The World’s First 3D Thermal Airflow Heating Device TQS S1 Launched Today

TQS, an internationally renowned heated tobacco brand, previously revealed that they will release a new HNB product. On April 26th, TQS announced its product details on its brand’s official website, and this highly anticipated product was finally unveiled.

At the new product launch, TQS’ new heating device, the TQS S1 Device, was first introduced to the public. With the world’s first 3D Thermal airflow heating technology, The TQS S1 Heating Device has attracted the attention of the industry, and has also successfully won the favor of smokers. Why are so many people so enthusiastic about this new heating technology? Let’s explore the charm of this new product.

The size of TQS S1 Device is 86*31*19mm, it is a portable HNB device, which is very suitable for young people’s daily travel. Its aluminum alloy shell covered with leather materials is quite dazzling. With ergonomics body design, considerate physical buttons, elegant appearance, and innovative heating way, this compact TQS S1 Device satisfies the imagination of all users. The very important thing is the innovative heating method, no heating blade, no need to clean, no need to worry about broken blades. And it supports 15 sticks for full smoking experience.

 The World’s First 3D Thermal Airflow Heating Device Launched Today

The World’s First 3D Thermal Airflow Heating Tech

This newest and most creative technology is impressive because it breaks the mediocrity to create the most professional HNB device for smokers. The revolutionary innovative heating method and porous honeycomb structure ensure more sufficient and uniform heating, and provide 100% pure taste, providing users with the greatest taste satisfaction. When the device vibrates for 0.5 seconds, and the 4 LED light indicates that you can start smoking, the cloud booms like a volcanic eruption, bringing ultimate taste enjoyment and visual impact. Compared with other HNB technologies, the 3D Thermal airflow heating tech makes the stick heat more sufficient, the smoke is smoother, the smoking experience can better meet the needs of users. And compared with other HNB devices, TQS S1’s smoke emission is increased by 30%, the taste is more intense, and the center of the stick will not be burnt at all.

 The World’s First 3D Thermal Airflow Heating Device Launched Today

The new 3D thermal airflow heating technology of TQS’ brand is the key point of differentiation as it provides a completely new and more convenient for HNB device marketplace. The S1 device from the bottom and peripheral natural airflow into the device heating, 3D surround, to reach the full heating, its operation temperature is about 0-45℃ . This removes the possibility of generation of smoking ash or corrosion, providing for an instant, clean, and great tasting smoking experience.

On the whole, this technology is a revolutionary innovation, and the taste of tobacco sticks will be fully developed. Coupled with the upgraded all-in-one design, it becomes a small and cute device without ash after use. If you are a fan of HNB products, it’s highly recommended to take a try on this new TQS S1 device!

KRYST 2.0 CBD rechargeable and disposable vape pen first impression

ALD has launched a new CBD disposable vape pen product named KRYST 2.0. What’s new in this newly released CBD vape pen. Let’s go and take a look at it.

KRYST 2.0 Specifications

  • Model No: AH1919
  • Brand: OEM
  • Mouthpiece material: PCTG
  • Control Method: sensor
  • Oil injection: Local filling
  • Battery Capacity: 300mAh
  • E liquid Capacity: 2 mL
  • Heating Coil: ceramic
  • Children Lock: 5 clicks on/off design
  • Charging Method: type-c

kryst 2.0 battery 300mAh, heating coil:ceramic, chariging: type-c

KRYST 2.0 features

KRYST 2.0 comes with the advanced MICROFEEL CERA CUBE for better taste. It produces pure and smooth tastes for its honeycomb ceramic material with an internal coil and upgraded S316L built-in heating element. Moreover, it comes with the best leakage-proof design which is very user-friendly for vapers.


Unlike other pods with a flat design at the bottom, KRYST 2.0 comes with a V-shaped funnel oil tank. This unique design will save your last drop of vape juice.

pod wth v shaped funnel to save vape juice

At the same time, the classic Type-C charging port is also found in Kryst 2.0.  The rechargeable design will make the voltage always stay at the peak state and make the taste consistent and the vapor amount always rich and mellow.

disposable vape type c charging stable performace

What’s more, there is a button-controlled design in the Kryst 2.0 vape pen. You might think it’s a very simple vape pen without any personal control option, while it does come with a button to control firing and pre-heating. CBD oil is different from nicotine e-juice, CBD oil is more sticky and thick. Therefore, a pre-heating design can’t be more useful on the CBD disposable vape pen.

