jouz 20s and jouz 12s new product launch is held in Seoul, Korea in 2019

jouz held a new product launch in 2019 at Sunroe Hotel in Seoul, South Korea on June 26, local time in Korea. Two HNB products, jouz 20s and jouz 12s, were released in a blockbuster manner, and the pre-sale was officially launched on the official website of jouz in South Korea.

jouz 20s and jouz 12s product launch

Two new products, jouz 20s and jouz 12s, will go on sale in 9,000 convenience stores in 7-11 Korea and 460 stores in Himart, the largest household appliance chain in Korea.

jouz 20s and jouz 12s product launch

Jouz 20s and jouz 12s adopt the third generation composite ceramic heater. Compared with the first two generations, the bending strength and heat resistance temperature are increased by two times and 50 degrees respectively.

jouz 20s
jouz 20s

At the same time, the wide temperature range, stable heat and pure fragrance make the taste of jouz 20s and jouz 12s lingering and richer.

Based on the new technology platform – jouz PrimeTaste Heating Platform, users can also adjust through mobile app, easily realize the intelligent switching of elegant and delicate, smooth and balanced, strong and mellow 3 heating mode, and enjoy their own exclusive taste at will.

jouz 20s

Jouz Primetase heating platform bears Jouz’s third-generation heating sheet, which is composed of oxide and alumina, slice-level precise temperature control system and 360 degree suction airway. It promotes Jouz’s new products in high temperature resistance, continuous vaping, temperature control, heating and other aspects.

SNOWPLUS Vape Founder Wang Sa: To be more than just a cool vape

This brand, founded by a group of post-90s, has emerged from the market for less than a few months. In merely three months, it has reached the leading place of market sales and won the favor of many investors. It is essentially different from the general e-cigarette brand in terms of product operation logic, marketing strategy, product positioning and future development.

Wang Sa, the founder of SNOWPLUS, said, ” SNOWPLUS was more than just a brand focused on electronic cigarettes from the beginning.” SNOWPLUS not only wants to become a very cool electronic cigarette, but also want to become a life attitude!


“If we just follow the path others have taken, we will only reap what others have already achieved.” No longer blindly believe in the “only way” for the development of the industry, this concept also laid a solid foundation for the follow-up of the SNOWPLUS brand to stand out.

SNOWPLUS Vape Founder Wang Sa

Wang Sa’s positioning of SNOWPLUS is a set of fashion items, a way of life, and even a diversified product matrix.

SNOWPLUS raised $40 million in financing – The largest financing in vape industry recently

RELX CEO Kate Wang: Talents, resources, information are the 3 major factors of the innovation of private enterprises

“Innovation is a by-product of solving problems. For private science and technology enterprises, they should not only know who their users are, but also know where their problems and pains are. The process of trying to solve these problems is innovation.” Kate Wang.

The first award ceremony of Innovation China 2018 was held in Beijing recently. Wang Ying (Kate Wang), CEO of RELX, was selected as the “Innovation China 2018 New Entrepreneur” Award winner. The selection is based on four dimensions: innovation, innovation quality, influence and globalization.

After the award ceremony, Wang Ying, in a joint interview with reporters from our website and, said that innovation has a long way to go. RELX(Fog-core science and technology) should make valuable creations in the future and continue along the path of scientific and technological innovation.

The Growth Trajectory of Emerging Entrepreneurs

How to define excellent and new entrepreneurs?

It can be described in one sentence: “they are learning activists with new ideas, eager to learn the wisdom from different fields. They have an unyielding pioneering idea and define the era with the entrepreneurial decision with a bold move.”

And this sentence can not be more appropriate for Wang Ying.

Long before RELX (Fog Core Technology) was founded, Wang Ying was labeled as a new entrepreneur. Not only she has graduated from Columbia University MBA, but also in P&G, Bain Consulting and other international front-line companies experience, and later to the Chinese head of Uber, Didi, sharing car directors.

“I feel very encouraged to receive this award today! Starting a business for one and a half years, although the time is not long, but we put a lot of effort in R&D investment, these are the basis of our business. Wang Ying told reporters that in 2018, she and her team began to set up Shenzhen RELX Technology Co., Ltd. and act as CEO. In less than two years, the R&D team has developed from several people to more than 30 experts.

