Is the vape street going to disappear? Is it a rallying cry or a strenuous struggle?

“E-cigarette factories are laying off workers now. Are you still jumping in?” On October 28, the reporter of China times came to Xinxintian Industrial Park, Shajing, Shenzhen. After learning that there are two electronic cigarette processing plants in the park, the reporter tried to find the recruitment information about the electronic cigarette production posts on the recruitment bar at the gate of the park, but was responded by a young woman who issued a recruitment leaflet to the job seekers.

Shajing street and Songgang street in Bao’an District of Shenzhen city gather about 80% of the global e-cigarette processing plants, which makes China occupy a mature position in the e-cigarette supply chain. In such an environment, the research report released by Aimei consulting once made a “plump” expectation, “in the future e-cigarette market, e-cigarette technology components and device supply chain companies have a good prospect.

However, this “base camp” of vape production is making us see the cruel reality: the “Vape Street” no longer exists, and any cooperation related to e-cigarette is subject to be filtered “layer by layer selection”.

Disappeared Vape Street

The central road in Shajing, Shenzhen used to have the name of “Vape Street”, but when reporters tried to find this “street”, it was not as easy as they thought.

Passing by the airport, Shajing station is almost at the end of Metro Line 11. Under the stairs of four subway exits, there are more than a dozen electric bikes. Beside the bikes, there are a group of riders staring at each outbound passenger. “Do you want to go?” The sound of the bike taxi riders began to appear here and there at the top of the stairs.

“Where is the electronic cigarette street?” This group of people who are most familiar with the block didn’t give a quick and accurate answer after hearing the reporter’s inquiry. Instead, they changed from grabbing each other’s orders to introducing each other’s businesses: “Hey, do you know the e-cigarettes street?” “Electronic cigarettes? I don’t know. ” One of them said, “it’s on Central Road, but it’s all rented offices in the office building, which can’t be seen outside.”

The reporter inadvertently found that, on the next floor of a shopping mall, a billboard which was facing the exit and printed with the words “Member Recruitment” was facing the exit of Shajing station D, just above the sign of SEG electronic market. The sign reads “welcome to join the e-cigarette industry committee”. One of the “rights and interests enjoyed by the members” is “members have priority to enjoy the resources or preferential conditions opened by the government departments to the committee”. However, when the reporter entered the market, he found that the whole building was empty. Mr. Jin, the security guard at the door, told reporters that the e-cigarette industry committee was on the third floor. There was no one on the third floor, but only someone occasionally came to have a meeting. It seemed that it had moved to another place.

e-cigarette industry committee
e-cigarette industry committee billboard

When asked about “Vape Street”, Mr. Jin said: “There is a street, the processing plants on central road have moved to Jinsha Road.” When talking about the reasons for the relocation, Mr. Jin told reporters: “the main problem is the conflict of interest.”

Unlike some well-known e-cigarette brands in China that invite media to visit their factories, the processing factories located in the narrow streets of Shajing seem reluctant to let people know that they are related to e-cigarettes. After searching, the reporter found that most of these companies are hidden in various industrial parks under the name of “science and technology companies”. Only by querying industrial and commercial information, can they find that they have electronic cigarette component processing and other businesses, and the floor for processing electronic cigarette is usually not on the first floor.

Cautious technology companies

The policy regulation of Shenzhen began to work.

On October 1 this year, the regulations on smoking control in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”) put electronic cigarettes into the management of tobacco control for the first time and formally implemented. According to the regulations, smoking will also be controlled at bus stops, tourist attractions and other places. Violators can be fined up to 500 yuan. A woman who issued a recruitment leaflet in front of the gate of Xinxintian Industrial Park told reporters that after the US smoking ban and the “Regulations” were issued, e-cigarette processing plants began to lay off workers.

Innokin is the largest e-cigarette processing factory in Xinxintian Industrial Park. Now they don’t recruit many workers, they hire a cleaning aunt.” Said the lady. On the way to recruit workers, it was also not found that the two e-cigarette production and processing plants in the park had personnel needs for the production of “electronic appliances” and other related posts.

After a visit, the reporter found that the full name of “Xinyikang” is Shenzhen Innokin Technology Co., Ltd. Unlike other manufacturers in the park, Innokin has a very strict visitor system. It has a security booth at the door and cannot enter without contacting the management. If you enter, you need to write down the visitor’s name, ID card number, the name and phone number of Innokin contact person, etc. on the registration form.

In the face of e-cigarette related issues, these companies are very cautious. After calling the management of Innokin, the reporter put forward the need to visit the factory as a purchaser, and was told to go to the company’s office to know each other, establish contacts and negotiate with each other before putting forward the next requirements, such as whether to enter the factory or not.