After pre-heating the oil in just 0.02s, the taste will reach the best state for vaping.

kryst 2.0 button controlled design

Besides the above features, KRYST 2.0 comes with many other smart and ergonomic designs.

First, it’s the transparent pod design. It makes it easy to see your e-liquid.
The second is the local filling design. It’s convenient and simple to fill the CBD vape juice.
Third, it’s portable in small size. It’s small than the size of a cell phone.
The last, 2.0Ml later capacity is very durable for daily vaping.
transparent design, local filling, pocketable, 2.0ml large capacity

Last but not the least, it’s customizable and can be modified to different versions with different colors and functions according to your own design by OEM.

customizable and can be modified in details according to your own design by OEM.


KRYST 2.0 CBD rechargeable and disposable vape pen will be one of your best choices for vaping CBD oils for its comprehensive and scientific designs.

Learn more from ALD official site for KRYST 2.0 and CBD vape pen OEM

Shenzhen Airport to optimize the inspection process to help the export of e-cigarettes

/April 22, China/ Under the joint cooperation of Yi Yanling, member of the Party Group of Bao’an District Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and director of the Enterprise Service Center, and Wang Suichu, Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Airport (Group) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Airport will speed up the whitelisting of electronic cigarette products. They’ll establish and promote the simplification of the export and transportation inspection process of e-cigarette products, increase the air transportation capacity, and provide convenient conditions for the export of e-cigarette products.

“Transfer of electronic cigarette products through Hong Kong airport” is about to become history

Shenzhen is the center of the global e-cigarette industry, carrying 90% of the world’s e-cigarette supply, and 40% of the exported e-cigarette products are carried by the Hong Kong Airport for air transportation. Regulations, starting from May 1, electronic cigarettes will no longer be allowed to transfer through Hong Kong Airport. When Hong Kong withdraws from the air transportation of electronic cigarette products, Shanghai Pudong Airport and Zhengzhou Airport have already occupied a place in the air transportation of electronic cigarette products, and Shenzhen Airport, which is located in the center of the global electronic cigarette industry, will also implement a number of measures to facilitate the e-cigarette export.

The first discussion has achieved initial results

On the afternoon of April 12, under the leadership of Yi Yanling, member of the Party Group of Bao’an Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and director of the Enterprise Service Center, Ao Weinuo, secretary-general of the Electronic Cigarette Professional Committee of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, and Shenzhen Airport (Group) Co., Ltd. discussed electronic cigarette products. The first discussion on the export air transport business. During the symposium, the three parties exchanged views on export product inspection and logistics capacity that e-cigarette companies are concerned about, and reached a preliminary consensus. Bao’an Airport will entrust Shanghai Chemical Industry Testing Institute to set up an e-cigarette testing agency at Bao’an Airport to provide e-cigarette products during transportation security inspections. At the same time, in terms of logistics capacity, the airport fully supports the export of electronic cigarettes and provides full protection for electronic cigarette enterprises to earn foreign exchange through export.

NZ’s next Director-General must review vaping regs and role

The attitude and actions of the next Director-General of Health will be key to New Zealand achieving Smokefree Aotearoa 2025, says the Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates (CAPHRA).

“This person could make or break Smokefree 2025. He or she advises the Government, oversees regulation, and has the final say on new vape store licences. It’s an incredibly important position when it comes to New Zealand effectively addressing tobacco,” says Nancy Loucas, Executive Coordinator of CAPHRA.

Current Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield will leave the job in July, with his successor yet to be appointed. While his role in New Zealand’s management of the pandemic is well-known, he has also been a central figure in the country’s regulation of vaping.

Ms Loucas says while New Zealand’s Smokefree Environments and Regulated Products (Vaping) Amendment Act 2020 is viewed internationally as relatively progressive, there are some provisions that the next Director-General should review.

“The act claims to strike a balance between ensuring vaping products are available to adult smokers while protecting young people. Sanctioning it as an R18 product has helped achieve that. However, banning the most popular flavours from general retail is only stopping adult smokers from quitting deadly tobacco,” she says.