In addition, due to the outstanding achievements made by the enterprise, they have made outstanding achievements in caring for the healthy growth of adolescents and poverty alleviation. In 2018, Ms. Wang Ying was also rated as “the most concerned professional elite of platform users” by Linkedin China and “the most prominent society enterpreneur” at the 6th Annual Conference on the Development of Chinese Entrepreneurs.

Talents, resources and information are the 3 major factors of innovation

As a private technology entrepreneur, Wang Ying has her own understanding of innovation.

“Our users are all over the world, they will encounter a variety of problems in the process of using products and obtaining services. The process of finding and trying to solve these problems is the process of innovation.” In an interview with reporters, Wang Ying said that enterprises should make clear who they are serving. Integrating talents, resources and information naturally becomes the three main elements of innovation of private science and technology enterprises. Only by solving these three elements can we achieve real innovation.

Wang Ying told reporters that in terms of talent reserve, RELX technology has developed to a team of more than 200 people, relying on a step-by-step innovation and development. At present, the average age of the team is less than 30 years old, and most of them graduated from well-known universities at home and abroad or from well-known international enterprises.

Wang Ying told reporters that, adhering to the original intention of serving users and contributing to society, RELX Technology has applied for more than 20 patents and 8 patents in the past year and a half. The specialty division of R&D team covers biotechnology, organic synthesis, chemical analysis, pharmacology and toxicology, flavor evaluation, structural design and other aspects. Each expert has his own strengths and is a leader in related fields.

Stick to the First Heart and Devote to Public Welfare

In addition to being a successful new entrepreneur, Wang Ying is also a public welfare enthusiast.

“We believe that the healthy growth of an enterprise should be proportional to its contribution to society.” Wang Ying thinks that when you are a small enterprise, you should do what you can. With the increasing scale of the enterprise and the increasing number of employees, the enterprise should undertake social responsibility within its own capabilities, or even more. Only in this way can the balanced development be a benign state of development.

During the interview, Wang Ying told reporters a story. In the first half year of RELX Technology’s start-up, they did a small-scale youth poverty alleviation work, and mobilized users to work with enterprises to provide large warm packs for left-behind children in remote areas for winter. In the public welfare action, she saw that the left-behind children are not an abstract group name, but composed of a vivid individual, with a unique age structure, personality characteristics and diverse needs.

With the development of our employees from more than a dozen to more than 200 people, we hope to mobilize all our colleagues to participate in more influential public welfare activities together. Wang Ying also said that with the continuous growth of enterprises, they also hope to be able to do more public welfare activities in more areas such as environmental protection and make more contributions to society.

It is reported that the selection is sponsored by Science and Technology Daily and sponsored by China Science and Technology Network. It aims to carry out the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Party, finding innovative models and carrying forward the spirit of innovation. At the ceremony, the organizers, together with the participants, presented cups and certificates to 287 units and individuals in six award categories including cutting-edge technology enterprises and cutting-edge technology products.

Sales increase will mainly show in a small number of high-quality enterprises and brands – ALD interviewed at CEE 2019

ALD brand manager Mr. Deng is interviewed by major media in China including Beijing Satellite TV, Aiqiyi, Tencent Video, Youku, Netease at CEE 2019. Mr. Deng denoted, “Sales increase will only show in a small number of high-quality enterprises and brands like ALD.”

ald interview

This interview is long and professional which is mainly related to the China domestic vape market regulation and laws, the domestic market current situation and the influence of the 315 party issue. Since our readers are mainly out of China, so we only picked up the part which is most valuable to readers out of China.

ald interview


What is the future development trend of electronic cigarettes in your opinion? Does ALD already have a layout or did you make preparation for the future development?

ALD Mr. Deng: 

On the general trend, we believe that as the market matures and competition intensifies, and regulatory policy advances rapidly, the Matthew effect of the market will quickly emerge.