Innokin factory
Innokin factory

According to Baidu Encyclopedia, “Shenzhen Innokin Technology Co., Ltd. is a world-famous e-cigarette manufacturer. The company insists on independent research and development to create a unique e-cigarette brand.” Reporters found that it has a strict visitor management system.

Shenzhen Dingyang Xingsheng Technology Co., Ltd. electronic cigarette processing plant floor, located in Xinxintian Industrial Park.
Shenzhen Dingyang Xingsheng Technology Co., Ltd. electronic cigarette processing plant floor, located in Xinxintian Industrial Park.

Technology companies don’t seem to want to be discovered. There are a lot of people on Huangpu Road in Shajing. There are hotels, restaurants and gas stations on the street. Another e-cigarette factory, Shenzhen Feipuer Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Feipu er”), is in the middle of the road between a fire station and a hotel. When approaching, you can only see a gate sign of “Litai high tech Intelligent Industrial Park”. Feipuer is on the third floor of the building.

For the visit, Feipuer front desk and management staff are very cautious. The front desk said that the whole floor is Feipuer’s factory, and the production of electronic cigarettes is also here. The reporter found that the first floor of the whole building is an automobile repair workshop, and the front and back doors of the second floor are locked but bright.

In the face of visitors with cooperation intention, Mr. Wang, the person in charge of Feipuer, is also very cautious. First, he asked the visitors about the source hearing about Feipuer, then asked about the business scope and turnover of the visiting company, and understood the operation status of other trading companies in the place where the visiting company is located.

During the conversation, Mr. Wang often turned his eyes left and right, pinched his fingers tightly, hardly disclosing the company’s own information, only indicating that the electronic cigarettes produced by the company were sold overseas.

From encroaching on the whole street to scattered distribution in dark corners, Shajing’s era of “Vape base camp” may be coming to an end.

Litai hi tech intelligent industrial park, located in Huangpu Road, Shajing, Shenzhen, has no way to know from the appearance that there is an vape production factory inside.
Litai Hi-tech intelligent industrial park, located in Huangpu Road, Shajing, Shenzhen, has no way to know from the appearance that there is an vape production factory inside.

2019 IECIE Shanghai Vape Culture Week grand opening

On October 30, 2019, the 2019 IECIE Shanghai Vape Culture Week held by Bowen creative exhibition (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. opened in hall W4-W5 of Shanghai New International Expo Center.

Leading electronic cigarette brands gather together

This IECIE Shanghai Vape Culture Week, as the second vape exhibition in Shanghai station is held in Shanghai by the Expo creative exhibition (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., covers an area of 23000 ㎡, with 1000 + well-known e-cigarette brands from home and abroad.

With five years of experience of successfully holding IECIE Shenzhen International Electronic Cigarette Industry Expo in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, this IECIE Shanghai Vape Culture Week is also wonderful!

2019 IECIE Shanghai Vape Culture Week grand opening 2019 IECIE Shanghai Vape Culture Week grand opening

In recent years, with the rapid development of e-cigarette industry, many new brand products have become household necessities. Snowplus, MOTI, RELX, vvild, Flow, Yooz, LINX, vitavp, ZIPPO, VPO, smok, NOS, NRX, iJoy, VGOD and other well-known e-cigarette brands have all participated in the IECIE Shanghai Vape Culture Week. The exhibition is very popular!

Jointly explore the blue ocean market of 100 billion yuan

Many e-cigarette brands sell new products and launch new technologies during the exhibition, which not only bring great benefits to consumers, but also provide excellent policy support for dealers and franchisees.

The new product release and dealer conference organized by IECIE Shanghai Vape Culture week was also one of the highlights of the exhibition. On the opening day, Moti and vitavp held a large dealer conference, and 7 other dealers held a reception in the small conference room.

In the next two days, a dozen brands including Zippo, vvild Ono and flow ferro will hold new product release and dealer Conference!

Trend icon of global electronic cigarette market

The electronic cigarette products on the exhibition site are even more dazzling. From the varieties displayed in this year’s IECIE Shanghai Vape Culture Week, we can see the development progress and popular trend of the electronic cigarette industry.

At present, pod vapes has become the mainstream of China’s e-cigarette market with the advantages of low price, good-looking shape and convenient use. The pod vape products of the major e-cigarette brands on the exhibition site are very beautiful, with unique shapes and diverse tastes, which have become new consumer products sought after by consumers.

Of course, in addition to pod vapes, there are also box mod exhibitors, HNB device exhibitors, as well as upstream accessories and factory exhibitors on the exhibition site. In general, the products displayed in this IECIE Shanghai Vape Culture Week are rich and diverse, reflecting the booming development of vape industry.