Since 11 August 2021, general retailers such as supermarkets, service stations and convenience stores have been limited to just selling three flavours – mint, menthol and tobacco. Only licenced specialist vape stores can sell a full range of more popular flavours.

“The next Director-General of Health must review this restriction on general retail. By the time he or she takes office, the flavour ban would have run a year and many of us strongly believe it’s hindering not helping New Zealand achieve Smokefree 2025.

“Adult smokers desperate to quit can go to a supermarket and choose any brand of cigarette under the sun, yet they can only choose from three vape flavours. That’s not enabling them to make the best decision for their health nor is it helping New Zealand reduce its smoking rate,” says Ms Loucas.

With youth smoking at a historic low and 9.4% of adults now daily smoking, New Zealand’s goal of Smokefree 2025 – where 5% or less of the general population smoke – is looking increasingly likely to be achieved.

CAPHRA says overall Dr Bloomfield has been a supporter of New Zealand’s Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR) public health strategy. This has included approving and promoting messages on the Ministry of Health’s Vaping Facts website which headlines ‘vaping is less harmful than smoking’ – an approach which has been heavily supported across New Zealand’s health sector.

Late last year Associate Health Minister Dr Ayesha Verrall released the Government’s Smokefree Aotearoa 2025 Action Plan.

At the time, CAPHRA and other THR advocates raised concerns that vaping – a 95% less harmful alternative and New Zealand’s most effective smoking cessation tool – is largely absent from the Government’s reinvigorated approach to stamping out smoking.

“The smokefree action plan makes tobacco less available and less appealing. It fails, however, to fully acknowledge the positive role vaping has played, and will play, in getting Kiwis off the cancer sticks. That’s a worry because we won’t get there without safer nicotine products,” she says.

CAPHRA says top of mind for the next Director-General of Health is that fact that over 5,000 Kiwis continue to die from smoking-related illnesses every year, and the job to substantially reduce that is by no means done.

“The next Director-General of Health will need to keep a close eye on whether the Government’s vaping regulations and Smokefree Aotearoa 2025 Action Plan are in fact delivering on their promise. With so many lives at stake, he or she will have no time to waste,” says Nancy Loucas.

New licence – great news for Kiwi cannabis patients

“The industry’s first licence renewal and expansion will enable Helius to produce New Zealand grown and made medicinal cannabis products – something Kiwi patients have been waiting for since the inception of the Medicinal Cannabis Scheme. It’s an exciting milestone,” says Carmen Doran, chief executive of Helius Therapeutics.

Helius was New Zealand’s first medicinal cannabis business to achieve a GMP Licence for Manufacturing Medicines in July 2021, covering the first products to market.

The Ministry of Health has now renewed and expanded Helius’ licence allowing the Auckland-based company to make active ingredients onsite from raw cannabis material.

Every New Zealand GP can now prescribe medicinal cannabis for any health condition, with Kiwi-manufactured products using imported active ingredients available for the past six months.

“Right now, you can go to your doctor and get medicinal cannabis products that are New Zealand-made. However, accessing both locally grown and locally made products is even better news for Kiwi patients,” says Ms Doran.

The licence expansion follows Helius signing a multi-million-dollar supply deal in January with New Zealand’s largest and only organic certified medicinal cannabis grower, Puro. It will see over 10 tonnes of organic dried flower supplied to Helius over the next five years – the equivalent ofapproximately five shipping containers.

Following its latest South Island harvest, Puro dried flower will be sent to Helius in the coming weeks for precision processing, including CBD extraction. Additional medicines also require stability testing and product registration.

At the end of this year, Helius will unleash its exporting strategy. Ms Doran says the expanded GMP licence together with the supply deal will give the company the necessary scale to launch premium Kiwi grown and made products overseas.

“New Zealand’s GMP Certificate is recognised throughout Europe and many other countries around the world, opening up considerable export possibilities.

“With the global medicinal cannabis market expected to grow to over NZ$60 billion by 2025, our nascent industry has the potential to become one of New Zealand’s largest export earners,” she says.

Earlier this month the Government announced that Helius would work alongside Puro on research and development and the creation of an organic manufacturing road map. The five-year workstream is part of a $32 million project to accelerate the growth of the country’s new medicinal cannabis industry and highlights strong government support for it.