Sales increase will mainly show in a small number of high-quality enterprises and brands, poor players will be phased out. In this shuffling process, we will see a series of obvious changes: the design of electronic cigarette products will be intelligent, the production and manufacturing will be fully automated, the R&D investment of enterprises will continue to grow, and the industry threshold will become higher and higher; while consumers will buy more satisfactory electronic cigarette products at more and more affordable prices, the overall market scale will continue to expand, and the whole industry will enter a benign cycle.

ald interview
We believe that the electronic cigarette industry will truly enter the era of product first. Whether it is a manufacturer or a brand manufacturer, only by doing a good job of products can we find a way out in the future. In order to cope with the future competition, ALD has been maintaining high investment in R&D sector – R&D investment accounts for more than 10% of sales every year. At present, the company has a deep accumulation of technology. It owns many core atomization technology brands and core advantages such as SILMO, Microfeel etc. and our development of new technologies and new products keeps on coming.

In the field of production automation, ALD is also at the leading place of the industry. Since 2018, ALD has introduced automation production lines one after another. At present, the automation level of production and manufacturing is far ahead in the industry. It is expected to basically complete the upgrading of automation production lines by the end of 2019. The input of automated manufacturing will help us to gain remarkable advantages in cost control and product quality, and boost our future development.

In short, we are confident in the future development of the industry and the development of our enterprises. We will be down-to-earth, never forget our first intention, and actively contribute to the development of the industry. We sincerely look forward to the vast number of industry practitioners working with us to jointly promote the development of the whole industry and create greater value for smokers and society.

The By Tonino Lamborghini VIP DUKE e-cigarette is sold at $569- By Tonino Lamborghini e-cig official site is launched

Some time ago, By Tonino Lamborghini electronic cigarette, which attracted the public attention, is now seen to have come out. Observing from By Tonino Lamborghini Electronic Cigarette’s official website, By Tonino Lamborghini VIP DUKE series electronic cigarette kit is priced at $569!

VIP KIT Incl. THE DUKE E-CIGARETTE The ultimate statement of Made in Italy style that is engineered for vaporizing enjoyment unparalleled in any other device. Each VIP Kit contains Contains one vape pen and three pods $569 · FREE DELIVERY · WORDWIDE SHIPPING
The ultimate statement of Made in Italy style that is engineered for vaporizing enjoyment unparalleled in any other device. Each VIP Kit contains Contains one vape pen and three pods

This price is very By Tonino Lamborghini compared to other e-cigs.

The pod systems with 1-3 cartridges are generally sold for 30 USD on the market; higher prices for that can only reach 40USD, while this VIP kit is sold for $569, which is a sky-high price!

However, this price is still low for By Tonino Lamborghini e-cig!

Ferruccio Lamborghini, the third generation leader of Lamborghini family, and Ma Yuxiang, CEO of Yedao Group, held a signing ceremony for strategic cooperation at the Caohe Jing International Incubation Center in Shanghai on May 25, 2019.


The signing of the contract marked the formal strategic alliance between the two sides. WhatsMode HK Limited, a brand management company owned by Yedao Group, became the only official partner of Lamborghini family in electronic cigarettes field worldwide.

Another e-cig by By Tonino Lamborghini is named LUX CLASSIC KIT, which is sold for 59 USD only. This one should be designed for driving traffic and boost the sales of the VIP kit. After all, 59 USD is a price that everyone can afford.

 CLASSIC KIT INCL. THE LUX E-CIGARETTE The smoking alternative that is as satisfying as it is stylish, the Classic Kit has everything you need to make a change, but never a compromise in terms of flavor richness. Each Classic Kit contains Contains one vape pen and three pods $59.00 · FREE DELIVERY · WORDWIDE SHIPPING

The smoking alternative that is as satisfying as it is stylish, the Classic Kit has everything you need to make a change, but never a compromise in terms of flavor richness. Each Classic Kit contains Contains one vape pen and three pods

By Tonino Lamborghini‘s 2 electronic cigarette products’ positioning, design and price show that it sticks to the high-end and luxury way.

LINX Vape CEO interview – To vape everything after 4th round of financing

Landong recently conducted a one-on-one interview with Zhang Jinyuan, CEO of LINX vape brand, at the New Consumption Summit of Z Era in 2019. We talked about the development of the electronic cigarette industry and LINX.