36kr professional forum to discuss the new development of the industry

In the afternoon of the opening day, more than 20 professional guests were invited to the forum of “e-cigarette entrepreneurship in the new consumption era” jointly held by iecie and 36kr to discuss the break and development of e-cigarette industry in the new consumption era.

The Forum gathered hundreds of e-cigarette brand executives, investment company representatives and sales channel providers to accelerate channel integration and promote the new development of e-cigarette industry.

At the same time on the second day of the exhibition, there will be “the leader said – Youzan trend icon forum of e-cigarette industry”. Two influential forums will help the rapid development of e-cigarette industry.

Tens of thousands of professional visitors explode the exhibition site

Visitors come from all over the world. Brand merchants, wholesalers, distributors, tobacco companies, e-cigarette players, physical stores, franchise stores, e-commerce, trading companies, overseas buyers, investment and financing institutions, gift procurement, group procurement and other professional audiences from all over the world are attracted by the audience.

The exhibition site is full of people, the exhibition area is surrounded by the audience, and the atmosphere is hot!

IECIE Shanghai Vape Culture Week Exhibition lasts for three days (October 30 – November 1), Learn more at:

SnowPlus made its debut at Birmingham Vaper EXPO UK

On October 25, the Birmingham vape exhibition Vaper EXPO UK was officially launched. Hundreds of vape companies from China and the world participated in the exhibition. This vape exhibition is an important industry exchange after the U.S. e-cigarette market goes down.


SnowPlus, a smart vape brand from China, actively participated in the exhibition and conducted industry exchanges and resource introduction through the exhibition platform. With Derek Li, Head of International Business, and Frank Wang, International Marketing Director, leading the team, the company has achieved significant achievements in 3 aspects including sales channel cooperation, supply chain expansion and marketing resource collaboration.


SnowPlus brand is committed to providing smart and innovative alternative way of smoking for global consumers. The products in this exhibition include the classic starter kit of SnowPlus, more than ten flavors of pods, e-coffee with zero nicotine content, smokeless pods and limited NEON edition.

For more information, please visit the official website of SnowPlus:


SnowPlus will participate in more exhibitions and brand joint projects around the world and look forward to more global collaborations in the near future.


For cooperation, please contact

Lose no confidence in the vape industry because of the temporary negative news

Due to the recent regulatory actions on vapes in South Korea, and the increasing prevalence of e-cigarette lung disease in the United States, in fact, China has been more or less affected. In the near future, the industry also continues to spread regulatory rumors. Therefore, we interviewed several well-known e-cigarette brands, especially for these problems. Here are their opinions:

Co-founder of SnowPlus, Wang Sa

These types of difficulties arise when a company or industry progresses, is not that surprising. It also tests the will of entrepreneurs.

Our confidence in SnowPlus products comes first. SnowPlus products are of the highest quality in the entire industry, and also have the highest safety standards. This is reflected in the increase in our product variety, the speed in which they are released, and our sales numbers.

MOTI CMO, Zhou Jie

No matter how the regulatory policies of various countries change, MOTI will continue to improve the quality of its products, strict self requirements with higher standards, and strict compliance with local policies and regulations. Moti believes that it is the foundation of an enterprise to build an effective moat with its own products, which is the best way to deal with the current situation.

Sigelei marketing director, Hu Leng

If we rationally study, supervise and find ways to work on policies and related supervision methods, strictly control the “safety” of e-cigarette products, and even control the source in extreme cases, it may be a real rescue for the e-cigarette industry.

The sooner regulation comes, the better. In order to standardize the industry, we should at least regulate some small workshops that have no consideration or no way to work hard from a safety perspective, not like the counterfeit THC in the United States flowing into the market. We should regualte the enterprise, and make the industry healthy first.

The regulated industry will surely usher in a bright future, after all, this is a rigid demand.

Wel CEO, Qiu Yiwu

It’s a good thing and a must to be solved that electronic cigarettes be regulated. However, if there is a need, it will come into being. If there is a reaction force, from the current information release point of view, governments of all countries are considering the issue of regulating the vape development from the perspective of the overall industrial situation.

For the brand side, we must adhere to strict product requirements in the face of the market and do a good job in juvenile vaping prevention. We see that e-cigarettes give consumers a once-in-a-century chance to establish a good terminal channel for consumers, and we must be self disciplined.


Be yourself. Expand business in times of crisis.

Chairman of iJOY, Wang Xizhi

E-cigarettes will continue to develop, because it’s a valuable thing to benefit people. Now it’s the shuffling stage, and only a few big companies will exist in the future. As long as the brands with money to live through the winter can survive, there will be explosive growth in the future and the opportunity to become the head enterprises.

I have always been optimistic about this industry. As long as I focus on the valuable things, I will be able to achieve greater success. “Crisis is the turning point”. To do a good job in products, and opportunities will always be there!