“The longer-term ambition is for New Zealand to achieve both organically-grown and organically-manufactured high quality cannabis medicines – which will prove enormously popular given New Zealand’s clean, green image internationally,” says Carmen Doran.

VOOPOO Argus GT II kit review: a premium IP68 tri-proof box mod for outdoor use – DirtyCheck No.178

Today we bring you the latest flagship model of VOOPOO , Argus GT II kit. Is it a good box mod for vaping? let’s start the review.

VOOPOO Argus GT II kit at a glance

Argus GT II comes with 200W max power, 6.5ml capacity and IP68 rating tri-proof function. The ingenious Volcano Crater Design drains the condensate down to the isolated room and it brings you an easy deep DL vaping by reducing 60% airflow loss. The Turbo mode brings a peak experience of boosting vapor. And also, GENE.TT 2.0 Chip supports users with multiple vaping modes such as Smart, RBA, Turbo and TC.

VOOPOO Argus GT II four vaping modes

The product comes with four modes when vaping:
Smart: automatically match the best output power (more suitable for novice users to try, the built-in core can be used)
RBA: custom power (more suitable for professional level vapers, you can buy RBA wire coil atomizer by yourself)
TURBO: It can release the maximum cloud in an instant, with strong explosive power (recommended to use the built-in atomizer)
TC: memory mode, you can customize 3 temperature control modes (it is recommended to buy TI10\SS316\NI200 three kinds of heating coil to experience DIY by yourself)

VOOPOO Argus GT II kit highlights


VOOPOO Argus GT II kit review

VOOPOO Argus GT II kit parameters

Tank Parameters

Size: 26*52mm
Capacity: 6.5ml (TPD: 2ml)
Material: Stainless Steel+Pyrex
0.2Ω (TPP-DM2)
0.15Ω (TPP-DM3)

Mod Parameters

Size: 90*54*29mm

VOOPOO Argus GT II kit review

Material: Leather + Zinc Alloy
Output Power: 5-200W
Output Voltage: 0-12V
Resistance range: 0.05-3.0Ω
Charging voltage: 5V/3A
Battery : 18650*2 (Not included)

VOOPOO Argus GT II kit review

VOOPOO Argus GT II kit package content

VOOPOO Argus GT II kit review

User experience with VOOPOO Argus GT II kit


1. The setting of the vaping resistance and the air intake is perfect, and the airflow in the large space is concentrated while soft.

For e-juice filling, there is a small port for direct injection, no need to pull out the silicone plug, which is very convenient
For e-juice filling, there is a small port for direct injection, no need to pull out the silicone plug, which is very convenient

At the same time, the crater-shaped sealing design prevents e-juice leakage; the vape juice is filled at the top screw cap; and there are airway adjustment knob and the removable Pyrex glass e-liquid cup. It’s definite a comprehensive design.

VOOPOO Argus GT II kit review

2. The Dual In One Tech 2.0 mesh coils bring fuller, more delicate and multi-layered cloudsDual In One Tech 2.0 mesh coils bring fuller,Meanwhile, the technique prolongs the life of coil while optimizing the working temperature. Moreover, it’s leakage-proof.

The overall feeling will subvert my previous understanding of the VOOPOO series coils. The taste experience and the flavor reduction degree of the e-liquid are relatively mellow and rich, and the cloud is relatively moist, which is in a very comfortable state. I think the GENE TT.2.0 chip that automatically matches the power and juice amount helps make it happen. It’s indeed another new breakthrough in the vaping industry.

3. The 6.5ml tank capacity is very satisfactory.


The vapor from the airway is relatively limited, and sometimes it feels a little tight, and the e-liquid with high sweetness will come with a serious sweetness.

VOOPOO Argus GT II kit review

ARGUS GT II device

1. The waterproof level of IP68 is undoubtedly one of the selling points of this device, and the protection level can be called the ceiling level on market.
2. In terms of functions, everything is readily available, which can easily meet the needs of most vapers.
3. The hidden 3A TYPE-C fast charging interface makes the device look better and work more efficiently for frequent use.

VOOPOO Argus GT II kit review


1. The combination of leather and device parts is not very reasonable. I personally think it is not very beautiful. Although the texture is really good, the sense of matching is ordinary.
2. The grip is relatively general, and the feeling of holding it in the hand lacks some ergonomic design for me. Maybe it’s designed for European or American only.