This is also the first issue of “100 People in vape industry” which is a personal interview column launched by Landong New Consumption. We will select the best ones in the upper, middle and lower reaches of China’s vape industry chain for interviews, in order to show the entrepreneurship ecology of China’s vape industry in a more comprehensive way.

LINX was founded in January 2019 by former Uncle Tongdao blog CEO Zhang Jinyuan and other founders. Now it has obtained four rounds of financing. Investment institutions include CICC Huicai and so on. LINX belongs to one of the social media influencer brands founded this year, ranking sixth in the JD mall 618 best-selling vape brand list.


Zhang Jinyuan gave a speech and shared it in the summit in the morning. Unlike the traditional speeches on other places, Zhang Jinyuan used only one PPT, but he did not advertise directly for the company, but described some prejudices faced by the whole electronic cigarette industry.

In his words, the outside world is full of curiosity about electronic cigarettes as a new industry. It also encountered many prejudices.

He believes that electronic cigarettes are particularly interesting things, the essence of which is really brand-new consumer goods, and electronic cigarette technology is also new. In the past, it was difficult to find products similar to electronic cigarettes, which is why today a lot of capital is willing to invest it. The essential reason is that there is an opportunity to recreate an industry really, not simply upgrade it.

As for market judgment, Zhang Jinyuan believes that in the next three to six months, new entrepreneurs will continue to emerge and new brands will continue to pour into the market. Today’s user market is still very small. Although we can see the explosive growth of JD mall data, it is a very small market compared with the market of mass consumer goods. How to occupy customers’ mind and cognition is the most essential problem of this matter.

Zhang Jinyuan objected to calling the products as an electronic cigarette. It’s called electronic vaporizer in his mouth in public. He argues that the word e-cig limits the imagination of the industry, while electronic vaporizer provides a device the meaning of atomizing or vaping everything, providing a new entrance for humans beyond the traditional eating, drinking and playing.

He believes that the electronic atomizer is a new way to please and entertain oneself besides eating, drinking and playing. What LINX needs to is be the entrance, which is a much better item than addictive consumer goods. It’s a way to atomize everything, not a lighter with a specific ingredient.

Zhang Jinyuan accepted an interview with Landong “100 People in vape industry” afterwards, and we arranged the form of simple questions and answers to facilitate better reading.

Landong: Why do you think that calling vape as electronic cigarettes makes the market smaller?

Zhang Jinyuan: I think that nicotine-containing vapes will eventually enter a strong regulatory category, rather than weak regulation. Strong regulation comes from licences, or products classified as certain state-owned or state-owned backgrounds. But we should be prepared for this, rather than be blindly confident that they will not be regulated. In addition, both capital and investors come to the vapes for addictive feature. This concept can get more money, and its product characteristics make it better used. When the base number reaches a certain level, qualitative change will happen naturally. We want to welcome such qualitative change well.

Landong: The atomizer becomes an entrance, and the e-cig will be just one of them. Will you produce more “content” to atomize? This is an interesting idea.


Zhang Jinyuan: I think there will be a path for the development of this industry. Everything is natural at first. As long as he is a practitioner in this industry, he absolutely can come up with it in five minutes. For example, to vape areca nut, I don’t need nicotine salt anymore. Arecoline still has some characteristics of nicotine, which can be thought of immediately by a slight think. Think again, I make gum to use mint which’s refreshing and refresh my mind. This is something we can see in the next few months. It’s all the beginning.

Landong: Back to LINX’s specific situation, how many rounds of financing have been completed now?

Zhang Jinyuan: Four rounds have been completed.

Landong: Where are the funds currently used?

Zhang Jinyuan: The two most important uses of funds are product research and development. This is the most fundamental thing for an enterprise. It is how to continuously optimize your products, adjust your formula and optimize this matter. At the same time, there is an investment in brand building and sales channel building, these two things are mutually reinforcing.

Landong: Will LINX hold music festival marketing?

Zhang Jinyuan: We find that most brands will emphasize some common labels. The first one is the product labels. The second one is the crowd labels. That is, I am more fashionable and cool. So I want to go to music festivals and night clubs. I want to cooperate with the best night clubs in China. We want to cooperate with the best music festivals in China, but this is also a very inefficient way. For example, we may found there may be five brands of electronic cigarettes in the festival, but users are not loyal at present. For LINX, it is more desirable to establish channels that it can control. We make more in-depth investment in data analysis and CRM. For example, LINX has entered 2000 nightclubs in Shanghai and Beijing, grabbed data through a payment system and a backstage CRM management system, and then conducted research and analysis.