Finally, I want to send a sentence to all the colleagues who have dreams and ambitions. As long as they have strength, they can keep the clouds and see the red sun, and break the clouds and see the bright moon!


I’m the only American brand, and I’m going to publish about America. China’s e-cigarette brands or factories have a wrong point of view at present, and flavor ban is not the leathal point of the industry. The registration of PMTA in May 2020 has a large amount of capital requirements (140000-500000 US dollars for submission for approval, “excluding” experimental expenses), and then in August 2022, it needs to pass the FDA certification before it can be sold, which is the killer of the electronic cigarette industry.

bink CMO, Gavin

The development trend of e-cigarettes is irreversible, which can be verified in the UK and other countries. bink believes that the quality of products are the basis for determining the trend of e-cigarettes, and the purpose of reulation is to be more standardized, rather than to eliminate it.

iv head, Zhang Gengbin

The rapid growth of e-cigarette market since this year shows that e-cigarette is not a “fake demand”, but a “big trend” with great growth space.

However, some time ago, a series of negative news in the United States also alerted us that the quality standards, access threshold, channel control, national legislation and other aspects of e-cigarettes are not perfect. Therefore, we should strive to create a market environment conducive to the regulation and healthy development of e-cigarettes, such as accelerating the improvement of laws and regulations, cracking down on black market device and e-liquid trading and eliminating the use of e-cigarettes by minors, so as to gradually reverse the negative impact of e-cigarettes on minors, families and society.

vitavp founder, Liu Dongyuan

In fact, the birth and development of every new thing is often accompanied by controversy, which is also the “fate” of new things, such as the “carriage” and “car” in the early years. At that time, people said that the car was noisy, not environmentally friendly and slow, but the fact proved that the car helped the efficiency of human society to a new height. Therefore, we accept the fate of being “controversial” as a new thing, but these will not affect our determination to adhere to, and will not affect the future development of e-cigarettes.

vitavp is optimistic about the future of e-cigarettes, the most fundamental reason is that it is optimistic about the trend of e-cigarettes consumption upgrading. This is the upgrading of consumers’ demands for health, safety and comprehensive experience, which is the necessity of development. At the same time, it believes that the electronic cigarette industry is bound to move towards a safe and orderly development direction, ushering in a more mature electronic cigarette market environment.

VOZOL CEO, Wen Guanhui

E-cigarettes can’t be said to be completely harmless, but they are much less harmful than traditional tobacco, so the benefits outweigh the disadvantages for smokers who want to quit but can’t quit and need to reduce the harm instead of smoking. As a brand that wants to stick to its conscience and operate in this industry for a long time, we are welcome to make it clear that the regulation policies of e-cigarettes around the world are: only afraid of no rules, not afraid of strict rules, so that the industry can develop healthily under supervision and grow in the sun, so that powerful and conscientious brands can grow bigger, and all kinds of fake and shoddy brands that want to become rich overnight can be eliminated out.

In the face of stricter overseas regulation and the situation of waiting for domestic standards, it is an organic crisis for us. Because our products haven’t been sold on a large scale, they are still in the stage of product research and development, team building and market testing, so the supervision at this time has not caused a devastating blow to us temporarily. Even to some extent, before we are going to invest a lot of people, money and materials in brand promotion and marketing activities around the world, it will be good for us if the regulatory policies of the mainstream market can become increasingly clear and the industry has laws to follow.

HICGAR CEO, Zhang Shizhou

At present, the global electronic cigarette regulatory policy is in a changeable and uncertain situation. I think it is an inevitable trend for the electronic cigarette industry to be regulated. Only the state regulation can make an industry develop on the right track.

Of course, only good products that meet the needs of consumers can be circulated in the market. The existence time and demand of e-cigarettes in the market are the best proof. As we all know, the harm of traditional cigarettes is very great. Smokers also have the right to choose to buy and use products that are healthier than cigarettes.

In the future, we will still pay close attention to the latest industry trends, keep up with the pace of policies, and produce legal, compliant and policy oriented products to the market.

Ammo CEO, Fan Jingyu

E-cigarettes is a global business, and the industry has a long way to go. What brands need to do now is to cultivate their internal skills. In the future, there will be 10 billion level brands in the e-cigarettes industry, and they are likely to be born in China. A firm understanding of the core value will not be affected by the public opinion for a while.


During the Renaissance, western medicine began to change from empirical medicine to experimental medicine. In 1543, when Visari published the theory of human structure and established human anatomy, there were lots of people who opposed him. Not to mention before that, humans were almost reluctant to believe that anatomy could save people.

But what happened later?

Anatomy has not only become a significant progress in the development of medicine, but also influenced the development of medical devices in the late 19th century. It also has a significant contribution to human visceral medicine and maternal medicine. If it’s not the long-term efforts and clinical verification, we may not be able to fight the most common diseases until now.

