus

Unique selling point: Snowplus has already launched two world-first innovations in the e-cig industry, a vape that substitutes caffeine for nicotine and one that produces almost no second-hand smoke.

  • The startup has managed to build a presence in Canada, Southeast Asia, Russia, and South Korea, a rare feat for a Chinese vape maker. Snowplus is also in the process of expanding to Europe.

Funding: Snowplus’ Series A was the largest investment ever in Chinese vape startup to date. Sequoia Capital China, ZhenFund, K2VC, and Matrix Partners China contributed to the $40 million round.

  • Sequoia Capital is an early backer of Google and Apple. In 2011, it invested $8million in messaging app WhatsApp, which Facebook acquired in 2014 for $19 billion. At the time, this was the largest acquisition of a venture-backed business, according to Crunchbase.
  • ZhenFund has backed Ofo, VIPKid, and Horizon Robotics. Matrix Partners was also an early investor in Apple, and has recently invested in Didi, Xiaomi, and

The landscape: China is home to 300 million smokers—the world’s largest market—providing much room for vaping to grow. The country produces 95% of e-cigs globally, but only 5% of them are smoked in China, CGTN cited data from the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention as saying.

  • Only recently did Chinese entrepreneurs start to claim the domestic market, but now countless vaping startups have piled into the market to compete for a slice of the pie.
  • One of the most prominent players is Relx, which has raised $25 million to date over angel A rounds, according to Crunchbase.
  • So far, these companies have been operating in a legal grey zone, and it is unclear how their status will change once new regulations kick in at the start of 2020. Beijing’s new rules include increased taxation, enhanced health and safety standards, and a ban on online sales.
  • E-cigarettes are facing increasing scrutiny worldwide, after several cases of alleged vape-related deaths in the US, as well as a boom in underage vaping. The World Health Organization says that evidence on the health effects of vaping is still “inconclusive.”

Prospects: Derek Li, one of the Snowplus co-founders, told TechNode that he is optimistic about the startup’s future both in China and abroad, despite the imminent rule changes and the need for localization in overseas markets.

  • The Chinese vaping market is likely to see quick consolidation in 2020, as regulations squeeze out weaker competition. Snowplus stands a better chance of survival thanks to its unique products, focus on safety, and financial backers.
  • Li told TechNode that the company is expanding its research and development efforts and aims to enter more markets. The startup has just signed an agreement with the Shenzhen government to boost R&D capabilities considerably, and it will soon announce new products with integrated smart features and more sensors, Li said.
  • Outside of China, Snowplus faces competition from big established players, most notably Juul. But its e-coffee and smokeless products are likely to attract consumers.
  • US vaping giants are also facing a harsh environment after the Trump administration announced a ban on all tobacco-flavored products in the US in September.
  • Snowplus’s products are compliant with regulations in both the US and EU, and the company says it welcomes Beijing’s new rules as it will help the industry “evolve.”

Where to buy SNOWPLUS vape

MONCK vape review – A pod system famous for its cost-effective feature

Since the birth of the Xiaomi mobile phone, the word Cost Performance is well known. Xiaomi mobile phones with ultra-low prices and super performance, make people see the super quality and highest value for money of the mobile phone industry. Today, Monck vape will show you the super cost-effective vape pen in the e-cigarette industry.

When it comes to cost performance, we must mention the price and product quality. Since its listing, Monck vape has been occupying the market with its superior price. A fan of Monck vape said: the same quality and taste, I will definitely choose Monck, because I can spend less money.

Today, take the latest product of Monck vape, Monck pod system for comparison. From the point of view of price and quality taste, compare it with the popular trendy pod systems and disposable vapes.

MONCK disposable vape review

First round: price

The price of the Monck pod system is 99 yuan per kit, which comes with 4 classic flavor pods. Wow, that’s enough to beat most of the products on the market. On the market, the price of a conventional pod system starter kit is around 200 yuan, and the ones with 4 pods are even rarer. And the follow-up purchase of pods only needs 25 yuan per cartridge, so it can be said that the price is very beautiful.

The capacity of each pod of the Monck pod system is 2ml, and the capacity of 2ml can produce about 500-600 puffs, and the capacity of four pods can support more than 2000 puffs. This data is quite amazing. Two thousand puffs are equivalent to 10 packs of cigarettes, 99 yuan equals smoking 10 packs of cigarettes, but also more healthy. This can only be said that it has completely outraced any cigarette price. And there is no other pod vape that can compete with it.

MONCK disposable vape review

Second round: quality and taste

The battery capacity of the Monck pod system is 380mah, which can be used for one day after charging. Moreover, the charging port is a special charging port, which is safe and convenient to use and can completely guarantee quality and user safety.

The cartridge is made of cotton atomizing core, which is still the most popular atomizing core material in the electronic cigarette industry. It has strong taste, pure and smooth vapor, less carbon deposition, and is not easy to change flavor. For the experienced vapers, they prefer to use cotton core best.

The nicotine salt content of the e-liquid in the pod is 5%, which is higher than most of the electronic cigarettes on the market now. It can make a better effect of addiction relief with a smaller amount of vaping. Make sure to vape with small strength first in case you fall into an overwhelming buzz.

MONCK disposable vape review

Third round: cost performance ratio

As mentioned above, the advantages of Monck pod system are obvious. The puff number of conventional disposable e-cigarettes on the market is basically between 30 and 50. Each disposable pod generally supports 300 puffs. This cost is very high for old smokers.

Monck has a natural price advantage over the more expensive pod systems. The Monck pod system is not inferior to any other product in terms of the performance of taste and addiction relieving. All in all, the performance-price ratio of Monck pod system is absolutely super high.

No matter from pod system or disposable vape pen, the advantages of Monck vape are very good. Regardless of price, quality and taste, Monck vape is the best of all.