Landong: What do you think about the balance between online and offline sales in the future, or what are your priorities?

Zhang Jinyuan: I think if we take this matter apart, offline will be the biggest source of GMV. Every consumer GMV comes from offline, but online will be your core source of profit. Now we regard offline as a traffic capture tool, or a sample source for data acquisition, because the most difficult thing for us to do data analysis is to find the sample source. There are too few samples online. In this case, the core strategy of offline is to move forward. We occupy the market share with shorter time and higher efficiency, so that more samples can enter the database, but the ultimate profit must come from online user maintenance.

Landong: Just past 618, everyone is rushing to rank high online. What kind of fluctuations did you experience when you observed the whole situation on that day?

Zhang Jinyuan: When we observed the situation that day, we had been communicating closely with our operation team. We can see that, first of all, this number is surprising to us according to the JD mall report, there are two surprises.

Firstly, the overall growth of e-cigarettes is not as good as we expected. We recall that 618 in 2018 increased six times as much as that in 2018. What is the situation of 618 in 2018? In 2018, the whole electronic cigarette industry lurked underwater, did not rise, did not break out, nobody made a brand. At the same time, most of today’s visible brands did not enter, there was no Moti, vvild, all of these did not exist. But after so many people entered, the market explosion even spread widely, it increased six times only. This data itself contains a lot of interesting data. It needs our own judgment to sort it out.

Second, we see that the industry is competing and ranking in a very strange way. I think this is a very immature performance of the industry market, because we can acknowledge that there is no final effective recognition in the competition for second or third or fourth places. We can only compete for recognition through inefficient means or even ridiculous means. I think this is the industry’s sadness.

Editor’s Note: He refers to the way e-commerce business do fake reviews to boost the rankings.

Landong: What kind of trend do you think the whole industry will take from the end of 2019? Will any startups collapse before Double Eleventh shopping festival (11th November)? Will the top five or eight finally be revealed by the end of 2019?


Zhang Jinyuan: I think there must be brands collapse before the Double Eleventh , because the input-output ratio of the whole industry is not proportional. We can see from the JD mall data that the market growth is not as expected, or not as we think, if some brands spend too much money on non-hematopoietic projects, they will fall very early. According to what we know, some well-known brands will fall before Double Eleventh. Secondly, I think the real outbreak of the electronic cigarette industry should be after the formal conclusion of national regulation.

Landong: What do you think of the national standard for electronic cigarettes that may be introduced this year?

Zhang Jinyuan: I think the national standard is the most important link, but not the whole industry, because the national standard stipulates products, but there is no regulation institute. Once the conclusion is reached, we can talk about the top three or the top five. For example, it’s hard to imagine a company wants to be listed on the stock market when they’re faced with such big policy uncertainties. The second is that the whole user market may really turn from wait-and-see to fission and outbreak. It must be after the national standards come out, capital will enter the market more quickly and users will fission more quickly, and then it will start. At that time, everything is possible, even if you re-establish a brand at that time.

UZO vape acquired 36 million in A round financing

The electronic cigarette brand UZO New Vapor Species has completed A round of financing which amounts to 36 million yuan recently. The investor is Shenzhen Qianhai Caishi Investment Management Co., Ltd. This round of funds is mainly used to increase R&D investment, as well as talent recruitment and sales channel construction.

UZO is a new vape brand launched by Shenzhen Clean Grass Technology Co., Ltd. Clean Grass Technology is an enterprise that integrates independent research and development, production and sales, brand operation and service of vape products.

Co-founder and CMO Zhang Min told that the UZO has recently launched the first pod system. The price of the starter kit is 299 yuan, and the price of 1 pack including 5 pods supporting 450 puffs is 118 yuan. Among them, hardware and e-liquids are independently developed and manufactured by themselves.