Today’s electronic cigarette industry is the same, although full of controversy, but we all know what it can bring to smokers. The UK and New Zealand are using e-cigarettes to move towards a smoke-free country, which has proved how successful their tobacco control policies are.

So we believe that even if the current e-cigarette storm continues, once we believe that as long as we look at things in a positive way, e-cigarettes will still have the opportunity to be recognized by the public in the future.

Of course, we don’t want to emphasize the “beauty” of the electronic cigarette industry. We just hope that colleagues in the industry can still think positively and do the right thing when they encounter bottlenecks. As secretary general Ao, member of electronic cigarette industry committee of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, stressed, in the face of difficulties, electronic cigarette enterprises must be rational and united. It is the spirit of “overcoming the difficulties together” that can make the electronic cigarette industry move towards a more healthy development environment.

US e-cigarette market is expected to recover

Since the outbreak of EVALI lung disease, the electronic cigarette industry in the United States is full of sorrow, and the market sales show a rapid downward trend. Even if regulators have more and more evidence pointing to THC, the FDA and CDC have joined forces with police to crack down on black market marijuana products, but the news has caused user panic in the U.S. e-cigarette market.

It is precisely because the lung disease panic continues to burn, leading to the growing public opinion in India, South Korea and Malaysia, and other places, regulators began to call on the government to strengthen the control of e-cigarettes, if necessary, to take strict prohibition measures.

However, it should be noted that although the regulatory directions around the country are not very friendly to the electronic cigarette industry, the United States, as the place of the incident, is likely to reverse this situation. Because in the near future, there are many good news in the electronic cigarette industry in the United States:


Massachusetts lifting the ban on electronic cigarettes

According to Boston media, the Massachusetts court of Appeal ruled that Governor Charlie Baker’s previous ban on e-cigarettes was a wrong decision, and that nicotine e-cigarettes will be returned to sales on Monday unless officials begin a formal ban process.

The ruling said the state did not follow the necessary procedures to establish a ban on the sale of electronic cigarette products and exceeded its authority.

Wednesday’s appeal upheld an earlier ruling by Judge Douglas Wilkins of the Suffolk high court that the baker government had not held a public hearing, analyzed the impact of the four-month ban on small businesses and formally implemented the emergency ban.

Since the baker Administration introduced the policy last month, it has maintained that the law gives the state chief executive unilateral powers to deal with urgent public health incidents.

Wilkins ordered Monday to allow the sale of nicotine e-cigarettes to begin again, and officials will be required to hold a public hearing by December 24 unless they follow the procedures required by emergency regulations to assess the ban.

According to the ruling, the ban on the sale of cannabis electronic atomized products was not affected.


Montana e-cigarette ban stalled

According to the report, judge Jennifer Lint of Lavalli County signed a temporary restraining order on October 18, banning governor Steve Bullock and state health officials from enforcing emergency regulations on flavored electronic cigarette products. The ban would have come into force on the 22nd.

Lint is believed to have acted in response to a lawsuit filed by three e-cigarette stores and an industry group. They claim the 120 day ban is an overly restrictive response to EVALI, but it’s all caused by illegal black market products.

Erin Loranger, Bullock’s press secretary, told the ravali government that officials were reviewing the judge’s ruling.

The lawsuit was filed by Montana’s smoke-free Association including Freedom Vapes, Liberty Smoke and uBlaze Vapor. They pointed out that the ban could force more than 20 Montana related businesses to close down.

According to some business owners, lung disease may be caused by the “illegal addition” of THC or other cannabis products to electronic cigarette products. According to the plaintiff, the enterprise involved in the lawsuit did not sell any products related to THC. The ban will not only harm businesses, but also the people who use e-cigarettes to reduce harm.


Oregon puts flavor ban aside

According to KWG news, the Portland, Oregon, appeals court suspended the Oregon governor Kate Brown’s ban on the use of flavored electronic cigarettes on October 19. The ban came into effect on October 15, but still applies to THC vape products.

“Today I have to get all the shelves I didn’t stock in the morning,” said Nick Downing, manager of emerald vapor. He was confused about what would happen next and relieved that “there will be work in the future”.

The move was hailed as a victory for e-cigarette stores and a setback for Oregon Health officials, who are trying to tackle the epidemic of e-cigarette related diseases.

KWG spoke with Paul Bates, founder of division vapor, one of the people who moved on Wednesday. He said the state had no reason to enforce the ban. “Centers for Disease Control and prevention should not punish the nicotine steam industry, but should focus on tetrahydrocannabinol products, as it is a major player in lung disease outbreaks.”



In addition to the above positive news, there is also noteworthy information, that is, CDC and FDA are having further investigation.