VOOPOO Argus GT II kit review


Voopoo Argus GT II kit overall experience is quite good. The e-liquid vaping performance is excellent.

And the waterproof, dustproof and shockproof IP68 protection level makes it very suitable for outdoor use like camping and hiking.

Meanwhile, the material of the box mod is top-notched and premium. Compared to the similar Geekvape AEGIS L200, Voopoo Argus GT II is more delicate and more advanced.

Though the grip of Argus GT II is not really user-friendly for long time use, it can still be regarded as one of the best mod products of the same level.

Learn more about VOOPOO Argus GT II kit

5 Vaping Hacks Every Beginner Must Absolutely Try

Vaping is a skill, and most beginners dive in without realizing the need to learn it. You may not become a master vaper right away, but knowing the basics saves you from a shaky start. They enable you to discover smooth and flavorful hits and flaunt big, thick clouds. Moreover, the right technique saves you from sudden throat hits and dry mouth. The good thing is that imbibing the art takes less effort than you imagine. Follow these easy vaping hacks every beginner must try, and you can get a smooth start.

Have realistic expectations

Most first-timers have unrealistic expectations as they want to imitate seasoned vapers right at the outset. But experts suggest being realistic and focusing on the upsides of vaping rather than the aesthetic aspects like dense clouds and vape tricks. Take the first steps slowly and follow the rules. You can learn the basic technique by following a pro or checking online videos.

Find the right device

Vaping differs from the other method of CBD consumption because you need tools and gear to get started. Choosing your device wisely is the key to starting off well. You will feel tempted to pick an advanced tool with complex settings. But handling such devices is challenging for beginners. Pick a simple one to learn the ropes, and move to a more complex option once you are confident enough for the next step.

Opt for a quality product

This one is a no-brainer as you must stick with a quality product, regardless of your experience levels. Try mellow oil to get a smooth start that caresses your throat and calms your senses. Think beyond buying a product of a reputable brand from a credible seller. Also, go through the product labels carefully. Check the composition to choose wisely, even if you have to spend a little extra. The last thing you want is to get a strong hit during your first experience itself.

Go slow as you start

Another vaping hack every beginner must follow is to go slow with the initial experiences. You may want to go overboard with your dosing and inhalation. But both may not give you the best session as a newbie. Conversely, start with a small dose to understand your tolerance levels. Take easy puffs so that they are gentle on your throat and tongue. Make the session a short one, and take breaks between the puffs.

Clean your device

Follow this rule the first time and every time you vape after that. A clean vaping device ensures excellent flavors and clean vapors that are easy on your lungs. It takes a few minutes to wash the tank with warm water and dry it with a clean rag. But you can cultivate the habit and set up your device for the next session. A little effort takes you a long way with healthy vaping.

Your first session as a vaper need not be a daunting one. You can learn the ropes and master the skill over time, provided you take the right approach. Follow these hacks to get a great start.

SMPO MAX disposable vape hands-on

SMPO is an e-cigarette brand that was founded in 2016, dedicated to the research and development of pod vape. SMPO hopes to bring a healthy and enjoyable vaping experience to all customers and pursue a more high-quality lifestyle. SMPO MAX is a disposable e-cigarette designed based on this concept.

SMPO MAX has the largest capacity among all the disposable vape products produced by SMPO. The 12ml e-liquid capacity is paired with a 1000mah large-capacity built-in battery to achieve ultra-long vaping time. Let’s see more details about SMPO MAX.



  • Measures: 42.8×22.8x89mm
  • Battery capacity: 1000mAh
  • Pod capacity: 12mL
  • Output wattage: 25W
  • Resistance: 0.6Ω



When I saw the picture on the package, I thought the material of the SMPO MAX should be a glossy plastic material, but when I held the SMPO MAX in my hand, I found that it felt like a rubber and was made of metal as a casing, not plastic. The four colors of this product all use a gradient design, and the wonderful rubber texture can effectively prevent fingerprints from sticking to it, and it is not easy to get dirty. The size of the SMPO MAX is 42.8*22.8*89mm, which is a comfortable size when you hold it in your hand. It has a certain weight and does not look cheap like some small-sized pod kits because they are too light.