The UZO Lab R&D team of UZO has more than 10 years’ R&D experience in the electronic cigarette industry. Its team is headed by postdoctoral doctor of organic chemistry. It consists of several talents with master’s degrees in phytochemistry, senior flavoring engineers and hardware engineers (both e-liquid flavoring engineers and hardware engineers come from major tobacco companies and well-known vape factory).

UZO New Vapor Species

Zhang Min said, “UZO target itself at traditional tobacco flavors, so much more research and development has been devoted to the original flavor of tobacco compared to other brands. The team adopted reverse osmosis membrane separation technology, selected a variety of high-quality raw materials from four major tobacco farmlands in the world, and through more than 1,000 deployment tests, developed a cigarette-like flavor compensation technology.”

On the other hand, nicotine benzoate is commonly used in e-liquids, and the technology of amino acid nicotine salt is introduced through long-term research and development of UZO. Zhang Min introduced that the use of this technology can reduce the aroma loss of vape juice to 3%, and almost no impact on the taste, the effect of addiction reduction is more stable. In the hardware appearance part, in order to improve the handling feel of the device, the UZO adopts the mobile phone surface treatment technology.

In fact, members of the founding team of UZO set up R&D centers in the UK nearly a decade ago, and provided research and development and supply of e-liquid products for many brands around the world. Relying on the long-term accumulation of the team, the production facilities of the self-owned R&D and production base of UZO are designed and constructed in accordance with GMP standards, and have passed the certification of ISO 9001 quality management system.

On June 24, the UZO pod system was launched in Jingdong e-commerce platform. Tmall store and self-operated small program store will also be launched one after another, and they will enter major domestic e-cigarette exclusive stores in the future. Zhang Min said that because the team had accumulated in overseas markets for many years before, it would continue to work hard in the area of the overseas market.

Footoon, a well-known vape brand in Korea, closes A round financing of US$3 million

Footoon, a well-known electronic tobacco brand in Korea, raised US$3 million in A Round financing recently, which was jointly invested by private equity funds and investors.

Footoon, as the first electronic cigarette factory in the industry to launch double DIY atomizer, is deeply loved by consumers with innovative spirit in its business. As one of the high-end atomizer brands, Footoon has launched Aqua, Aqua V2, Aqua SE, Aqua SE, Aqua UX and other products, which are well-known in the electronic cigarette industry, enjoying equal popularity with the leading brand KAYFUN.

Footoon atomizer

According to Footoon, the investment will be used to boost product development and team building. The company will launch subversive pod systems in the second half of the year. It will be delicate in flavor and vape juice leakage prevention design, which is very worthy of consumers’expectations.

Footoon atomizer Footoon atomizer Footoon atomizer

RELX vape brand headquarters established the Communist Party branch

The Communist Party Branch of RELX (Beijing Fog Core Technology Co., Ltd.) was formally established and held its founding meeting in the Beijing headquarters office of RELX recently.

Jin Yu, Secretary of the CPC Committee of Walnut Garden Community, Hujialou Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, made a speech at the meeting.
Jin Yu, Secretary of the CPC Committee of Walnut Garden Community, Hujialou Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, made a speech at the meeting.

At the founding meeting, Jin Yu, Secretary of the CPC Committee of Hetaoyuan Community, Hujialou Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, said that the establishment of non-state-owned enterprise party organizations not only adds bricks and tiles to the grass-roots party organization building, but also better transmits the Party’s principles and policies to the grass-roots level and gathers the strength of grass-roots party members. Non-state-owned enterprises should firmly surround the Party Central Committee, maintain consistency with the Party Central Committee, start from themselves, strengthen ideological awareness, jointly maintain social stability, jointly promote social harmony and participate in social construction. Community Party committees will also firmly support the development and construction of Party branches in non-public enterprises and help enterprises develop.

RELX CEO Wang Ying Speaking at the Meeting
RELX CEO Wang Ying – Kate Wang Speaking at the Meeting

In the view of Wang Ying, CEO of RELX, for enterprises, Party building is strong while development is strong. If Party building is done in a solid way, it means productivity, if it is done in detail, it means cohesion, and if it is strengthened, it means competitiveness. The service and promotion of Party building work should form a virtuous circle between enterprise development and Party building work.