According to the latest update on the official website of CDC, they and FDA are expanding the testing scope of available laboratories. CDC is currently testing bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) fluid samples, as well as blood or urine samples paired with BAL fluid samples.


soyee PLA biological base vape filter is more than safety – National scientific research key project

In recent years, vapes began to enter the public vision, and brought new changes to the traditional cigarette industry. However, in the process of using the new type of electronic cigarette, there are also problems such as vape juice leakage, oral discomfort caused by the entrance of condensate, the risk of inhalation of macromolecular particles, and the health problems caused by the repeated use of mouthpiece breeding bacteria.

In order to solve the above problems, after several years of intensive research, soyee team finally mastered the research and development technology of PLA filter and successfully developed the first PLA filter electronic cigarette, which was highly valued and concerned by the electronic cigarette industry and became a benchmark for technological innovation in the industry.

soyee pla

What makes soyee loved by so many people? There is no doubt that PLA polylactide works. Many readers may be unfamiliar with PLA. Let’s talk about popular science again.

soyee pla

PLA biomaterials

Designated development of national “13th five year plan” strategy

Recognized as the most promising “ecological material” in the industry

PLA (polylactic acid) biological base material, which comes from renewable plant resources, is made of lactic acid, mainly from the fermentation of starch (such as corn, rice), is a kind of green new type “ecological material” that comes from plants rather than oil, can be 100% biodegraded, can be recycled in nature, and is recognized by the industry as the most promising one.

In addition, bio based materials is one of China’s strategic emerging industries, and also one of the materials explicitly proposed to be developed in the 13th five year plan, which is an important direction for the development of the international new material industry.

renewable material

PLA global development history

Long history of development and continuous improvement

New category of innovative PLA filter electronic cigarette

Since the discovery of PLA (polylactic acid) in 1932, PLA has attracted the attention of all walks of life and has been applied in various fields. In 2017, the soyee team mastered the PLA filament forming technology and applied it to the production and closing of electronic cigarette filter, and successfully developed the PLA filter patent technology.

soyee pla

soyee pla

PLA’s natural advantages

100% green degradable biomaterials

Non toxic and harmless

The products made of PLA raw materials can be degraded into carbon dioxide and water by themselves under composting conditions, and the degradation products can be converted into starch and other substances through plant photosynthesis, and then become raw materials for PLA synthesis, so as to realize clean carbon cycle.

In addition, PLA can be hydrolyzed by acid or enzyme to produce lactic acid in human body, and the final products are carbon dioxide and water. Because of its good biocompatibility and bioabsorbability, it is non-toxic and harmless to human body, and can be used as degradable polymer material for human body.

PLA soyee

PLA is widely used

Biological characteristics of natural green

Special for food and medicine

PLA polylactide has good biodegradability, excellent antibacterial and mildew resistant properties, which can be used in infant and child products, food containers, packaging, clothing fiber and other industrial fields. In biomedical field, PLA materials have been widely used in basic research and clinical application in bone surgery, thoracic surgery, maxillofacial surgery, tumor-targeted therapy and other fields.

soyee keep the strict selection of each material of and the strict creation of each product. It not only pursue the perfect combination of function and comfort, but also pursue the pleasant experience of every consumer. It’s the standard for the creation of the new filter electronic cigarette of soyee PLA.

It is believed that the application and promotion of PLA, with its green, ecological and health characteristics, will be highly respected and loved by consumers.

PLA soyee

PLA soyee

Learn more about soyee here

Juul electronic cigarette fulfills social responsibility with practical actions

With the development of science and technology, the electronic cigarette industry has also been relatively rapid development, various brands of electronic cigarettes emerge in an endless stream, among which Juul is most popular among the public, and Juul labs has become one of the top 10 Unicorn companies in the world in 2019. The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility. When Juul got such achievements, it did not stop at this point. On the basis of continuous research and development of products, it also actively fulfilled its social responsibility – not to sell electronic cigarette products to minors, in order to build a protective barrier for minors.

First of all, the marketing standard of Juul e-cigarettes is defined as marketing activities only for adult smokers. Because the physical development of minors is not perfect, early contact with tobacco will cause various damage to the body organs, and will affect the development and growth of the body, and even seriously endanger life. In front of interests, many illegal businesses are still selling all kinds of traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes and other harmful products to young people, without moral bottom line.

On the other hand, in the face of the increasingly severe campus tobacco control, Juul, as an enterprise with a strong sense of social responsibility, is “hard and soft, doing everything” in the campus smoking ban, and introduces the age verification system to curb the illegal sale of electronic cigarettes to minors from the source.