MONCK disposable vape review

In fact, since the establishment of Monck vape, it has been bearing the super cost-effective route. At the same time, it has always adhered to the theme of “customer-oriented, simplified products”. And it strives to help customers spend less money to get higher value, and make the products most in line with customers’ use habits.

MONCK disposable vape review

All along, MONCK vape has been trying to create a simple and pleasant way for customers to vape than smoke. At this point, MONCK has been working hard all the time.

Where to buy MONCK vape

When Is it Time to Start Buying Lower-Strength Nicotine Salt Juice?

Until recently, one of the biggest shortcomings of the JUUL was the fact that the pods were only available in one nicotine strength. JUUL pods were about as strong as tobacco cigarettes, and while that might have been great for those who had just made the switch from smoking to vaping, it wasn’t so great for longer-term vapers. With the recent release of lower-nicotine JUUL pods, you now have two options for reducing your nicotine intake while still using a pod system. You can continue using the JUUL and start buying pods in a lower nicotine strength, or you can buy a refillable pod system and start exploring the wide world of bottled nicotine salt juice.

Like traditional e-liquids, bottled nicotine salt e-liquid has always been available in multiple nicotine strengths. Most companies that sell bottled e-liquids offer those vape juices in two nicotine strengths: a lower strength around 20-30 mg and a higher strength around 40-50 mg. With one strength delivering about double the nicotine of the other, that’s a pretty wide range, so confusion can set in easily.

Are You Using the Right Nic Salt Strength Now?

If you’re considering changing your vape juice nicotine strength, the first thing you need to determine is whether you’re using the right strength for your needs already. To figure that out, consider these two pointers.

  • Most of the people who buy pod systems are current smokers. A nicotine strength of 50 mg delivers around the same nicotine to the body as a tobacco cigarette, so that’s usually a good nicotine strength to choose when you first switch from smoking to vaping.
  • Sometimes, curiosity drives existing vapers to try pod systems because those devices look so convenient and fashionable. If you’re already a full-time vaper – and you aren’t using a nicotine strength in the 40-50 mg range – then you have already adjusted to lower blood-nicotine levels than you’d get from smoking cigarettes. In this case, you’re better off choosing a nicotine salt e-liquid in the lower-strength 20-30 mg range.

A second way to determine whether you’re using the right nicotine strength is by simply listening to what your body tells you.

  • With most pod systems, a full pod is intended to last through about one full day of vaping. If you’re going through more than one pod per day – especially if you’re going through significantly more than one pod daily – it’s likely that your needs aren’t being met. If you’re still smoking cigarettes even though you’ve started vaping, it’s a sure sign that your needs aren’t being met. In this case, you should definitely increase your nicotine strength.
  • Since it has a more balanced pH than standard e-liquid, nicotine salt vape juice is supposed to be very smooth and easy to inhale. If that’s not the experience you’re having – if you find vaping difficult because you find that the vapor tastes harsh or irritates your throat – the nicotine strength that you’re using is probably too high.

How to Reduce Your Nicotine Strength With Nic Salt E-Juice

Let’s suppose that you’re currently using a device with pre-filled pods, such as the JUUL. At the time of writing, JUUL pods are available in two nicotine strengths: 5% (about 50 mg/ml) and 3% (about 30 mg/ml). So, the first step in reducing the strength of your nicotine salt e-liquid with the JUUL is an easy one: Just buy lower-strength pods.

When you decide it’s time to reduce your nicotine intake further, you have two options. You can either buy third-party refillable pods for your JUUL, or you can switch to a new pod system that’s designed for refilling. It’s a good idea to examine any refillable JUUL pod before buying it; some of them have very small openings and aren’t easy to refill unless you have an e-liquid bottle with a very narrow tip.

You’ll need to start buying bottled nicotine salt vape juice when you begin filling your own pods. Nicotine salt e-liquids are easy to find in strengths down to about 15-20 mg, so you’ll have a pretty big selection of nic salt juices available as you begin dialing down your nicotine intake.

Can I Use My Pod Vaping System to Become Nicotine Free?

Nicotine salt e-liquids with strengths as low as 3 mg do exist, but they aren’t common. As you decrease your nicotine usage, you’ll want to switch to standard (freebase nicotine) e-liquid at some point if you want to continue enjoying a large flavor selection.

When you make that switch, you should pay close attention to the VG/PG ratios of the e-liquids you buy if you want to continue using a pod system. Most pod systems are designed for use with vape juices containing no more than 50 percent vegetable glycerin. VG is very thick, and an e-liquid with a high ratio of VG to PG can clog the small wicks in a pod system. Stay away from any e-liquid with a label like “Max VG.” Those e-liquids are designed for vaping devices with much larger wick openings.

The Last Step in Reducing Your Nicotine Intake

The lowest nicotine strength that most e-liquid makers produce is 3 mg. If you’ve stepped down from 50 mg of nicotine all the way to 3 mg, making the final step from 3 mg to nicotine-free e-liquid may not seem like much at all. In reality, though, your body is going to tell you that there’s a pretty big difference between a little nicotine and no nicotine at all. An easy way to make the transition easier is by mixing two different nicotine strengths to make an in-between strength.

Start by buying a big, empty e-liquid bottle. You can find them online and in well-stocked vape shops. Next, buy two bottles of your favorite vape juice. Buy one bottle with a nicotine strength of 3 mg, and buy another bottle that’s nicotine free. Dump the entire contents of both bottles into your large bottle. Replace the cap on the large bottle and give it a vigorous shake for several seconds. You now have a bottle of e-liquid with a nicotine strength of 1.5 mg. You can continue using that nicotine strength until you’re ready to become nicotine free, or you can mix e-liquids in different ratios to decrease your nicotine strength further.