Wang Ying said that the reason why RELX put the construction of non-state-owned enterprise party branch on the important agenda of the company’s construction and development shortly after its start-up is that their “old” party members all hold the firm belief of “never forgetting their first heart and remembering their mission”. If they want to do a good job in the enterprise, they must firmly resolve to build and strengthen the party organization and give full play to its work. Only by upholding the principle of honesty and innovation, adhering to the concept of honest management and focusing on innovation, can they promote their own high-quality development and better meet the growing needs of the people for a better life.

Zhang Fan, Special Assistant to RELX CEO and Secretary of Party Branch, addressed the meeting.
Zhang Fan, Special Assistant to RELX CEO and Secretary of Party Branch, addressed the meeting.

Talking about how to integrate Party building into enterprise development, Zhang Fan, Special Assistant CEO of RELX Science and Technology and Secretary of Party Branch, said,”First, we should learn and carry forward Jinggangshan Spirit, Long March Spirit, Yan’an Spirit and Xibaipo Spirit, and combine these spirits with the development of the company, constantly consolidate the foundation and strengthen the implementation of Party organization construction; second, we should earnestly implement the Nineteenth Party Congress. In the spirit of the Party, we should take innovation and development as the core driving force, adhere to quality as the lifeline, create value as the greatest responsibility, integrate Party building work with business closely, and promote business through Party building. Thirdly, we should take Party branch as the fulcrum, give full play to the role of Party organization, continue to promote business development, and make Party building work a powerful grasp of innovation and development of the company and actively fulfill social responsibilities. Under the leadership of the Party organizations at higher levels, we will continue to draw on advanced experience and do well the work of Party branches, so that our Party building work can truly become a powerful driving force for the company’s business.”

A group photo of the participants in the founding meeting of the RELX Communist Party branch
A group photo of the participants in the founding meeting of the RELX Communist Party branch

It is understood that Beijing RELX Technology Co., Ltd. is a young technology-based start-up company, a new force of non-state-owned enterprises. At present, there are 243 staff members, of whom 32 are full party members, and the proportion of Party members is 13.2%. After the company’s preparations and declarations, the Street Party Committee and the Community Party Committee strictly inspected and approved the establishment of the Party branch of Beijing RELX Technology Co., Ltd.

As far as is concerned, asking for the support and admission from the governor Communist Party of China and showing the supporting attitude to Party while developing non-state-owned vape enterprise are the best way to reduce the business risk and policy hazard. After all, the tobacco business was always monopolized by the government before the vape industry showing up in China.

RELX vs Juul, which is better?

We compare RELX and Juul in several aspects including price, flavors, pods, vaping puffs, battery life, product quality, customer reviews, charging, availability, look, weight, portability, manufacturer, company background to find out which one is better. With real experience and hands-on and careful research, we drew a conclusion that RELX is better than Juul.

The models we are going to compare in the following article are the best selling ones of each brand, RELX JUUL STARTER KIT and JUUL STARTER KIT, which includes pods

Price – RELX vs Juul

RELX: $39.99

relx starter kit price

Juul: $49.99

juul starter kit price

Observing from this, Juul starter kit is more expensive than RELX, its price is 1/4 higher than RELX. Considering RELX is from China, and its shipping fee is not included when buying it in the USA or UK, RELX would only be 5 USD cheaper than Juul.

Flavors – RELX vs Juul

RELX: 8 flavors

relx pods flavors

Juul: 8 flavors

juul pods flavors

As you can see, though they have the same quantity of flavors, RELX has richer flavors than Juul. Because Mint and Mentol, Virginia tobacco and classic tobacco of Juul have a very similar taste while all of RELX’s flavors are totally different. Besides, RELX’s Ludou flavor that Juul does not include is hot-selling worldwide.

JUUL hits hard, almost unpleasant, while the RELX produces good amount of vapor, without that irritating kick to the throat. I definitely enjoy session-vaping it if I’m sketching or working out something and concentrating

Pods – RELX vs Juul

RELX: $16.99/1 pack (3 pods), 2mL/pod,5%/3% nicotine

Juul: $15.99/1 pack (4 pods), 0.7mL/pod, 5%/3% nicotine

It’s kind of strange when you see RELX pods are even more expensive than Juul. However, when you take a close look at it, RELX is still cheaper than Juul, because RELX pods capacity is about 3 times larger than Juul. That’s to say, 3 Juul pods equal only 1 RELX pod. How dare Juul sell it so expensive?