SMPO MAX disposable vape at a glance

SMPO MAX is a non-button vape device. Like other disposable vapes, it is very easy for starters to vape. You only need to pick it up, open the plastic cover and take a puff, and you can feel its wonderful flavor. But it is worth noting that when you vape for the first time, you need to press the mouthpiece first, and wait for a few minutes to make sure the coil fully absorb e-liquid before vaping. According to the device profile, this is to ensure that customers can enjoy the purest and freshest flavor from their MAX device.

It only has an LED light on its body that only lights up when you’re vaping or charging. After continuous vaping for more than 10 seconds, the device will automatically stop outputting to protect the vaper from inhaling excessive nicotine at one time. There is a small window on the side of the device to clearly see the remaining e-liquid. The device supports type-c charging, and for its built-in 1000mah battery, a single charge can support long-time vaping.

SMPO MAX disposable vape at a glance


The 4 colors of SMPO MAX represent 4 different flavors. They are Pink Lemon, Watermelon Ice,Grape Ice and Mango Ice. As you can see, all four flavors have an ice-cold feel, even the Pink Lemon without the “ice” label. Let me briefly describe my feeling of these 4 flavors.

Pink Lemon: There is a distinct lemon aroma, but I was expecting a more tart taste, this one is more like a sweet lemonade with a less intense cooling taste.

Watermelon Ice: Usually the taste of watermelon is relatively light. I didn’t have much expectation for this watermelon taste, but this watermelon taste is very strong, and with a bit of ice. Slightly cool mouthfeel with rich fruity flavor for the perfect RDL without giving your throat a strong hit.

Grape Ice: It tastes more like grape juice than grapes.You can feel the sweet taste and rich juice taste of grapes, as refreshing as drinking grape juice. It doesn’t have an unpleasant fragrance. This is one of my favorite flavors in this collection.

Mango Ice: This one tastes just like regular mango, but with a richer, softer texture. I think it’s to give the user a softer, light-breathing experience, so it doesn’t have a very irritating cooling sensation.

SMPO MAX disposable vape at a glance


SMPO MAX has a surprisingly soft taste. Compared with other disposable devices, the 0.6 ohm resistance brings a very smooth mouthfeel. I think this is a perfect RDL. SMPO MAX contains 3mg nicotine, with preset airflow, and makes each draw extremely smooth and satisfying. At the same time, the power of 25W brings an unexpected amount of smoke. Although there is still a gap with some more powerful box mods, it is difficult to believe that such a small device could produce such a large amount of vapor.

SMPO MAX disposable vape at a glance

As a butter finger, I was always prone to slipping things on the ground and breaking a lot of things like my phone and vapes. When I went out with the SMPO MAX, I accidentally dropped it on the ground a few times. But it is gratifying that it did not malfunction or cause damage to its appearance. I think this may be due to its stable build-in structure. After I vaped for more than 2 weeks, the SMPO MAX did not have a strange mushy smell, except that there was not much left of the e-liquid, and it looked no different from the brand new device. After checking the product profile of the device, I learned that the SMPO MAX adopts dual coil heating technology, which accelerates and fully atomizes the e-liquid, and greatly brings out the top notch flavor of e-juice.

As I mentioned before, the size of the SMPO MAX is not large, but unlike its small appearance, the 12ml e-liquid capacity and the 1000mAh built-in battery both allow it to provide long-lasting vaping. As a disposable vape, the pod is not inferior to other pod mods.

SMPO MAX disposable vape at a glance
(Picture provided by SMPO)

To prevent oil leakage, SMPO MAX has specially designed the pod in addition to the “press before vape” technology, so there is no contact between the coil and the e-liquid before you press down, to prevent the leakage. The pod inside is departed into two parts that are not completely enclosed, effectively improving the high-pressure resistance properties of the device, and better allowing MAX vape to adapt to the various changing environment, and minimize leaking.

SMPO MAX disposable vape at a glance
(Picture provided by SMPO)


If you’re a newbie to vaping and don’t quite know how to adjust airflow or ignition, I’m sure the SMPO MAX will be a great device for you. Not only is it easy to use, but it’s low in nicotine, and you can experience both the fun of big smoke and the rich, sweet juice flavors on this device. Its battery capacity also does not require you to remember to charge it all the time to prevent it from running out of power. I highly recommend this product.

Where to buy SMPO MAX disposable vape