Moreover, it is strictly prohibited for Juul to market those who have quit smoking or non-smokers, to claim that Juul products have been approved by FDA to diagnose, treat, treat or prevent any disease, to use pictures or scenes aimed at young people’s hobbies, to ensure that trial products conform to local laws and regulations, to fully support and strictly implement the local government’s ban on sales for years. The policies and regulations of neglecting people, including strict implementation of age verification before online sales and so on.

All the above prove the determination of Juul electronic cigarettes to fulfill social responsibility and bring a positive impact on society.

What should we pay attention to when using CBD? CBD beginner’s guide

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) wants the U.S. public to know that cannabis bisphenol (CBD) is a non hallucinogenic component of cannabis plants, but perhaps the impact of CBD on health is not as magical as it is said.

FDA released its latest report on the official website (FDA. Gov) on July 17, discussing the popular cannabinoid, CBD, and trying to eliminate the concept of “zero risk pharmaceutical miracle” for consumers.

The FDA said it was collecting data from health professionals, hemp industry representatives and medical patients, hoping to learn more about how CBD can be used to treat various diseases. At present, there are many questions about the science, safety and quality of CBD products to be answered, the FDA wrote.

Studies have shown that CBD is at risk for liver dysfunction.

FDA acknowledges that it has not really understood the potential health risks and benefits of CBD. However, damage to the liver is one of the side effects found in limited research.

FDA acknowledges that it has not really understood the potential health risks and benefits of CBD. However, damage to the liver is one of the side effects found in limited research.

During the clinical trial of epidilex, an antiepileptic CBD drug approved by the FDA for the U.S. market in 2018, researchers found that the drug caused liver disease in some patients.

“We identified certain risks of CBD, including the possibility of liver injury,” the FDA wrote.

It is understood that Epidilex drugs are not pure CBD, and the concentration of CBD in FMCG in the US market is also different. According to GW pharmaceuticals, the prescription contains dehydrated alcohol, sesame seed oil, strawberry flavor and sucralose. However, almost 100% of CBD (98% pure oil soluble CBD extract) in this drug comes from cannabis plants, rather than what many people think is synthesized in the laboratory. It avoids the possibility of the negative impact of the synthetic CBD.

tive impact of the synthetic CBD.

In addition to studies using epidiolex and the liver, other studies have found that high doses of CBD may cause damage.

Last month, Forbes published a study in medical science at the University of Arkansas that found that high doses of CBD can cause liver damage in mice within 24 hours. Many animals will die or near death within three to four days. The doses used in this study are indeed extreme – 615mg / kg is “scaling CBD to mice at the maximum tolerable dose”.

Although it is necessary to measure the amount of liver injury in mice, the amount of epilepsy patients in the United States is now worthy of vigilance. This is why doctors need to monitor the presence of enzymes in the liver of these patients based on Epidiolex‘s prescription information. In clinical trials, 5% to 20% of people had liver problems. Some patients were even permanently removed from the study to prevent further escalation of the damage.

on Epidiolex's

According to a report from stat news, in Colorado, even if cannabis is now legalized, the use of medical marijuana in any case requires doctors to detect the level of enzymes in the liver of patients at any time.

Maybe the threat is real.

In addition, the US FDA wrote in a press release that common side effects associated with the CBD rich epidilex include drowsiness, loss of appetite, diarrhea, rashes, fatigue, weakness and so on. More serious side effects can even lead to suicidal thoughts, emotional agitation, depression and panic.

So what about CBD health care products derived from industrial hemp?

The CBD snacks, essential oil and other consumer products that Americans use now are unlikely to cause liver damage, because these products are lower than Epidiolex’s CBD content. But we are not sure whether the risk will increase when the measurement reaches a certain level. After all, there are many other herbal supplements on the market that do some damage to the liver.


CBD may not cure cancer

The FDA also wants U.S. consumers to know that many CBD products currently sold at grocery stores, gas stations, health food stores or medical marijuana dispensaries are not approved. CBD products sold by CVS or Walgreens are also not considered drugs.

Up to now, Epidiolex is the only CBD drug in the United States to obtain this privilege. GW pharmaceuticals has spent several years to prove to FDA that its drugs can safely and effectively control the frequency of epileptic seizures.

However, throughout the process, FDA can determine that Epidilex is only available for the treatment of two rare types of childhood epilepsy: Lennox Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome. Other health implications are unclear.

CBD may not cure cancer

Epidiolex is not a universal treatment even for epileptics. The drug is only effective in 32% of patients.

However, this does not prevent the industrial hemp industry from trying to convince the public that CBD can alleviate pain, get rid of anxiety and depression, bring a healthy heart and even protect against cancer. The U.S. FDA is concerned that all unconfirmed claims about how CBD can cure or alleviate various diseases will give consumers unrealistic hope.

only effective in 32% of patients.