You might say Juul takes the use of nicotine salt in e-liquids. Please stop it, RELX is also using the absolutely same e-liquid formula.

RELX pods are sturdier, more solid design of the device and the pods. The pods are quite solid, so they don’t tend to leak or make a mess, but they’re also disposable only, so I tend to get a pack of pods every few weeks.

Moreover, RELX’s FEELM inside atomizing core is an award-winning technology in Germany (Golden Leaf Award) while Juul has nothing new in atomizing technology.


Puffs – RELX vs Juul

RELX: 650 puffs

Juul: 200 puffs

RELX wins too easily in this match. As a Juul user or an old smoker, 200 puffs can merely satisfy the daily needs of vaping. Forgetting the pods at home would be a disaster that occurs often to Juul users. As to RELX, its pod would be able to support an old smoker’s 3 or 4 days vaping needs.

Battery life – RELX vs Juul

RELX: 350mAh

Juul: 200 mAh

RELX pods have a large capacity than Juul, so they need a larger battery to support a longer vaping time. RELX battery life is longer than Juul according to the specification

Product quality – RELX vs Juul


RELX is said to have serious e-liquids leakage and burnt odor in some pods.


juul pod leakage

Juul is said to have some device not working and e-liquids leaking problems as well.

Both products are innovative brand new products. Therefore, some defects in the new products are inevitable. This round the 2 brands tie.

Customer reviews – RELX vs Juul


Positive overall, fewer reviews than Juul since its a newer brand than Juul. According to our own user experience, it’s tobacco flavor and product experience is great.

RELX starter pod vape kit review- Stronger nicotine strength than the traditional cigarette


Positive overall, lots of reviews online.

juul review


Charging convenience – RELX vs Juul


Use an ordinary Android phone USB cable to charge. This cable is able to to be found anywhere. You can even share the USB cable of your phone if the cable with start kit is lost.


Use a charging dock to charge. You cannot charge any more if your dock is lost.

Look/Appearance – RELX vs Juul


relx vape appearance


juul vape appearance

The form-factor of RELX is more attractive, and it feels less flimsy than a JUUL.

Everyone has his or her own preferences. It’s hard to tell which one is better. Round and rectangle shape design both have their own merits.

Weight/Portability – RELX vs Juul

RELX: 21 grams, 10 cm * 2 cm

relx size

How big is RELX

Juul: 14 grams, 9.48 cm*1.51 cm (net weight & size)

how big is juul size

How big is Juul

Juul is smaller in size, more portable. However, according to user pictures, their sizes are almost the same.

Manufacturer – RELX vs Juul

RELX: Smoore

Juul: Asteelflash

Their manufacturers are both based in China and they are both famous manufacturers in the vape industry. However, RELX is closer to the supply chain and able to control the supply chain and product quality more closely at a lower cost. The communication cost of RELX is lower than Juul since it’s a China-based company itself. Just like Apple and Huawei in the mobile phone industry, Apple was the best selling one at first but now its number one position is replaced by Huawei while they’re both mainly produced in China.



We’ve searched through the whole internet but found little information about RELX vs Juul. Therefore, this article is elaborated and written carefully based on actual product performance and user experience of the 2 most famous vape brands. Hopefully, this article would be of help when you have difficulty in choosing between the 2 brands that both look good.

Some Chinese people despise vapers who use the domestic brand. However, when people found the domestic products also perform well or even better than the overseas ones, people who admire foreign brands blindly would be regarded as the authentic dumb ones finally.

The downside of RELX is, if you’re located out of China, the e-liquid is less available. You have to order pods online. We haven’t really seen them around in convenience stores, whereas you can see JUUL pods everywhere in the USA. However, Vapehk believes that with more and more overseas agents starting selling RELX, it will be much more available out of China. It’s reported by an insider that a RELX dealer has established a warehouse in the USA and is able to ship RELX starter kits and pods by FedEx or UPS to every corner of the USA in 1 day at a very humble price compared to Juul.


Where to Buy/ Vote time

Click here if you like RELX;

Click here if you like JUUL.