FDA believes that misleading and false statements related to CBD products may lead consumers to miss the correct diagnosis, treatment and care. For some companies that sell CBD products and claim that they can prevent or treat cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, mental illness and diabetes, the FDA gives serious warnings.

FDA credibility

At the same time, consumers should also understand that the FDA is not infallible in its performance of protecting the public safety of food and drugs.

The agency approved several prescription drugs over the years and was recalled several years, or even decades later. For example, some opioid analgesics, ADHD drugs, cholesterol drugs and antihistamines are finally removed from the shelves after causing serious adverse reactions or even life-threatening.

A study published in 2017 found that nearly a third of all FDA approved drugs between 2001 and 2010 were relabeled as “unsafe.”

“A key issue for all new drugs and technologies is that the learning process will continue throughout the life cycle of the drug.” Dr Nicholas S. Downing, the author, told CNN.

According to the FDA, drugs can only be completely removed from the market “when the risk outweighs the benefit.” What is considered to be public safety today may also cause damage in the future. Maybe that’s why the latest poll shows that only 44% of the public approve of the FDA. Many Americans don’t even believe any medical evidence provided by the FDA.

On the other hand, we know little about CBD. More research is needed before we start to really weigh the advantages and disadvantages of CBD as a cannabinoid and measure its medicinal function.

CBD as a cannabinoid and measure its medicinal function

For those considering using CBD to help them get rid of serious diseases, the best advice is to consult their family doctor, oncologist or other experts to ensure that they do not put their health at risk.

Instead of blindly following the trend to buy CBD.

Cannabis derivatives are safer than other drugs, but we still need to understand the cannabinoid, CBD, before we can say without doubt that CBD has been fully evaluated from safety to effectiveness, from pain relief to cancer treatment.

The performance of Eve battery (300014) exceeded expectations again

Performance review

From January to September 2019, the company achieved a revenue of 4.58 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 52.1%; a net profit of 1.16 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 205.9%; a net profit of 1.13 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 26.59 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 26.59 billion yuan. Performance exceeded expectations.

Business analysis

Q3’s single quarter performance increased significantly: Q3 company achieved a revenue of 2.05 billion yuan, an increase of 81.9% and 43% respectively in the same period and on a month on month basis; it achieved a net profit of 660 million yuan attributable to the parent company, an increase of 199.2% and 119.3% respectively in the same period and on a month on month basis; it achieved a net profit of 640 million yuan deducted from the non parent company, an increase of 297.5% and 118% respectively in the same period and on month basis.

The main reasons for Q3’s performance exceeding expectations are as follows: 1) the investment income of Smoore electronic cigarette exceeded expectations. Q3 company achieved an investment income of 330 million yuan, accounting for about 46% of the company’s operating profit, with an increase of 113.6% and 47% on the same period and on the same period, respectively. The significant increase in investment income was mainly due to the unexpected performance of Smoore‘s electronic cigarette business; 2) the significant increase in battery business profit. The company’s Q3 gross profit margin was 33.2%, increasing by 13.1pct and 8pct respectively in the same period and the month on month ratio, and the operating profit after deducting investment income was about 380 million yuan, increasing by 412% and 363% respectively in the same period and the month on month ratio.

The company’s battery business profit increased significantly mainly due to: 1) the amount of etc battery. The State Council requires that the provincial toll stations of expressways be basically cancelled within two years, and the etc promotion efforts be accelerated. The company is the main supplier of etc battery system. After a recent climb, the monthly production capacity has been increased to more than 10 million sets, and is still improving; 2) overseas power soft pack battery orders began to be delivered. After holding hands with sk of South Korea, the company won the orders of Daimler, Kia Hyundai and other well-known automobile enterprises, and Q3 began to deliver. It is expected that 0.2gwh will be delivered in 2019h2, and about 2gwh will be delivered in 2020; 3) the cylindrical battery will be converted into consumption, and the capacity utilization rate will be greatly improved. Since 2019, all cylindrical batteries have been transferred to the field of consumer electronics, with a significant increase in capacity utilization, corresponding to a significant improvement in revenue and profit. The company’s short-term growth is still driven by the high growth of electronic cigarettes, the emission of lithium primary battery etc, and the conversion of cylindrical battery to consumption. In the medium term, the company relies on the emission of soft bag and iron lithium power battery, with a large space and long-term growth.

Profit adjustment and investment suggestions

Considering that the investment income of e-cigarettes and the growth of battery business exceeded expectations, the company’s net profit attributable to the parent company in 2019-2021 was increased to 1.591 billion yuan (+ 29%), 1.912 billion yuan (+ 12%) and 2.214 billion yuan (+ 0.4%), with a year-on-year growth of 179%, 20% and 16%, maintaining the “buy” rating.

Eve battery (300014) outperformed expectations again, and the electronic cigarette and battery business increased hand in hand. The vape industry is still growing.